Title: Paradise for the Ignorant... Battleground for the Great... The Finale PUSH!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: November 8, 2019
Location: Scorpion Temple -- Cancun Mexico
Show: Evolution 71

The past is that, the past.
A slip up.
Not his demise.
A blast to the top.
No pandering.
No lies.
This world is his.
Next on the chopping block.
The Judgemental Killer.
This isn’t just a filler.
It is the PILAR!!”


Paradise for the Ignorant… Battleground for the Great… The Finale PUSH!!


++==LOCATION: Cancun Mexico==++
++==DATE: November 8.2019==++
++==PLACE: Scorpion’s Temple==++

He went into the sin filled world of Las Vegas Nevada and received his second loss of the Alpha and Omega Tournament. Did this phase his resolve? Did his confidence waiver? As we stand here now, he smiles. He stands with his chin held high, confidence flowing through every inch of his veins. The Man of Chaos has brought his chaotic world to the well known paradise of Cancun Mexico. Why has Zolton done this? Well the simplest answer is because the final match of this Alpha and Omega tournament before the pay per view Genesis finale is located here. Now he doesn’t see this place as a paradise. The spring break capital of the world is Cancun. College kids from all over the United States of America come here to kill their brain cells with alcohol and party drugs. Zolton however is here for business. He is backed into a corner now it seems. After destroying Duce Jones in the Hell in a Cell match almost two weeks ago. He was riding high coming into last week, but he came up just a little short against Amy Jo Smyth. Coming into this next tournament bout, his determination grows. His drive to accomplish what he has set out to do since stepping foot in the Championship Wrestling Federation.

*As our auditory receptors receive the soft raspy female voice, our vision focuses above a series of stone structures. In the center is where he stands, we are maybe ten feet above the ground and we are spinning in a circle seeing all the structures. Some are taller than others, signs of age showing on the outside of the stones. Nature trying to reclaim what belongs to it. Zolton stands with his arms crossed in the front of his shirtless torso. His left hand gently grasping his right forearm. His thick wavy hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail. Her voice reappears for us again.*

This match coming his way is against a man by the name of Jeff Jackson. This man has been one others have slept on. The Man of Chaos however doesn’t sleep on anyone. He doesn’t underestimate any foe that stands in his way to where he wishes to go. With the end of the Alpha and Omega tournament lurking near. Jeff is the next speed bump in Zolton’s path. One that the world of chaos wishes to swallow up. Where has Zolton’s mind taken us this time around?

*Her voice trails off like a smooth whisper caught in a quiet breeze. We find ourselves not spinning anymore. We float down to where we about level with the eye level of the Man of Chaos. His eyes are bright with the typical piercing blue glow. Other than that his face remains expressionless.*

“Where shall I begin? Oh I can begin by introducing to the peasants and peons of this world where I am standing. This place is known as Scorpion’s Temple. This was a Mayan lookout from a time long ago. It stands to this day, not in the glory as it once was, but the glory of the structural integrity is a marvel to observe. History is something special to reveal and observe. But there is one piece of history that will be ageless and will not ever be forgotten. That history will be the night I come from the ashes all of the parasites of this world have buried me beneath in hopes to stop me. Amy was able to pull out the victory at Evolution seventy. I would congratulate her, but what’s the point. Why should I congratulate the woman that has an issue with mathematics? No. No reason whatsoever. I am moving past that epic miscalculation. My focus is now on the next obstacle. The next speedbump in this journey I have embarked on. My next battle to be unapologetic for what I do to Jeff Jackson.”

*Zolton seems to adjust and shift his weight from one side to the other as he pauses in his speech.*

“Where to begin with Jackson? I could go on and on about your ups and downs throughout this tournament. I could dissect your weaknesses. Analyze your history. Take you down a different road about the diagnosis you received as a child. All of this is at my disposal. I could also go down a completely different path that would be considered unexpected of me. Hell Jackson, I could force you to relive some of those nightmarish things you barely survived in your younger days. Which would you prefer? Wait. Don’t answer that question. Your thoughts or opinions on what I say or what I do to you when we battle not too far from where I’m standing currently. Jackson, I’ll start this promotional statement off with a standard statement of violent determination.”

*He lets out a growling laugh as he shifts again. His arms raise up and become officially crossed over his bare chest.*

“I am going to run through you Jackson. I’m the hot knife, you’re the butter. I’m the lawn mower, you’re the grass. Welcome to your end. Your demise.”

