Title: Cold
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: No
Show: Evolution 72

"The weather is getting colder.  My time in the tournament is done.  Where do I go from here?  Only time will tell.  My path continues forward, and I will continue on doing what I do best until another opportunity arises for me.. "

With a resounding sigh, Autumn threw down her little hand-held gaming system onto the bed she was sitting on, frowning as she watched it bounce and go still.  Stuck inside this hotel due to an unexpected snow shower in the city, making any plans to drive anywhere pretty much non-existent until this was over and done with.  Turning her head to the window, seeing the snow fall outside further enforced this fact. 

"My only option is to walk it I guess.  There's a Hot Topic a few blocks away.  Might as well get out and turn into a Popsicle while I'm at it.  That would make an interesting headline, 'Cwf superstar found frozen in front of a Hot Topic today.'"

She chuckled shaking her head, sliding off of the bed and slowly getting ready. Minutes later, she was bundled and walking down the sidewalk, breath coming out in white puffs.  People passed her by without a care, a couple recognized her and stopped her for pictures. 


"Why in the world do you do shoots like you do, I've always wondered that."

She shrugged, staring at her friend and mentor from across the table. 

"Why not?  I don't want to have a shoot like everyone else.  I'd rather have the fans walk with me through the day as I spend my time than do something boring.  Everyone is different in what they do.  If we were all the same, then it would be boring."

A nod, then a smile. 

"Thats a good answer.  I was just curious.  Always March to your own Drum Autumn, never bow to someone elses. "


That had been a few weeks ago, she thought to herself.   How time flies she thought. 

Entering into the store finally, she Shook herself free and began to browse, mumbling nonsense before speaking just loud enough for her phone to catch everything. 

"I got the question, how do you feel about not being in the tournament quite a bit over the past few weeks.  People are eager to find out.  So eager. 

Truth be told, I'm upset that I'm not still in it. . I really wanted to make that statement and be that final one but alas it was not meant to be I suppose.  I can't let that get to me though.  I may not be in that anymore but there's still so much more out there to do. 

This isn't the end. 

Merely the continuation of the path. 

To my unfortunate opponent, good luck.  Shame your first meeting with me will be such a short one"

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