Title: Sin City... Parasitic... Revolting... Chaos In... Chaos OUT!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: Oct. 28-31 2019--Nov. 2, 2019
Location: Unknown -- Las Vegas Nevada
Show: Evolution 70

”His path.
A long stretch.
Not stopping.
Focus tried and true.
One. Two. Three.
Where could she be?
Swallowed by the CHAOS!!”


Sin City… Parasitic… Revolting… Chaos in… Chaos OUT!!


++==LOCATION: Unknown==++
++==DATE: October 28-31,2019==++
++==PLACE: Unknown -- Inside his Chaotic Mind==++

“Sunday night was a bit eye opening for me. I witnessed something that I didn’t think was an issue. Actually as I sit here now, I don’t feel it is an issue. It is more so how she seems to be after it. Leading up to it even.”

*Zolton sits in the center of a rug. His upper body uncovered. His hair resting on both shoulders. Eyes closed. His ankles tucked under his opposite thighs. His breathing low and steady. All we hear is his steady breaths in and out. His hands are hidden in his lap as candles surround him, burning brightly. The flames dancing wildly on their wicks.*

“Keeping an eye on the preposterous numbskulls locked within the confines of the Sanatorium, I say my Demoness. The beauty she possesses along with that sexy fiery rage. Building over the weeks before leading up to the event. Melissa and this Angel character have been exchanging interesting banter back and forth over the social media circus known as Twitter. I stood back, even with the ignorant morons that were propositioning her with activities only slated for me. My heart leaped in joy seeing her slide into the ring and destroy the young woman, Angel. Then she did something. She took in the life force of the woman. Something she has done before, then it went a little further then I think she even expected.”

What about your next Alpha Tournament opponent Zolton? Sir?

*Her voice enters with a soft subtlety but seemingly has no effect on the Man of Chaos. He remains still. Eyes closed. He has not said a thing.*

“After all of that, she has seemed a bit distant. Odd. Maybe I could be falling back into my old ways of feeling insecure? No. I can’t do that. She is my Demoness. There are desires that flow through her. I don’t fully understand them. There is no need for me to overthink this thing between her and Angel.”

*He finally begins to show some life. He rolls his head from side to side now.*

“Wait. She. Just. Got. Taken. Away. From. Me.”

*The lighting in the room we are in with Zolton begins to flicker. Strobe even.*

“They snatched her right away from me. I go to retrieve our dinner for the night and return. She’s gone.”

Sir? Are you…


*He finally screams. A tone of absolute disdain. Hatred. Viscery like we’ve never experienced before.*


*He screams again.*

“She is in that horrendous place and I have no way of getting her out.”

*His tone went from anger and viscery to almost depressed. Sadness even. Suddenly the lights in the room disappear. We can’t see. We can’t hear either.*


++==LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada==++
++==DATE: November 2,2019==++
++==PLACE: Top Floor of Stratosphere==++

*As our vision explodes into focus we are centered on the Man of Chaos himself, Zolton. He is standing, arms slightly raised from his sides, outstretched to his sides. His head seems to be lowered, wearing a pair of long shorts, a suit jacket covers his upper body, unbuttoned revealing his ink work in the middle of his chest and belly. He is still compared to the high velocity scene around him. Almost blurring his surroundings. People. Whirring around and behind him. Our focus on him as he remains in focus.*

“The Halloween super show. The Hell in a Cell match. I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I defeated Duce Jones. Leaving him in a pile of bones as I march above him in the standings. My only competition there is the only person to have defeated me in this tournament. Freddie Styles. Now we move forward. My next foe. My next victim. The next to join in on the Chaos. Amy Jo Smyth.”

*He speaks clearly. Coldly. He comes in clear though. Among the blurs going around him. In front. Behind. Next to on either side. He is unphased as he speaks.*

“Miss Smyth. We are in the fight capital of the world. Las Vegas. A place I am sure you pathetic, insignificant pile of flesh and bone will find this city grand and spectacular. Among the filth. The bottom feeding. Mouth breathing parasites of this city. You would be at home, wouldn’t you Miss Smyth? I will be more than happy to cripple you enough to where this will be where you rest that little head of yours for many days and weeks to come.”

*His hands raise slightly while his head whips up and back throwing his hair past his eyesight, as he settles his head and eyes on us, his hair rests and settles along the shoulders of his suit jacket.*

“I came into this company. Not worried. Not scared. Knowing that being a part of this tournament puts my skills on display to the masses. Those that pay to see me lose. I love to disappoint them. I have claimed to be the rightful Alpha of Championship Wrestling Federation. To this point in time. I have proven that. Smyth, you are the next one to fall. The next to crumble at my devastating art of Chaos. I am here to win the whole damn tournament. I’m well on my way. I took on and defeated Paradine. I took on and defeated LeStrange. My only hiccup is Styles. I’ve ignored the rest of the nonsense on Twitter. Have you? My focus has only been on one thing and one thing alone. That World Championship Title. Amy Jo Smyth. I am not only taller than you, stronger than you, but I have training you have no clue how to defend. Your skill is well beneath mine. Call me arrogant. Call me cocky. The truth is simply that. I am better than you no matter where the chaos takes us.”

