Title: Make An Appointment First!
Featuring: Omar Martinez
Date: 11/16/19
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Show: Evolution 72

Everyone may know the story of Vince Espinoza and Nina, however Martinez remains a relative unknown. But within the faction formerly known as V.E.N.O.M, where Espinoza was the brute force and strength, Omar considered himself the workhorse. See his partner was gifted with power unimaginable whereas him, he was merely a mortal man. A mortal man who was passionately in love with his wife, Nina. He would follow her to the ends of the earth and would protect her with his life.

She’s kinda how he got mixed up in this whole ordeal that is the Most Known Unknowns. After the two were abducted by the OSA, she would plead for his life, in return.. He was psychologically tortured for the better part of seven months before being unleashed along with Espinoza and Nina onto the CWF. Their target? The visiting Hall of Famer, Elijah… leader of the Academy.. Nemesis to the Moonchild and the Prophetess.. Finally completing their mission, they released to do as they wish. 

Now one half of the CWF Tag Team Champions, Martinez has been floating around backstage, craving for some action to come him and his partner’s way. After months of sitting around, they finally found a team to fight the MKU but it was under ridiculous circumstances. However it seems that, that picture is about to change as not one but three teams have finally shown their faces. Natural Selection. The el33t Team. Scourge and Jeff Jackson.. All deadly in their own right but that’s a matter for a different time. 

What’s on the agenda? A fatal-4-way this coming Tuesday night in Mexico City, Mexico.. The targets? Graves, O’Leary, and Scourge..

How does Martinez prepare for such an encounter? By trudging through the Parque Hundido as he takes a jog through the park.  It’s the first time that he’s ever been seen without Vince and Nina but Byson is sitting on a bench nearby with a stopwatch in hand, waiting to clock each lap that Martinez makes. Noticing that a camera crew is making their way towards him. He then begins to speak. 

Byson Kaliban: Hey! Hey! What the hell are you guys doing here?

Cameraman: Umm.. We were told to come out here and record Omar for CWF Wired..

Byson looks befuddled..

Byson Kaliban: What the hell do you mean, record Omar for CWF Wired? Look no one gets access to my guys unless I approve of it.. But since you’re already here, I guess you can get an exclusive. You got those cameras rolling?

The camera nods agreeingly up and down.

Byson Kaliban: So here’s the deal, Tuesday, Omar gets his first piece of singles competition inside of a CWF ring. Do you know what that means? Well you don’t have to respond because I’m about to tell you. Omar is coming to destroy the competition. The Sin City Saint? Well this man said he can’t, and what he can’t do is match speed for speed with Martinez. O’Leary? Your name is a joke within itself and there’s no reason to even acknowledge you any further. However, Scourge.. I believe that Omar may have been in the ring with you at one point and knows what you’re very well are capable of but come, Evolution 72! The only thing that will matter is who is the first to get that pinfall.. and my guy Omar, is going to be the one to do it! Now that’s all that you’re going to get! Get the hell outta here before I summon Vince!

The feed abruptly ends.

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