Title: Deja' Vu
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 11/9
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 71

Quite possibly one of the most entertaining things in wrestling...is a feud. Granted, wrestling prowess is required to make each match just as breathtaking as the last, and a fresh story to keep the fire going in the feud is always needed. Sometimes, feuds aren't as visible as many make them out to be. Sometimes, they're almost too visible...too dangerous. The flames have scarred many and will continue to scar more with it's growing intensity. Shattered dreams, broken bodies, destroyed careers...it all is stemmed from a sole hatred for one another, or perhaps even that undeniable love for the business. It is all stemmed from that first spark...that one tiny, insignificant spark...which led to the towering inferno that it is today. Close to three months ago, that spark hit the haystack.

Let us take a trip back in time, back to my debut into the CWF. My first match, against a man who eventually became my brother in arms. Modern Warfare tournament was against a man who had proven himself time and time again to be the stuff of legends in the CWF, for the World title…and Duce won. Fast forward a little, there was the rematch. Round two of Duce Jones and Freddie Styles. In the end it was yours truly who pulled off the win there...tying our little series up at one a piece.

And there was the flicker.

When it was announced that I would then be facing off against Duce the final match of the Alpha block, I instantly began to train. Never before in the CWF had I met an opponent who could push me as hard as Duce had...and I knew that he could easily end it all for me right there.  The expectation was that this would be for the shot at the vacant World title, and the Aces did not disappoint.

And there...was the spark.

I took on every challenger...and the ante was upped time and time again with each victory I racked up. Watching my friend, my brother pushed me even further, knowing I owed it to him to make this match between us mean what we both wanted it to mean. Over this tournament, the fire began to spread. Watching Duce have a draw with Danny and lose to Zoltan...it almost looked like the fire was to die down...

And then...someone torched the fuckin' barn.

Danny B found my limitations and gladly pushed me far past them, looking to bring out every drop of sweat from my very being in order to drain the energy from my core...but I kept fighting forward. In a match that was, to me, a harder trial then any match I'd had with Duce...I lost, but I learned.  I learned that there was yet another level I needed to find.  One past being the Impact champion…beyond being half of the best duo in wrestling. I'm still waiting for our rematch...but until then, that match lingers in my mind as what really began my own personal change.

And from there...it all burned up.

Free from the ties that bound me to my past, free from the pain that had distracted me for so long. I'd finally pushed forward into the depths of my limitations and broke through, and would bounce back against LeStrange with ease. So here we are.  I’m still at the top of the Alpha block, my Genesis title match position secured.  No matter what happens, I’m going to Genesis and leaving there with one of the two titles I haven’t held in CWF yet.  But that’s later.  Right now, I have a choice in which title I’m going to go win…but I’ve got my brother to go through to get there.

And now...the fire is spreading again.

Facing Danny was a grim reminder of my mistakes in the first match against Ducey, the one with the real stakes attached. And here we are again.  My brother, my friend….watching him pushed me well and beyond the places others have pushed me to, bringing out the absolute best I have to offer just to try and win a single match against him; a man I'd never even met until we set foot into that ring two years ago.

Yet as the Aces rose and we won championships together, those competitive flames have died down, for winning and brotherhood calms the competitive nature of two Alpha men as we are. Died down, but a long time away from being extinguished. One can only guess what may happen next...because with an opponent like Duce, nothing is for certain. I'm sure that he's looking back at matches in this tournament and those two matches against each other, and yet still trying to prepare through all of the pain that these back to back to back matches has caused him, both here and elseware.

He knows my every weakness, when he can make me slip up...and I know the same about him. I've got to be ready to expect the unexpected...because knowing Jones from our last encounter, this is going to be far from easy. Sure, I learnt more about his style in the ring when I faced him...but the same could be said for him. The only reason I won that match was because I found an opportunity I knew would only come once, and I took it. Had I messed up even one movement in getting that move set up...Duce could have easily beaten me.

There's a lot to prove leading into this match-up...a lot to prove. This could be my chance to hold the World title and be the tournament winner, or it could be his chance to do both for a second time begins. I've got everything to win and everything to lose...and hell, the same could be said for him.

This is his chance to prove he can beat me...and this is my chance to prove myself superior and move on from there.

Lord knows I still have a dream to live up to.

Maybe it was the determination...maybe it was the passion, maybe the pure desire to prove ourselves on those nights. Whatever it was, something helped Duce and I both find our source of strength...our source of power, and we both exploited it to press onward both individual and as a team. Our matches have been closer than anyone expected, and it seems that management has pounced on the idea of another ratings blockbuster of a match between us. They've not even given us a week to rest, they want our battered and bruised bodies to get back out there and face off again.

