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The CWF, or Championship Wrestling Federation, is an E-Fed, or Electronic Federation.


What does that mean exactly? We are a group of creative writers from all around the world, playing a web-based, wrestling themed RPG. Each writer takes the role of his or her very own unique character(s), and cut promos, battling it out for championships and ultimate supremacy.


The first step is to fill out a Character Application, where you create professional wrestling's next top star. From custom moves, to entrance themes, to mannerisms, to in depth back-stories and histories. There are no limits to what kind of character you can create, or how many characters you can create. Just have fun with it, and be creative. Stand out from the pack, and you'll be a champion in no time.


Once your character is created, you will be lined up in an "event", whether that be an episode of Evolution or a special edition PPV show.​


When that happens, things will be broken down as followed:

1) The official match card will be posted to the main site. You can find this by clicking the navigation tab above.


2) Every wrestler booked in the event will have a week to produce one "roleplay", a creative writing where you take the role of your character, telling a chapter of your character's life, developing your wrestler and his or her storylines. Your roleplay should generally include a "promo" where you discuss your upcoming match, how you feel about your opponent, etc. You know, the trash talk that gets everyone on their feet buzzing with excitement.


There are no word or line limits on roleplay writing here in the CWF, so whether you are beginner or an experienced RPer, we hope to make you feel at home.


3) Once the one-week roleplay window has elapsed, every active writer will have an opportunity to fill out a "fan poll", voting on which competitor in each match provided a more interesting write up for that event. The voting means nothing, but is a fun way to interact with each other out of character and give each other props for a job well done.


4) After the roleplaying is done, and the voting is complete...it's time to produce the show. The CWF Creative team is solely responsible for the match write ups, though we appreciate if anyone is willing to volunteer help. For each "live show" we offer Segment Spots that handlers can sign up for, where they are able to roleplay their character live backstage, or interacting with some of the other wrestlers to set up storylines or feuds.


Soon after the show results are completed and posted on the main site, the next match card will be following it and the cycle will continue. If you are planning a vacation, or otherwise won't be available for an event or a series of events, we understand. We don't expect every writer to write every day. That's why we are trying to spread the word, get more people involved and increase our base number of unique writers. We encourage our writers to work together, interact and talk it out, work out your storylines or plans through private messenger and submerge yourself into the world of CWF.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact J Rish on the CWF forums, or post your questions or concerns there. This is a group of good people who are great writers, looking to have fun.


If you are interested in joining the team, and you think you got what it takes, then click the "How do I Join?" tab in the navigation menu above. For a better idea of what an e-fed is, and where the idea came from, I have provided the Wiki Link above.​


For those of you that are more experienced, the CWF is what you would call a "Hybrid Federation". While we only allow original characters, our results are not based exclusively on angles or based on roleplay.


The Wiki describes a Hybrid Fed as follows:

Hybrid federations - Match outcomes are decided by a combination of roleplay and angle aspects. Some Hybrid federations exist with a tilt toward one type of federation such as for example being a 60% roleplay or a 60% angle federation. These are popular with fedheads and handlers, as roleplays are not as long-winded as roleplay federations, but are still important. Several modern day, top federations have been hybrids, and they have quickly became the most popular type of federation.​

Compare that to:​


Angle federations - These federations are run more similarly to a real life wrestling promotion. In this case, angles or storylines are created and planned ahead of time and writers roleplay for events knowing where the angle is going, but without knowing the final result. The "winner" of an angle is determined on the strength of their overall efforts rather than on a week to week basis. This style of federation involves slightly less submissions than a traditional roleplaying federation, but does require handlers to work more closely together.


Roleplay federations - These federations base all match overcomes on the evaluation of judges, or for that matter, its fedhead or staff. Winners are only determined by a decisive selection of who delivered the best effort in their roleplays for an event. This is the best type of federation from a competitive standpoint, allowing roleplayers to truly challenge themselves. However, strict RP federations don't take angles into account, if at all. Matches are put together by the federation fedheads rather than a strict booking team.

​Generally the best roleplay will always win the match. But to say that we don't take story-lines and angles into account would be naive and misleading. We want to plan towards the future with interesting feuds and character interaction. We want people working with each other, not against each other. Not that we are condemning competitive nature, but please remember that this is a game, a hobby, and you are joining a group of people doing this for fun.


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