Title: Winter's already here
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: now
Location: nowhere
Show: Evolution 69

Autumn relaxed into the small seat that was an old fashioned photobooth at the arcade, crossing one leg over the other as she quietly played 'pixel dungeon' on her phone.  Sure she could be out there playing the quarter games that were everywhere, beeping and happily making noise as the other kids and teenagers partook in the excitement that the place offered but she chose to hide out in one of these old photobooths that was in the middle of being repaired and placed out on the floor once again, hence the sign hanging on the outside that read 'being repaired, out of order'.  She had a quiet spot to do as she pleased without being bothered for a while until she chose to emerge from her chosen cocoon.

She flexed her jaw a bit, a phantom pain, a memory of what Starlight did to her.  The much bigger woman was shocked at the level of ability from the smaller person she was.  Shocked that she just kept coming back for more every...single...time.  The match had ended and she had stared down at Starlight's unmoving form, tilting her head as the referee raised her hand in victory, wondering what the other was thinking.  Who knew, and who cared at that point.  She got 2 more points added onto her card, meaning it was another 2 points closer to another point...somewhere.

"I know that you fans out there are expecting something a bit longer and more...powerful from me so I apologize if this seems so short."  She begins, starting the recording for her vlog.  "I've been struggling to get through this tournament step by step.  I didn't think I would be 4 points on the board, steps behind people like Kyu and Silas, steps behind to catch up.  At this point I don't know if I will catch up.  *autumn laughs*  If this is to be my last match in this tournament, my last stand to make it to the top, then I'm gonna go out with a blaze of glory however I can.  I'll watch the rest of this tournament play itself out from the sidelines, proud of myself for making this far, and cheering on whoever makes it to the end.  Kudos to those who are in the top positions, you did what you had to to make it far and be where you are in this.  Kudos to those of us who are still where we are, but not wanting to give up.

Kyu may have my number, but my defeat at his hands will not dampen my spirit in the slightest.  I'll make my impact in other ways."

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