And so, well...it's best not to worry about our physical conditions going into these things, or exactly how ready we are for the other. It's best to just ignore it for now, is it not? However...if I were to ignore it when the time came...I would fall. If I were to fall...I would fail to prove what I'm setting out to. Failure is not an option. I will win just as I’ve done all tournament long, Duce...somehow, I will fight through it all.

Amazing...it’s been a year plus since we’ve stood in the ring as opponents.  Last time, we stole a show that wasn’t meant for us.  This time, with the stakes at their highest,  we'll give them more. Just for the fans, just for each other...we're here again. Deja'vu, Ducey, Deja'vu.

The thought or feeling that something is happening again that has happened in the past.

Freddie Styles vs. Duce Jones.

One on one.

Round three...and this time, for all the Alpha chips and the World title match that comes with them.

Starting to get flashbacks yet, Ducey? You and I had a legendary pair of matches. I can still remember the intense pain you forced me through just to try to win...and I clearly remember the wind being driven right out of my lungs when you crushed my chest in, throwing all you had at me to win. I may have won then, but you've clearly got another great chance at evening the odds. Will this be the climax of our series already?  Will you rise up and take your third shot at winning the world title for the second time, or will I beat you and get my first shot at the throne that I’ve fought so fucking hard these last couple years to reach?  We can make it whatever way we want brother...it's really our decision.

Our decision.

The decisions we both have made have brought us here today, Ducey. We fought, we bled, we sweated our way through this tournament. They want to truly see a finale, or they want to see the road being paved towards one. We both figured we had given it to them last time...but heat like this doesn't go away so quickly, I suppose. The fans still remember, Duce...

And so do I.

I remember every second of pain you put me through with the moves that you used...and after what we put each other through, we've got each others styles down like a book. We both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and how to exploit them...and the fans want to see it happen again. The fans still remember, you still remember, and I still remember. I still remember what it feels like to have my head nearly punted off my fucking shoulders, Jones. That migrane headache that comes when a man nearly breaks his own leg trying to cave your skull in.

I still remember.

And I would be lying to say that I do not wish to relive it all over again. That's Deja'vu for us both, Jones. To get something back...you have to go back and get it. Relive the moment. Fight the battle again. Go back and try again. You want to even the score? You want your win back? Come and try to take it.

I still remember the headache, damn it. The sore muscles, the aching limbs, the pounding, throbbing, red-hot pain that comes with your shoulder when you spike it into a fucking metal post...and I want more.

You beat me to defend your world title.  I beat you when it was just for pride. Now it's time for us to do battle for a chance at the richest prize in this company. Now it's time to live the moment...all over again.

After all...

...Deja' Vu

Deja'vu: Noun 1. the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before
2. an experience that causes you to remember something

Do you remember, Ducey? I'm sure you do, it's rather hard to forget--unless of course my boot to your face and the copious amounts of weed we’ve smoked since then did some memory damage.

It was just last week that for the first time in my entire CWF career, I was put in a position where I was dreading every next second of the match. Where as much as I loved what I was doing...I was fearful of what was to come.

Ring any bells yet...Duce?

The boot to the face wasn't enough to stop Freddie as he kicks out at one. Jones quickly stands up and begins to stomp away at the still fallen Styles. After a few stomps, Jones picks Styles up by his hair and sends him flying back into the corner. Jones turns and tries to follow up by running at Styles looking for a clothesline, but Freddie pulls a page out of Jones's book by stepping forward and DROPKICKING Jones right in the face, catching him completely off-guard! The fans erupt with cheers as Jones and Freddie both hit the mat, Freddie quickly rolling back to his feet.

This isn't like that match though, Jones. When we both went in 100% and came out in the fucking negatives. This time is going to be a completely different experience in and of itself. We're both been beat to hell with no rest, we're both not 100% mentally ready for this...and yet we continue to try to be. We'll both step up to the battlelines and draw our swords, ready to fight to the very death for this sport, simply because it's in our blood, it's who we are.

Before, we were risking our bodies to give those fans and ourselves a great match...and now? We risk our lives. Without this business, without the ability to wrestle...the both of us would be lost. This is who we are, right brother? If either of us ended the others career...that would be it, the ride was over.

The only thing about me is, I still have one more thing to live for...the very woman who's helped me go into each and every CWF match with a clear mind and the confidence to take on a grizzly bear. Aurora was one of the biggest reasons why I wouldn't stay down during our match, Jones...and you can thank her when I beat you a second time.

Jones instantly fights to free himself, as a struggle ensues between the two with Jones thrashing about under the larger Styles. Somehow, Jones manages to slip free and shove Freddie away with his legs, before kipping up to his feet! Trying to catch him off-guard, Freddie lunges forward for a spear...but in an absolutely SICK looking spot, Jones lunges his leg out in desperation, catching Styles RIGHT in the forehead with his boot and snapping Freddie back, his head smacking against the mat hard as the fans gasp and 'oooh..' from the shot.