*As he speaks, his piercing blue eyes return to their normal glow. Faintly at first but grows in intensity as the moments pass us by.*

“The world you come from is nothing more than a colony of three legged ants. Going in constant circles. Unable to fully understand what is happening until it is too late. By the time that realization hits you, you are flat on your back, or in the ant colony case, you are being flooded by caloric acid. Screaming out in pain and agony wanting it to end. How long do you think you will be able to withstand my onslaught Amy? I will give you approximately five minutes to withstand my strength. My skill. My expertise. If I find the opening to destroy you and end the game, in less than that five minutes, then I will. I am not here to make an appearance. I am not here for a short fifteen minutes of fame. No ma’am. Miss Smyth I am here to take over completely. Orchestrating my brand of chaos through each and every match I am a part of. Forcing my opponent to leave a piece of themselves in that ring on the night they battle me. You are no different. When it comes to women. Females. I am normally a gentleman. Until I am booked to wrestle them. That goes for you as well Doc. Oh that’s right, you claim to be a doctor. A doctor of what? Misery? Jealousy? I know, those doctrines do not exist, but neither does yours.”

*His face contorts slightly, a sly and crooked grin appears beneath his beard as his eyes reach a fever pitch of glowing. The people moving around him at a feverish pace, just blurs surrounding him.*

“After I rid this tournament of your uselessness Amy, I am going to get the hell out of this city as quickly as I possibly can. I cannot stand Las Vegas. The smell of it. The noises. The smut peddling morons on the streets. It is such a waste of space and opportunities for those that come here seeking stardom. Have you come to this city in hopes to find your stardom Amy? Well I am going to snuff those hopes away. Destroy any ounce of belief you may have left in yourself to win this tournament. I came to Championship Wrestling Federation for one thing and one thing only. That being that World title. I have done everything that I have set out to do thus far. I have done everything that I have said that I would do. You are simply the next one in line Amy. I feel no sympathy for you or what will be happening to you in that ring Tuesday night. I will feel no pity for you as you continue to lose your mind in the remaining match ups of this Alpha block side. Once I am through with you Tuesday, I move on and take out the next victim. Like you, I doubt they will pay any mind to what I have done leading up to their attempt at reversing their fate. Your points show some success. I give you a golf style, soft round of applause for achieving that so far. Your journey, Like Jones’ last week, ends as quickly as it started.”

*As he continues, the blurring figures around him begin to slow and come into focus while his figure becomes blurred. The only real focal point is the glow of his blue eyes.*

“Tuesday night is the night you go back to Miami with a disappointing story to tell your little piss ant group of friends. Amy, you can tell them how you gave this wrestling tournament the good old college try but came up just a bit short. A more superior athlete. Superior fighter. Superior wrestler defeated you causing you to lose out on the shot you want so desperately. Maybe there is a prize for those that fail miserably. Miss Smyth, will you carry that prize with pride as the life support machines are working overtime to keep you breathing, your heart beating? I know that is not the prize I have come here for. Enter the Chaos Amy, it will only be temporary. Remember, pain and anguish only lasts as long as you wish it to. Consider this to be your final warning. I am giving you the chance to bow out like a princess. Allowing me to be the gentleman in this match. You show up Tuesday night. It will be the end of you in this company, let alone in this tournament. As I phase away from the parasitic fools rushing around trying to find their next fix. Answer this question Amy. Can you survive the Chaos?”

*As he speaks the final words, he truly disappears through the people who are now moving at normal speed. Our vision is able to focus on their movement throughout the lobby or hallway that we are sitting in. Then her voice enters our auditory receptors.*

The Man of Chaos has spoken yet again. His opinions and thoughts on the next opponent that may dare to stand in his way in Championship Wrestling Federation. His goal almost realized. Evolution Seventy is the next stop on his path of Chaos. Only victims lay in his wake, one escapee. In Sin City. His Chaos swallows it’s next victim. Amy Jo Smyth. May she be able to walk on her own power once the battle has been waged. Zolton has come here angry. Not emotional. Not flustered. But angry. The location doesn’t suit his way well, but he will end the battle within five minutes as he stated. You have the length of time to make your decision Miss Smith. Fight or flight. Step away with dignity and your body intact. Consider yourself warned.

*Her soft, raspy voice trails off as our vision then swirls and spins to where we see nothing but darkness. Hear nothing. Silence.*

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