Title: Making A Name For Myself
Featuring: Savannah Jade
Date: 11/16/2019
Location: 12:00 pm
Show: Evolution 72


Savannah steps outside and inhales deeply, a smile spreads across her face as she enjoys all the familiar scents of home. She turns to close the door behind her before stepping down off of the porch and making her way across the yard. She walks out to the stables and steps inside to take a look around, Her favorite mare notices her and lets out a whinny to get her attention. She makes her way over and runs her hands down the mares soft nose. “Well girl… I finally have a chance at my dream..” She says softly before planting a kiss on the Mares nose. She turns her head towards the sound of an engine and squeals softly as she sees her best friend coming up the driveway. She runs out to meet her with her arms wide open and almost tackles her down to the ground with a huge hug “Amelia!” she squeals loudly. 


“Jesus woman you almost knocked the breath out of me! You would think you missed me or something.” Amelia says with a soft giggle.


Savannah stares at her in disbelief “I did miss you! Just cause I got the hell out of this town and im trying to make a life for myself doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my best friend.”


“Speaking of making a life for yourself… Do tell… Time to spill the beans!” Amelia says excitedly.


“Well…. I know that I have been pretty quiet about what’s been happening in my life but I have some pretty big stuff going on that im excited about.” Savannah says as she stares at the ground.


 “Girl! You have to be more specific than that! Stop holding out all the details!” Amelia squeals.


“So you know that my life hasn’t always been the easiest…. You also know that I have a passion for fighting.” Savannah says as she side eyes her best friend waiting for the smart ass comments.


“Well yeah… your record shows your passion for fighting” Amelia says with a roll of her eyes.


“Listen….” she sighs “Anyways now for the good news! I got a shot at making a name for myself in professional wrestling..” Savannah trails off as she looks at her best friend awaiting her response.


Amelia stares blankly at Savannah for a moment before finally blinking a couple of times “You… What?” She says not believing her ears.


A smile spreads across Savannah’s face “You heard me….”


 “Umm… Are you sure this is the best idea? We both know how wreckless you are when it comes to fighting.. Sometimes you get a little….. Out of hand?” Amelia says trying to put it as nicely as possible.


Savannah plays in the dirt with her foot for a moment before making eye contact with her best friend “Amelia… Fighting is all I have ever been good at… It’s the only place that I have ever actually felt like I was doing something right. My boxing family is the only one I have ever really known and the place that I felt the most at home…” 

“I know Savannah… I mean if you think this is the right move for yourself then im excited for you! I just worry cause I know what a loose cannon you are…. Pretty soon the whole world will know apparently” Amelia says with a soft giggle.


Savannah smiles over at her oldest friend “Thanks Amelia… Your support really does mean a lot to me.” She says before glancing around nervously “They put me up against one of the top women they have right now…. She’s Carnage Wrestling’s UltraViolent Champion..”


“Since when have you let any of that stop you? She may be the champion for now but the world has also never met Savannah Jade... “ Amelia says with a huge grin across her face.


Savannah laughs softly “You are right…. The world of wrestling has no idea what they have gotten themselves into… There’s someone new in town and I plan to make a name for myself. I have worked so hard to get where I am today and I don’t plan on letting anyone stand in my way. Champion or no Champion.. Those titles mean nothing to me. I’m not in it for the titles or the fame and glory… I am just in it for the fight.”




The camera zooms in on Savannah as she stands in her stables in the stall with her appaloosa mare named Fancy. She focuses on the mare as she brushes her softly and completely ignores the camera momentarily. Finally she turns to face the camera with a smile and throws her arm over Fancy’s back casually. She gathers her thoughts for a moment as she tries to piece together exactly what it is she wants to say. This is her first ever promo and she doesn’t want to mess it up or let her nervousness show. “So as you all know I am pretty new to this whole wrestling game…” She trails off as she continues to stare into the camera “I can honestly admit that I am pretty nervous about the whole thing.” She says as she glances over at her mare for a moment and rubs her face before returning her gaze to the camera. “However don’t let my nervousness fool you because I know that this is exactly where I belong. I am honestly honored to have the privilege to go up against none other than the UltraViolent Champion Maggie Lockheart in one of my very first matches.” She says as she pauses momentarily to gather her thoughts again “However make no mistake that I am not star struck by any means nor am I in awe. I have worked too hard to get to where I am to let myself fail.” A smirk spreads across her face “Champion or no champion I do not intend to lose this match. Unlike most of the Wrestlers you come across I am not in these things for the fame or the glory of having a title. I am simply in it for the fight.” She says as she glances around her stable “I make my living here… I tame 1,000 pound beasts that could kill me at any time. I am pretty sure that I can handle one woman. Make no mistake that when this match is over you will remember my name.” She says as the camera pans out away from her and the screen goes black.

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