Title: Awakening A Monster...
Featuring: Jeff Jackson
Date: 09/11/19
Location: The Killer Instinct Wrestling Gym
Show: Evolution 71

Our scene opens with clips, some new and some old, of Jeff Jackson wrestling. These are all clips of him using his vast array of technical skills. Suplexes, submissions, the kind of classic pro wrestling the business was built on. As the clips play, a voiceover of the man himself begins.

"What's next for you? Between being in the twilight of my in ring career, and my run in CWF so far, I'm hearing that question now more than ever. If you haven't figured out the answer by now, I'm not sure what to tell you about yourself. I have my eyes set on a prize all my own. I also intend to cash in on some paired glory with my protege slash brother in arms. In the mean time, I'm going to continue going to war with every person that's put in front of me. Man, woman, it makes no difference to me. If you're booked against me, I'm going to make your next CWF appearance miserable. I'm done playing games. I'm done playing by the rules. I tried to just be Jeff Jackson, The Killer. The Killer as in the best damn wrestler on planet Earth today. That wasn't enough, no no. Whether it be bad luck in the ring, or blatant favortism, it wasn't enough on either end of the spectrum."

As Jeff's tone changes, so too do the clips. We're now seeing clips of the other half of Jeff's career. Bloody, violent brawls. Barbed wire, thumbtacks, broken glass, and even fire. Jeff continues speaking, even more aggression now in his delivery.

"So congratulations, you've awakened the beast. I'm not even talking about The Judge this time. That's a special part of me reserved for special victims. For the rest of you, I'm unleashing the darkness in my true self. I'm awakening a part of me I've had buried for years now. The best wrestler in the world wasn't enough? Well how about the most sadistic? How about the most maniacal? How about the Originator of Violence? I hope that works for you Jaiden, because it's what you're stuck with whether you like it or not. I'm going to tear people apart. Whether it's as The Judge or Jeff, the anarchy level is going up around here. The severity of punishment is going to dramatically increase. It's time to bring upon the kind of gore that would make John Kramer shiver. Let the reckoning begin."

As the clips and speech come to an end, the scene cuts to an exterior shot of Jeff Jackson's wrestling school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The camera pans in slowly to the front door, before the shot fades to inside. We see Scourge holding the backside of a heavy bag, and even as big as he is he's nearly being pushed back. It's very apparent from the force of the blows coming from the other side, Jeff Jackson means business. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees, just a flurry of vicious looking strikes. If this were done to an opponent, they would be out on their feet if they were lucky. The workout winds down, and Jeff takes a few sips of water while catching his breath. Scourge is breathing a bit heavy himself just from the force of holding the bag steady.

Scourge: Wow, you weren't lying about turning up the heat, were you?

Jeff: Not even a little. I'm tired of not winning when I should be. More importantly, I'm tired of feeling overlooked. Jaiden Rishel IS going to give us what we want, whether he wants to or not. If I have to run through his entire goddamned roster by myself, I'll do it. If we have to do the same to every tag team around here, so be it. We're getting what belongs to us, one way or another.

Scourge: Hey, I'm with it. Whether it's you taking the Impact Title off of Johnny "Soon To Be In One" Graves, or us putting the entire tag team division on their asses, I've got your back. You gave me what I have today, and I'll walk straight through the fires of Hell to help you any way I can.

Jeff: It's funny you mention fire, because I was just thinking how nice it would be to see that pissant Johnny Graves writhing around burning. His screams for help being overwhelmed by my uproarious laughter at his suffering. Until I saw Johnny Graves for the first time, I didn't truly understand the saying 'I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.' Now it makes all the sense in the world to me.

Scourge: Wow, I've never seen you like this before. Of course I knew you had it in you, it's why I wanted to be trained by you. But getting to see it first hand is truly something special. Speaking of tearing through the entire CWF roster, did you hear what Zolton had to say about you recently?

Jeff: Bits and pieces. I had it on in the background while I was training so I was pretty in the zone. I know that he believes himself to be The Man of Chaos, which is at its very core laughable. It's even more amusing for him to be saying such things to me. Does he actually have any idea who I am, or where I've been? I've seen and done things that would make him fight to hold down his dinner. The level of brutality, suffering, and anguish I'm capable of unleashing is something his feeble mind can't begin to comprehend. And that doesn't even account for letting The Judge loose, that's just me.

Scourge: So you're not at all concerned? I gotta admit, he's pretty damn good.

Jeff: Sure he is, but he ain't me. I've been in the ring with legends that would end him in seconds and defeated them. Even the ones I never beat I brought to their absolute limit. I'm not expecting this to be another Phoenix LeStrange or Jobber Svenson. This one is going to be a war of attrition, but I'm ready for it. I do recall him mentioning that my pandering to the people will be my downfall. *turning to the camera* Let me clear that up right here and now. I'm not against the fans by any means. Whether my own or even those sad enough to follow the likes of Johnny Graves. That being said, I do nothing FOR them, or BECAUSE of them.

I do what I do because I love it. I do what I do because there is no better feeling in the world than dumping some asshole on his head with a piledriver, brainbuster, or high angle suplex. I do everything I do for me, and me alone. Well, if it's tag team related, I do it for me and the big man here. Zolton, I'm coming for everything that not only CWFmangement, but this whole goddamned industry has stolen from me for nearly twenty years! I'm coming for all of the glory I put on the back burner when I USED to care more about being popular than winning! I'm out for blood, and this week it's your turn. I'm the grass and you're the lawnmower? Nah, you've got that wrong. You're the raccoon, and I'm the 18 wheeler coming at highway speeds. Welcome to your worst nightmare. Zolton, I'm on a path of destruction, and you're the next piece of roadkill I leave in my wake. So it has been written, so it shall come to pass. Quoth The Killer...nevermore.


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