Title: Whatever It Takes
Featuring: J. Rish
Date: 11/28/19
Location: Rishel Home in State College, PA
Show: Genesis RPing ends Friday 11/29/19 at 11:59pm EST!

This all started with you and I.

Ataxia and Jaiden, a story that most have not read, most would not have seen two opposite personalities such as ours belonging in one book, better yet the same chapter.

But here we are, aren’t we, sweet dark prince?

The war you started many years ago, when you decided upon yourself that Championship Wrestling Federation was no longer ran by the Rishel family. 

Now of course our name, our lineage, would always own this company. But it was never about actually having physical ownership of CWF, was it Ataxia? You never cared much about the technicalities of things. 

You simply wanted us all in the palm of your hands. You wanted to bleed the roster dry until there was nothing left but you and your Forsaken friends. You wanted to destroy CWF and rebuild it in the image of yourself. 

But I was the bad guy when I ran them all out of here just before it could happen?

Go fuck yourself, Ataxia.

At Genesis, I’ll show the world just how down and dirty I can get to get the job done. Championship Wrestling Federation was never about you, Ataxia, and it never will be. The Rishel’s built this company from the ground up, and I will take the legendary company that my father founded and take it to all new heights. Starting this Tuesday, the nightmare of Ataxia is finally over. The good fans of CWF can wake up every day and not have to worry about you stinking up the place, trying to put an end to us all. 

At Genesis, filthbag, you die the death that you’ve been longing so long for. 



-Thursday, November 28th 2019
J. Rish’s family home in State College, Pennsylvania-

“Come on Jaiden, say grace. Just this once, son…”

The immaculate table full of Thanksgiving goodies is shown in all its glory; everything from the ten pound turkey to the perfectly cooked ham, and all the fixings to go along with it. Before Jaiden and his sisters Cambria and Everia, his stepmother Amber or his father J. Rish can dig in however, the former owner of CWF and elder Rishel asks politely of his son to say grace.

Jaiden: You honestly think I’m the right person for the job here, dad?

Cambria can’t help but snicker a little bit, knowing her older brother’s devilish ways at times. Jaiden looks up to the stone cold look in his father’s eyes, which causes him to stir, immediately shrugging his shoulders and deciding he better just go along with his father’s wishes.

Jaiden: Well then, lord above we thank you for this amazing meal you have set in front of us. On this day, American Thanksgiving, we thank you for true love and for family and friends that really care about us. We thank you for those that even though it may seem like they stab us in the back at times, they really do mean well. Thank you for helping our family maintain the madhouse that is CWF, and I pray personally that you give me the strength to get through this war with Ataxia at Genesis. The man is many things, but he’s certainly violence personified and that is the one true thing I’m worried about.

J. Rish: Ahem…

Jaiden shakes his head, getting back to the task at hand.

Jaiden: And lord, once again thank you for getting us all together this evening so we can share not only this meal but this great family time together. Amen.

Amber/kids: Amen.

J. Rish: Thank you Jaiden, that was thoughtful…

Jaiden: Dad, can I talk to you in the library for a second please..?

Just as the elder Rishel was about to stuff his mouth with a spoonful of marshmallow sweet potatoes, he glares back at his oldest son with a questioning look in his eyes. Seeing almost a longing look coming back from his son, a needing look, Rish nods and puts his silverware back down on his napkin. 

J. Rish: If you will all excuse us for just a minute.

The two men make their way away from the table, out of the dining room of the Rishel family and to the room to the left, J. Rish’s personal library. As soon as they escape the dining room, Jaiden immediately goes into an emotional breakdown. He falls to a knee, hands over his forehead and eyes as he weeps. 

J. Rish: Jaiden...what are you doing? What is wrong my son?

Coming down to his son’s level, Rish gently pushes away the hands of Jaiden, looking him in the eye.

J. Rish: Jaiden, I know we’ve had many differences in the past. But if you’re going through something, anything, you know I’m always here for you…

Jaiden gulps, looking up at his father.

Jaiden: For the longest time you shielded me from this business. You did your very best to keep me out of professional wrestling, out of CWF, far and away from any of this mess that I now find myself in. Dad, every fucking day I wake up and I wonder what is it going to take to build this company up to the level that you easily had it at every single week? I just...I...I’m a failure compared to you.

J. Rish’s eyes light up, but not in an excited way, in a manner that he never thought he’d hear his son speak in this manner and it truly hurts his soul. Rish grabs ahold of his son’s right arm, pulling him up to a standing level. The two men look each other in the eye for a second before they embrace in a hug, where Jaiden once again weeps in his father’s arms.

J. Rish: Jaiden, you are not a failure. The measure of a man is not by the mistakes that he makes in his life, but by the way he picks himself up from them. You may have made some mistakes in the time that you’ve ran CWF, but you have the means to righting one of them at Genesis. Take all the emotions you have for the company, take all the pain and deliver it to Ataxia. Destroy that son of a bitch for everything that he’s done to us, to all of us in CWF. This is your birthright, Jaiden, make sure it is done.

Jaiden: Thank you father, I will do whatever it takes...

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