*Another growling laugh bellows out of the large man before us.*

“Now that ridiculousness is out of the way, let’s take the intelligent approach. You’ve have been ripping up the standings the last half of the tournament. I would congratulate you on all that success, but it isn’t my nature to do such things. You have been defeating all that you’ve faced the past few matches you’ve been involved in. I have torn through each and every person put in my way. I am sure you will go down the typical path of morons and focus in on those missteps of mine in this tournament. I dare you to honestly. I am not living in that space Jackson. No sir, my pocket, my space in all focused in on you. Destroying you to regain my stance in this tournament. I’ve continuously stated that I am not here to just make an appearance. I am here to take over. I apologize for nothing. I am here for my own selfish reasons. I want that glory. That championship glory. You’re the next to be welcomed into my world of Chaos Jackson. Can you handle it? From what I’ve witnessed, you’re too up and down. You’re letting that alter ego of yours control you too much.”

*He pauses momentarily as his eyes shift slowly from one side of us to the other. That deep, piercing blue glowing bright. If we were able to blink, we would to cover our vision from the brightness that his eyes are emitting. It also could be the sun reflecting off a set of sunglasses. But the color is too distinct for that to be the case.*

“Let’s take you down a small vein of memories. One that you have either forgotten or have pushed to the far reaches of your mind. Split personality. Chaos in it’s own right am I right? I don’t have personal experience with such a diagnosis. Oh wait. I just lied. I have dealt with this type of chaos before. My beautiful Demoness has something similar. It goes further than just split personality though Jackson. No need to go through all those details. If I did, your alter would probably force you to spontaneously combust right where you sit. I will play around with the chaos your own mind twists for you with the cloud of my created chaos.”

*A nonchalant shrug from him as he stands firmly where he was from the kick off of this.*

“Moving past your uncontrolled chaos Jackson. I am going to go down another vein of your personality. You are a man that panders to the peasants. The parasites sucking the very life this beautiful planet is giving us. You are one of those parasites. Falling on the side of the useless users and abusers of this world. Jackson, you do realize that once you’ve done all that they crave out of you. Used you up beyond any repair. They will toss in the trash. Is that where you wish to end up in this world of professional wrestling? If it is, then continue doing exactly what you are doing. Staying in that same lane where you do all that you can to gain their affection and their excitement. Keep on speaking those little catchphrases. Your righteous rhetoric that will only bring you disappointment in the end. Now you find yourself as one of the judged Jackson. How does that feel? How are you supposed to be you when you are trying to be everything that they want you to be? That is where you and I differ Jackson. I am the man I want to be. I don’t pander to anyone. I speak the truth. Whether those parasites. Mouth breathing morons out there like what I say and do or not. It doesn’t bother me. I thrive where they would give in. My success is created by me. Not given to me. The approval of those in the crowd and watching at home is not what I strive for Jackson. I have broken those chains of bondage. I have forged my own path. My path of chaos. What have you done?”

*His expression cracks a little now as his eyes glow even more. As his intensity increases, as does his tone. As does the glow brightening, blinding us. He begins to move in our direction. We see his leg move, but his eye level doesn’t change. Almost as though he is gliding on the air.*

“This match at Evolution Seventy One will be where I become your judge. Jury. And most importantly your executioner. Just because I dropped a little bit because of the loss I endured last show. My drive and motivation is at the all time high. This tournament is the proving ground for those that are strong. Stout in who they are. And it weeds out those that are weak, unable to handle disappointments. That isn’t me Jackson. I have had this drive. Determination. To overcome the odds and challenges put in front of me throughout. I am not here for the entertainment of others. I am here for my own selfish reasons. I crave that World Championship title. That is all I wish to obtain. Getting that requires me to end you Jackson. Therefore, your run comes to an end. No more crazy Jeff Jackson here in Championship Wrestling Federation. I am the true Alpha. Can you survive my Chaos? Surviving will be all that you can do. Overcoming it? A whole other story that will be told Tuesday night. Welcome to my world of Chaos.”

*As he finishes speaking, he glides past us. Our vision remains with a bright blue dot in the center of it. As he moves by us, we rise up again. We begin to slowly spin in circles again over the stone structures. Zolton has disappeared off into the coast line. Then her voice returns.*

Once again he has spoken. The Man of Chaos has preached his thoughts and opinions that have to do with his next foe, Jeff Jackson. No catch phrases needed. No pandering needed. Only powerful thoughts. Overwhelming opinions. Truth slammed into your chest like a rubber round from a shotgun. Zolton has his eyes set on one thing and one thing alone. To get there, he will run through Jeff Jackson. He said it. He is the hot knife. Jackson, you are the butter. We all know what happens when a hot knife is put to a stick of butter. Just like that butter, you will not be able to withstand the heat. You will cave like others have. Tuesday night. Evolution Seventy One. The Jackson story comes to an end unseen from the past. Welcome to the ocean of Chaos Jackson. You will survive. But will you go on? We will all find out when the dust settles and the smoke clears.

*As her raspy soft voice trails off into the ether of the atmosphere. Our spinning becomes more rapid. Faster. So fast now that the structures become gray and green blurs in our vision. We don’t slow. Finally to end the nausea inducing helicopter spin, we go dark. This promotional statement concluded.*

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