Title: Aces Up
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: 11/09/19
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Show: Evolution 71



So this is how it ends, huh? I thought to myself as I rested on my chaise lounge chair on the balcony of my upgraded room at the Westgate Las Vegas Casino. To say that my life was a tangled web of fucked up would be an understatement. What’s that saying, took on more than I can chew? Yeah, that may be it but as I sat there looking over Sin City, many thoughts had crossed my mind.

For instance, two days before I’m set to face what I consider a friend in this business, Freddie Styles in Mexico. I have one more war to make it through, an Unsanctioned Match against Tony Savage for my GCWA North American Championship and the way things seemed to heat up overnight between us two.. I’m really questionable on whether or not I’ll be able to compete.

But knowing me, I’ll probably die inside of a wrestling ring. In a world so fucked up, it seemed like my only escape. Night in and night out, up and down the road, sleeping in a different city almost every night. I had two kids and a girl back home who truly deserved more attention than what I had been giving them but Sierra knew that I was doing this for them.  A regular 9-5 was never my thing, hell busting my ass for anyone while they reap the benefits had never been my style. Hell at least as a wrestler, I was able to set my own schedule aside from that one time when I damn near killed my career against Sean Fuller..

Which reminds me, I owe him one… and best believe that it’s coming.

However, my mind was an intricate one that could process and separate the things that I had going on in life. So as much as I was 100% focused on Tony Savage, I knew that if I survived him I would have Freddie directly after.

Freddie had been on an absolute tear in the Alpha Block except for the loss to Danny B but I guess a few of us had our hiccups with the Hall of Famer. Our match in Mexico had huge implications on the Alpha Block. Freddie wins then he more than likely goes on to Genesis to face more than likely, Silas Artoria for the CWF World Championship. Which means that I drop into a clusterfuck and have gone through this grueling schedule for nothing.


There’s always a but, if i win then it’s me who goes on to face Silas for the strap. So it’s do or die time for me if I ever want to become a three times CWF World Champion. My phone buzzes and I pull it out of my khaki cargo pants pocket, checking the message. It’s from another company who wants to acquire my services for their company and keeping updated on how things are on my end. Turning the screen off, I slide the phone back into my pocket. It was nothing personal, but the last time that I talked business with them, it kinda shifted my focus away from Zolton. But that’s still not an excuse for going out there and simply getting my ass handed to me. I call it growing pains in this business, I mean I know that I’m good but I don’t see any sense in bragging when any day I can get my head knocked the fuck off.

Standing up from the chaise lounge chair, I walk over to the balcony and peer over into the Sin City nightlife.. Almost thirty stories up, you would think that I would be panicking but there is an odd calm about me as I stare off into the night.

“So.. it’s come down ta dis.. ya kno’ bruh, if it was up ta me.. We’d been in two different blocks an’ meet up in tha main event’a tha upcomin’ pay per view, Genesis fo’ dat CWF World strap. But dat didn’t happen, instead we meet up dis Tuesday night in tha main event wit’ major circumstances on tha line.”

I go quiet as I let my mind wonder about if I’ll be able to compete.

“Befo’ I go any further though, I wanna get dis off of my chest.. Just so ya kno’, come Tuesday, I’m not comin’ in at a 100% percent. Now I kno’ most hear dat an’ say what tha hell is wrong wit dis guy? I’ll tell ya exactly what’s wrong wit me, I have mad respect fo’ Freddie an’ I kno’ dat he’s gonna be expectin’ my best. Which he will get, cuh whether any one wants ta belive it or not, I entered dis tournament ta become champion once again. Three times ta be exact an’ Freddie dat’s why I expect you ta brang dat fight like I’ve known you ta brang.”

Looking down at the tourists who maneuver their way through the Vegas streets. It brings a smile to my face.

“It’s funny tha roads dat life leads us down. Do ya rememba’ how we first got acquainted bruh? January 15th, 2018 Salt Lake CIty, Utah.. Ironically, the Alpha Block Finals of tha Modern Warfare tournament an’ I defended tha CWF World Championship against ya. I came in, tha undefeated hot shot while you were tha final Eternal standin’. Mane.. ya gave me hell dat night as we put on a muthafuckin’ classic fo’ those Utah fans but I was able ta walk out still a champion. Dat night, I saw tha full fledge greatness dat is Mista Ballgame, Freddie Styles. I saw a man dat was bein’ held down an’ needed ta breakout, someone tha fans needed ta take notice of.. Then what happened Freddie?”

I questioned as I brushed my shoulder length locks out of my face.

“I came ta ya, cuh I saw tha road dat we were about ta go down. An’ instead’a havin’ ta face ya on a constant basis. I asked you ta be my tag team potna, cuh when it came down ta it, I felt we needed ta have each othas back. But dat first encounta wasn’t tha only time dat you an’ me went head ta head… May 8th, 2018 we were set to face off again, and you rememba’ what happened? We bullshitted until J. RIsh rushed out an’ almost had a heart attack.”

I laugh at the memory.

“But befo’ he could, we got our act togetha an’ still manage ta put on another classic but unlike tha first time, you were tha one who came out on top, even gave me my first pinfall defeat. Hell my back wasn’t right fo’ a good while afta’ dat match.. But we shook hands an’ went on an absolute tear of tha tag team division. Accumulatin’ three tag team titles all togetha’, you went on ta become Impact Champ an’ I acquired tha World title durin’ our run as one of the hottest acts in professional wrestlin’.. Hell me an’ you, we turned heads when we put Mia out an’ cliqued up wit’ Jarvis an’ Jace..”

I look up into the sky.

“Rest well, my guy.. Damn it just seem weird wit’out him around ta run his mouth.. But Freddie.. we’ve been through a bunch’a shit an’ then one day we decidede ta just go on an’ pursue our own ventures. Which I was cool wit, cuh we both always could handle our own. But ya kno’ just as quickly life can brang folks togetha, it can just as easily pull them apart. But I don’t we missed a beat, if tha time called we come ta each othas aid within tha drop of a dime. No words really eva had ta be spoken cuh we formed dat bond dat many don’t have in dis business.

When I first saw tha schedule an’ seen dat it was gonna be you an’ me on tha final day, I knew then dat whoeva won dat match was goin’ on fight fo’ the World title. An’ unlike Hoyt, I’m not knockin’ tha Alpha Block, hell tha Alpha Block was mo’ competitive than tha Omega Block. Yet he calls us the developmental block when there’s was nothin’ but a three man fight.. But I’m done entertainin’ dat shit.. Freddie, my brotha’ we’ve been through hell an’ back togetha an’ come Evolution.. I’m walkin’ in a broken shell of my former self but don’t thank fo’ one second dat I’m gonna just lay down an’ let you waltz yo way into a victory. Ohh no.. you gone have ta work fo’ dis shit.”

I go silent again before looking out suspiciously at the sky but I don’t let it deter me from my train of thought.

“You gone have ta damn near kill me fo’ dis oppurtunity ta fight fo’ tha CWF World Championship. My question ta you is, do you want it as bad as me? Do you have what it takes ta dig down deep an’ finish dis shit on a strong note? Or are ya gonna let a broken man kick your ass.. Yeah we boys an’ we’ll always be dat, no matta’ what that outcome may be.. If I’m able ta stand up aftawards, I’ll even shake ya hand cuh you kno’ wheneva it comes down ta tha Aces, you gone have ta earn dis shit cuh ain’t nothin’ given.. Hey Freddie.. brang  ya A-Game ta tha Ballgame cuh we about ta knock dis main event right outta tha muthafuckin’ park..”

I raise my right index finger into the air.

“Aces Up….”


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