Title: It's spooky but true
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: ???
Location: A gym
Show: Evolution 68

She leaned back in her chair, earbuds shoved carefully into her ears as she stared all around her at the steel chairs set up around the rather large gymnasium.  People were slowly walking into the place bit by bit, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they took their seats, taking small glances at the ring already set up in the middle of the room.  The crew that was there was making sure that everything was in place and secure enough for the show tonight before dispersing.  She was directly up front, right by ringside, right where she wanted to be just to get a good look at the action that was unfolding before her eyes.  It was a small quiet moment where she could just get a good view of what was going on without having to strain herself.  It was a moment of true bliss that she was going to thoroughly enjoy while she had the opportunity to do so.  Being in this city, you had to dig and dig for something to do that was genuinely worth your time and attention.  So here she was, taking in an indy show, and glad for the moment to relax...for the time being.

"Wow, so I've got 2 points on the board.  Finally, right?  That's what everyone is saying at this very moment in time.  Autumn Raven is finally on the board with 2 glorious points in this whirlwind of a tournament.  I knew it was gonna happen.  It had to happen one way or another, to be honest.  Ataxia was going to bow under my might or I was gonna fail trying to make him do so.  I'm quite pleased with myself that I was able to get the cover on him, knowing what kind of a person he is out in that ring though I am a little disappointed that he didn't put up more of a fight with me.  I mean, he did but not in the way that I had expected.  The powers that be, however, are pleased as can be with my emergence onto the boards.  People are starting to spread their wings and run with their own glory in their hands while the rest of us are staring curiously up at them, wondering how we can get to that tantalizing point that they are at.  That's kind of where I'm at at the moment.  How to get there from here at the moment."

She let out a sigh, crossing her arms over her chest, patiently waiting for this exciting little show to get on the road.  Memories flashed across her mind of the times she would be waiting in some small room somewhere in a building like this or some other place, waiting with nerves high as can be for her chance to get out there and do what she did best.  Being young and still learning was the way of things back then.  Now here she was, former champion and still going, knowledge under her belt.

"So I'm here in the moment, basking in the sunlight, or in this case the bright lights of this gymnasium and sitting amongst these wonderful souls who share the same passion as I do.  The passion of loving the business, watching the men and women get out there and do what it is that they love to do.  Entertain, tell their story, and wrestle to the delight of the crowds everywhere.  The souls cheer and boo throughout the night, showing their enjoyment or displeasure at what's going on.  I'm sitting in this seat, being a part of the crowd instead of being a part of the reason the crowd is voicing their feelings.  I must voice my own feelings towards Starlight, for she is my target at Evolution.  What an interesting person she is, talking all in the third person.  I haven't heard something like that since...well..since forever."

She checked her phone, flipping to the next scary story that was playing in her ear, skipping those annoying ads.

"She's relatively new here, and in the same position that I'm in.  A couple of points in, wanting to get to that next step and join those that are already steps ahead.  She's new here in CWF, but not new to the workings of that ring out there.  Hungry, knowing what it takes to get to that point, willing to do anyting and everything to win.  Including putting your own body, your own soul out there to grab that title and outshine everyone else for the time being.  So here Starlight is, a being of many things; passion, intensity, an oddity in a sea of other people.  She stands here, across from me in that ring, staring me in the eyes and wondering how she will be able to break me before I figure her out.  Figure out that code.  That's not how it works.  Not from my perspective."

Autumn shifted in her chair, dropping her arms from their crossed position, glancing around at where she was again.  People that were working the show were getting into position, checking the audio and all of that.

"You are not afraid of those who dare to step into the ring with you, because, as you said sometime before, you are the 'measuring stick'.  Have been for quite some time.  So tell me, Starlight, are you comfortable with telling me the truth?  Are you comfortable telling me whatever you wish, knowing that every word could be turned against you?  You tried to tell poor Jay the truth, and look what happened.  Ya got busted and turned inside out.  I'm not sure after that, that you would want to tell me the truth.  I tend to break things that get smart with me.  Wipe the floor with them and leave them twitching for the buzzards to pick at.  That's just the way it is with me.  I'm not some poor freaking soul that needs saving and coddling, brought back to your pathedic ocean or whereever you decide to live, just to be judged and made to feel worthless because of whatever.  Because I so called 'failed'."

A man slowly made his way out from the back, walking to where the whole audio set up was and chatted with the people there before grabbing the microphone from them, still talking.

"I don't fail.  I get up and I fight.  I fight until I get what I want, until I succeed.  I break those who get in my way and I enjoy every minute of it.  Don't believe me, go ask Silas what happened to him all those months ago.  Go ask every other soul out there who's had the misfortune of getting in the ring with me, touting that their gonna do this and that, and have failed in doing so.  I pride myself on never giving up, never surrendering, and always going forward.  I've been champion before, a few times.  I've thrown my body from trons, tables, gone through hell and back and come out of it fucking great.  I've been here a long while, just like you.  So let me ask you Starlight, come tell me the truth and let's see how fast we can break you..."

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