I won. Now the fans enjoyed our matches...and they want to see another one happen, perhaps even the final sendoff...but isn't it ironic how it has happened so quickly? Ironic in my eyes, at least. However, it is rather unfortunate for you. You see, Duce, that's how Deja'vu works. You relive the past. It's that sensation that tells you "You know...this has happened before.". It's that pivotal moment in time that has repeated itself.

Jones smirks up at the fans and then snatches up Freddie and places him on top of the table. Like a cat, Jones hops up on top of the table and stands above Freddie like he was a fallen solider. He reaches down and pulls Freddie up to his feet, but in pure desperation, Freddie shoves Jones's arms away and absolutely LEVELS him with a shot to the head, followed by another, and then a kick to the gut! With Jones doubled over, Freddie yanks him into a standing headscissors and attempts to lift Duce up for a power bomb! Freddie struggles with this attempt on the announce table, still dazed from the shot to his head from before, and Jones quickly takes advantage of Freddie's situation by kicking his legs and forcing himself back down onto the table, standing up and in the process back-flipping Freddie over his shoulder!

It's funny, Duce...how time plays tricks on ones mind. People backstage are still buzzing over the whole damn match, talking about how it was one of the best matches Evolution had seen in a long time. We've both been thanked for putting on such a great show...and now we've got so much hype behind us thanks to them, that it'll be hard to live up to it again. Hell, not only them--the fans are easily the most dominating hype-festival the both of us have going right now. Fans are raving about the match, and they're the sole reason for the rematch...

Simply put, what the fans want, the fans get.

Perhaps they enjoy our in ring styles clashing together. Perhaps they enjoy Freddie Styles 'pulling off the impossible'. Maybe they enjoy Duce Jones 'taking out the trash'. Or maybe, they're waiting for one of us to strike the final blow...the blow that will end these flames generated between us once and for all.

Yet off the rebound, just as Jones takes one step forward...Styles SCREAMS at the top of his lungs and comes barreling across the ring, completely taking Jones off guard as he shoots his leg up with an absolutely BRUTAL big-boot, catching Duce perfectly in the face and flattening him to the mat, the fans ERUPTING into cheers and chanting "HOLY SHIT!" once again!

Maybe this will be the match I need to prove myself the better man for now, to be able to go into Genesis with the flames of a hot-streak following behind me. Maybe this will be the match you need to stop me in my tracks and show the world just how evenly matched we are, that you can still beat me...and that it's completely in your ability to do so.

However...if it is the end as I'm hoping it will be for now, then I intend upon ending it in the biggest bang that I possibly can. I will win, Duce. This is why we call it Deja'vu. We're reliving the past...to shape the future. My future. My dream. My hope. This...is what it all comes down to Duce. I refuse to allow you to stop me now, to repeat my own past and have to fight back to this point all over again. This is where I draw that final line for you, brother. Once you cross over that line...once the bell rings in Cancun, I will finish this off between us...I swear it. I will make sure that come Evolution, I take you back out to the...

Freddie lifts Jones RIGHT UP onto his shoulders, wincing in pain from the weight on his still hurting shoulder, but lets out a ROAR of effort, throwing Jones right out in front of him and dropping him on the back of his head with...



At Evolution, Duce Jones, the times will change again. The future will be reset...and this time, I will come out on top. This is our life, Ducey, and I will do everything in my power...to win it all. I swear it, brother...


Not everyone gets a second chance, you know...not everyone gets that extra shot. It's crunch-time now for the both of us, because we both have more to lose now then we ever did before.

If anyone, anywhere honestly thinks that, for one single solitary moment, this match will be a walk down easy-street for either of us...then they truly learned nothing from our previous matches…from watching us own the tag division…or from watching us hold our respective sigles titles. Therefore...if you have learned nothing from our past, then you cannot be prepared for our Deja'vu. And that is what this is, Duce.


This is Deja'vu.


This is the prelude...


To my ascendance to the CWF throne.

"THIS is what we mean by Evolution, ladies and gentlemen--THIS! These men pushed each other to their limits, and then BLEW RIGHT BY THEM! No matter how far you've shown you can go, you can always go further, and these two have proven it here tonight!"

So, my friend, my brother...this is it, isn't it? One way or another, the Aces will shape the future of this CWF.

Mr. Ballgame & the Kid Who Never Dies….the Smokin’ Aces…the best thing going in the CWF

But my dear brother…if I can beat you one more time on Tuesday, then I'll know for certain that I can go running headlong into Genesis with my head held high, comforted with the knowledge that I can overcome whoever shows up out of the Beta block for the CWF World Title. I’ll know it because I’ll have beaten the best to get there.

The Alpha block finale.  Freddie Vs Duce

May the better Ace win.


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