Title: Snuffing Out A Phoenix...
Featuring: Jeff Jackson
Date: 28/10/19
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 69

Fade in: A dark, dingy environment. The exact location is unknown, but it is clearly an old stone castle like structure. Sitting in the living area are two high back chairs in front of a large fireplace. As the camera pans around to the front side, we see Jeff Jackson in his normal appearance in one chair. In the other, the returning Scourge. The two men are clearly mid chat as they sip on what appears to be wine.

Scourge: You know Jeff? It feels great to be back.

Jeff: You know Marius? It feels great to have you back.

Scourge: I'd say I'm sorry with how your tournament's been going, but in the long run it seems like it's done you a favor.

Jeff: It really has. I've finally fulfilled my destiny, albeit not the one I planned on.

Scourge: Hey, I didn't plan on my dad and I getting along before he died, or my step mother being an unfixable psycho, but here we are.

Jeff: Yeah man, on a more serious note, how are you doing with all of that?

Scourge: Well “mom” is still a narcissistic, basket case old wind bag. I'm doing okay with everything with dad now though.

Jeff: Good for you man. So tell me the truth, how did it feel to be back in the ring?

Scourge: Like I never left. Moreover, like I was home. The fact I got to take out months of personal torment on an arrogant asshole I've wanted to stomp since my first run here was a nice bonus.

Jeff: You're welcome, by the by.

Scourge: -smirking- Much obliged. Speaking of poser champions, when are we taking those Tag Team Titles?

Jeff: Soon enough my friend, soon enough indeed. First, we have business to tend to. You have a roster full of heathens to tear through, and I have a paper champion to wreak havoc on.

Scourge: Don't you also have a match this week with LeStrange?

Jeff: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that scrub.

Scourge: Don't worry, no one paid attention to her when I was here before either.

Jeff: It'll be a short, but painful evening for Ms. LeStrange. I have a lot of weeks of pent up frustration to expend, and I'm not the only one.

Scourge: You planning on letting The Judge out to play this week?

Jeff: We'll see. Realistically, she's not worth the mental struggle it takes to go that far into myself. But at the same time, it's fun being an outsider and watching him work.

Scourge: I can only imagine.

Jeff: So what about this challenge John Boy laid down for you?

Scourge: I don't know what he's thinking about. He knows what I did to him last time. But hey, I'm not busy this week, so maybe I'll humor him with another ass kicking.

Jeff: Go for it. I always enjoy watching John Boy get slapped around. I mean I prefer when it's me that does it, but watching you do it is fun too. In the mean time, I'll show the world what happens when the Phoenix attempts to rise at my expense.

Scourge: May God have mercy on her, because I know any version of you won't.

Jeff: Nope, not anymore. I'm done trying to be the nice guy. I've tried to do the so called “right thing” my whole damn 20 year career. Sure, I had some success. But the ones who would do anything to win always slowed me down. As crazy of things as I've concocted, I always saved them for matches where they were already allowed. Now I'm doing whatever I want, whenever I want. And after we're done with LeStrange, it's our turn at John Boy.

-now facing the camera-

It's been a long time since we felt this alive. For the last several years, and even the early part of our CWF run, we've been coasting, on brain neutral if you will. Sure, in the moment teaching my students is great. But we haven't had the drive, the desire...the passion. We've been running on fumes mentally and emotionally. Not anymore though. Now we've found our purpose. We've found our calling. It's our personal mission to eradicate the ego of Johnny Graves.

We don't just intend to break his body, although we can't wait to do it. We're going to tear him apart from the inside out. We're going to rip his emotional heart out of his chest and feast on everything he holds dear. We're going to peel the sanity from his brain and devour it with a nice chianti. And just when he thinks we've taken it all away...We're going to take his pride too.

So it has been written, so it shall come to pass. In the name of The Killer, The Judge, and The Anti Christ.


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