Title: There's A Difference Between Concern And Fear
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: 10/26/2019
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Show: Evolution 69

Where do I begin? That’s the ultimate question that’s running through my head at the moment. I never fully thought this freelancing shit through. Week after week and battle after battle, the faces become construed. They begin to blend together and eventually become one being..


Exactly, for the past few months, I couldn’t tell you who I shared a ring with, what roads I’ve taken to get there. All I know is that I showed up, I’m pretty sure if you’ve been a fan of Duce Jones. You’d know that Duce had been diagnosed with D.I.D. so running on autopilot was something that I was very accustomed too.

Friday night, I manage to defeat a six foot seven, three hundred pound monster, who just about knocked my head from my shoulders on multiple occasions. I walked out victorious and still a champion but this Tuesday, I was stepping inside of the ring with another brute. One that had made a damn good impression. If I didn’t have anything to focus on during my days of being blacked out.. One thing remained constant..


When you live the life I live and push your body to the limits that I push it, you’ll find yourself waking up in strange places. Like, last week I found myself waking up in a tornado destroyed liquor store in Dallas, Texas. How’d I get there, your guess is as good as mine.

But the motto of our life is shit happens..

Indeed it does..

Like how I found myself, standing outside of The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah.. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at the building.. Trying to figure out how I got there. The last thing that I’d remember was going to sleep in my hotel room in Dallas, Texas.

“Mane, dis is some bullshit here..”

I exclaimed as I look around at all the other shoppers, enter and exit the front door.

Should we go in?

Fuck no! It’s called The Gateway..

Yeah, he does have a point.. So I turn and walk away, in no direction in particular..

So where exactly are we going?

Without even thinking, I spoke out loud.

“I don’t kno’, probably ta find a hotel’a somethin’.”

A man walking past, stops and gives me a weird stare.. I give him the evil eye back.

“What!? You ain’t neva’ seen a muh’fucka talk ta himself befo”?”

The man pauses.

“Look here pal, I don’t wa…”

I immediately cut him off.

“What? You don’t want no what!?”

Without thinking, I charge at the man and throw a punch.

And it was at this moment…

I knew.. I had fucked up…

Because, this motherfucka must’ve had special opps training or something because he easily caught my punch and had me face down on the pavement with my arm folded up behind my back, until my fingers touched the inside of my shoulder blade.

“AHHHH! SHIT! Let me go man!”

“Not until the authorities arrive, you just tried to assault me!”

“Listen, mane, can we just talk about it?”

“Talk!? You wanna fucking talk!? How about you talk to the cops and tell them why crazy ass is out here trying to fight people!”

“Damn, aight mane! Just let me up..”

“No can do, buddy..”

What the fuck did you do that for?

I thought I was supposed to be the sensible one..

I’m not taking credit for that shit.. You know I hate cells..

Well I surely didn’t have anything to do with it..

Fuck my arm hurts..

After about thirty minutes of excruciating pain, the Salt Lake Police Department showed up and carted me off to the county jail. The throbbing pain in my arm from the armbar applied by what I found out was an inactive marine, felt even worse as my arms were trapped behind me in cuffs as we rode through the city of Salt Lake.

“What’s the deal man, why are you out here trying to fight people? Everything going okay at home?”

I stayed silent, at least I had the right too..

That’s right Duce, don’t tell those fuckers, nothing!

We should say something..

Like what? That I lost my fucking mind!

You haven’t lost your mind but this vessel.. Hmph, that’s a different story..

Why the fuck, do I keep forgetting about this son of a bitch?

Maybe, because I don’t say much.. I’m more of a man of action..

Deep breath.

“What’s wrong? You’re not gonna say anything?”

“I don’t answer questions..”

“Okay, then…”

“Watch out!”

heard his partner screamed before a loud screeching yelled from the tires.. And we were soaring through the air sideways. The police cruiser crashed hard on its side onto the street, gravity forcing my body to go through the back window and bounce off of the street pavement. By some miracle, the cuff also break but not without some damage being done to my arm. I lay on the ground in pain..

“What tha FUCK!”

I scream out loud as I see the cruiser continuously flip over and over before crashing into the side of a mom and pop shop. Where I’m from, if you were just in the back of a police cruiser and that bitch flip and you somehow survive.. There’s only one thing to do..


After what felt like an eternity of me huffing and puffing. My lungs felt as if they were about to give out, my heart was pounding so hard that it would have jumped out of my chest. I had no destination in mind because who honestly visits Salt Lake City, let alone Utah for that matter.. Hell we might as well hit Montana next.

I begin to slow down and try to make sense of the situation. Analyze exactly where the hell I was at. I spot a rundown motel and head in that direction. I pull my phone out and begin to search through it when I black sedan pulls up in front of me..  The back window glides down and Byson peers out.

“Get in..”

Without hesitation, I do just that, disregarding the huge dent in the front bumper as we sped off.

Now I’m pretty sure you're wondering what exactly the conversation was like inside of that vehicle.. But that’s a story for a different day.


Several hours later, at a disclosed location..

Single lit candle, shows the imprints of what may be an old mining cave. There are voice heard off in the distance but the solitary sound of mine’s sticks out like a sore thumb..

“Everybody’s a killa these days, huh? In one way’a tha otha, ya gotta fear tha demons within em.. All around tha world, it’s tha same song. At dis point, it doesn’t have dat same feel ta it no mo’.. Wouldn’t ya agree big ‘Z’? It’s kinda like everybody tryna play who’s evil or crazy tha best these days.”

The echoes of my laughter bounce off the cavern walls.

“Give me a fuckin’ break.. It’s almost as if, deep down.. We all got a lil bit’a fucked up shit in us, amiright.. I mean wit’in tha very fiber’a our beings, there’s dat darkness.. I’m almost ta tha point were I’m believin’ its normal people actions, an’ if ya act normal.. Ya probably a fuckin’ alien or some shit.. But Big Z.. don’t eva get it confused..”

A silhouette of my shadow appears on the wall.

“There ain’t shit on dis muthafuckin’ earth dat strikes fear into my heart.. Damn sho not you, see there’s a difference in bein’ concerned.. See I’m concerned becuh eva since you stepped on tha scene.. You’ve been stackin’ bodies an’ fo’ dat, I give you props.. It’s a testament ta how good you are an’ I respect talent.. But don’t.. get... it.. twisted... When we’re locked in dat cell, I’m gonna show ya a thang’a two bout makin’ tha body count rise! Cuz you!”

I say with authority as the candle goes out and the voices get quiet.

“Don’t kno’ what tha fuck you just signed up fo’ my guy! Clink! Clink! Lockdown! No where ta go.. Nowhere ta hide! Just you, me and Trent Robbins.. Or maybe it’s Clark.. Eitha way, they ain’t gonna be able ta contain tha problems dat I’m about ta put in yo life! Cuh I’m not locked in a cell wit you.. Ah naw… Yo ass in locked in cell… Wit Me!”


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