Title: Send in the clown
Featuring: JC
Date: October 26
Location: Somewhere
Show: Evolution 69









This match is an easy two points.

I'm sorry, is that presumptuous? Should I not write off my opponent like that? After all, I'm facing the great 'Marksman' Jay Mora, right? Surely he'll be the one to finally end my unbeaten run in the Omega block.

Except he's been sleeping this whole time and only has two points to his name. Meanwhile no one has figured me out yet. Hell, even my future opponents know this is a foregone conclusion, because I've got Kyuseishu calling me out on Twitter. I'm the person to beat here, Mora, not you. 

You're just an afterthought. An also-ran that stands no chance of getting second place, let alone first. I'd suggest not showing up, but you mentally checked out months ago. Which begs the question, why sign up for something like this if you're not prepared to go the distance? Did you just not take a loss well? Was the level of competition too much for you? Maybe the schedule is too grueling? I guess we'll never know.

I've gone from "an outsider from Carnage" to the Omega Block leader. After you, only two matches stand between me and that world title match. If you think I'm letting you stop me, you're an even bigger joke than your tournament run has been.

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