Title: ...bounce back
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 11/2
Location: Atlanta
Show: Evolution 70

(OPEN - We find Freddie pulling up in front of his building. He is noticeably tired, after driving from here to the airport and back home. He grabs his overnight bag from the passenger seat, and slowly makes his way to the elevator. Freddie presses in his code, and the elevator doors open. He drags himself onto the elevator, and

up to the loft. As the elevator door opens to home, Aurora is laying down in the living room, watching The Parkers. She hears the doors open, and runs to Freddie, who drops his bag and gives her a big hug and a kiss. The two of them walk over to the couch and lay down together.)

Aurora: How are you feeling sweetie?

Freddie: I'm alright. Got everything taken care of.

Aurora: You sure you OK?

Freddie: I'm sure.

Aurora: Is Tom alright?

Freddie: He'll be fine. He's one resilient dude.

Aurora: You look dead tired.

Freddie: I feel it too. And hungry.

Aurora: Well, I made some quesadillas earlier, there are like 3 left.

Freddie: Cool, would you please go warm them up for me?

Aurora: Sure love....be right back.

(Aurora walks into the kitchen, as Freddie takes his phone, wallet, and keys out of his pockets and puts them on the

table. He kicks his shoes off, and sinks into the couch a little. Aurora comes walking back in with a steaming hot plate

of quesadillas, and a Sprite. He sits up to eat his food, while Aurora quickly grabs the remote.)

Freddie: Hey! What ya snatch the remote for?

Aurora: Cause I know you. You will get the remote and turn to ESPN, and we'll be stuck watching something I don't wanna watch. You and James do this to me all the time.

Freddie: Speaking of James, where is he?

Aurora: He went down to the gym. Said he had some aggressions to work out.

Freddie: Typical James. He'll be in later on.

Aurora: Well, I'm going to take a nice long bath. You gonna be alright up here?

Freddie: I'll be fine....as soon as you give me the remote.

Aurora: I figured that. Be back in a little while.

(Aurora tosses the remote on Freddie's chest, before walking in the bathroom, where she had already set up for her bath.

She closes the door, and puts on some Jill Scott. Freddie reaches up and grabs the remote, turning the channel to a random college football game. He settles in, and takes a bite of his quesadilla.)

Good timing. Phoenix, I could go on a rant about a lot of things right now, but I'm not. I've been through one hell of a week. I could say a few things about this or that, but I won't. I just lost a good friend this week, over some bullshit.

Wrestling has been the furthest thing from my mind these past few days, with good reason. I have a lot to fight for on.

Tuesday, I have two points to collect. I have a goal that I want to achieve. You are in my way of that, as I’m still right on the cusp of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. At Evolution I show the world that the wrong man has the lead right now. Tuesday I show everyone who the real contender is, as you become just another lame.  Ballgame, bitch.

(Freddie grabs another slice of his quesadilla, and munches it down, as the game continues. He flashes a smile as he finishes up his food and drink. He lays back down on the couch, and after a bit, falls asleep. FTB)


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