Title: A place for chaos to happen
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 22/10/19
Location: Boise, Idaho
Show: Evolution 68




A place for chaos to happen. Boise, Idaho. Tuesday 22nd October. (On-Camera)

It's one of those days where Konrad had to do something very different, something he hadn't done for many years, standing outside of an Idaho Territorial Prison as Konrad shakes his head, closing his eyes to avoid looking at the territorial prison. He walks inside, and there are massive holes inside of rooms, wallpaper peeling off the walls, dust on the beds and a bin that's grotty. It certainly brought back the past for Konrad, but something he had to do to be different than what Zolton usually does.

The only light that was shining in the Territorial Prison was the sunlight from the outside. Other than that, the rooms were dark and gloomy as Konrad was there all by himself, walking along the abandoned prison, open for visitors to walk in, but it was a closed tour today for Konrad to suggest he had a bit of time to explore the prison. Konrad sighed, having his face down on the dusty floor with bits of the wall chipped off, and he starts to speak.

Konrad Raab: “Nothing can be more chaotic than in this place, can it Zolton? That's right, I'm inside of a prison where it's available for guests to walk around and explore this place, but today, it's only me standing inside of a prison. It's for you to experience how chaotic this prison was back in the days when it was open holding many prisoners, some with fuel for chaos with fights and screams you can quietly hear from the distance.”

As Konrad closes his eyes, hearing ghosts of the fights going on in the prison as he opens them again and he continues to speak after recomposing himself.

Konrad Raab: “You're on a roll here, aren't you? Beating every name in the tournament to date shows how far you've gotten since we last fought in World Wrestling Headquarters company. It shows you have improved a lot and being dominant in the Alpha and Omega tournament so far and to be honest, I have no choice, but to respect that or at least I respect your abilities as a wrestler in this tournament at least.”

Konrad nodded, finding it hard to take with how dark this prison could be, had the sun not been out with cages already getting mould like the walls in the building as well. However, there were a few things Konrad has discovered since he had a bit of time earlier today to watch a couple of Zolton's matches in World Wrestling Headquarters. He continues to speak.

Konrad Raab: “Same can't be said on your record in World Wrestling Headquarters though, can it? Let's take a look at the couple of matches you've had there recently. You fought against Christopher Sabertooth with him being an Affliction champion in the Shogun tournament which was one of the things I respected about World Wrestling Headquarters with their different style of tournaments and how did you do against Christopher in the Shogun tournament match?”

There was a pause for a second to allow the crowd who hadn't watched Zolton's World Wrestling Headquarters matches to think how he did, but for those who did, already knew the answer and Konrad responds to it.

Konrad Raab: “You lost to him who eventually won the Shogun tournament, which you couldn't even make to the finals of, already blowing a chance to be an Affliction champion or be a title contender for it. Then you got yourself a tie when you were busy fighting a guy called Victor Creed outside of the ring, getting yourself counted out. So it's funny how well you're doing in this tournament, and you brag about it, but you haven't picked up a win in WWH since two months ago against Renee Jonae, and you barely won as well. I've had more wins in two months in the companies I wrestle in than you have.”

That might be a painful thing for Konrad to say, but you can't deny of the research he's done on Zolton, along with the matches he's had here, but Konrad had to say this to show how much the tournament for sure has been dominant, but not in WWH. Konrad could barely breathe in prison, placing his nose under a shirt for a while to gather some air. Konrad removes the shirt and continues to speak.

Konrad Raab: “I might be harsh, but you bragging about these wins you got in the tournament shows that in reality, you aren't as good as you claim to be. I've had losses recently, but bragging about your dominance in a tournament when you can't pick up a win for two months tells a story in itself that maybe, you're getting too arrogant and doesn't make sense that you can't be dominant in WWH like you have here.”

Konrad wasn't handling the horrific smell very well of the toilets and dirt of the prison. There was a small sign of a shake, due to fear of being inside of an abandoned prison himself.

Konrad Raab: “Do I feel you're a joke? No, of course, I wouldn't stoop that low, unlike you as you've said to other opponents before you and that you've beaten me. Maybe now I see why you're in the tournament, it's because you need to gain confidence in wrestling for wins? I never needed the confidence to gain dominant wins like yourself, and I certainly didn't come here to be mocked by a man who wants to bring chaos all the time.”

Konrad looked through another room which looks the same as the one he visited. Konrad goes outside and into the penitentiary where the rooms were smaller, barely anything, but a bed and a toilet with most of the wallpaper was all peeled off the wall. Konrad stands in the middle of the penitentiary.

Konrad Raab: “There's no chaos happening in our match, and there's none of this arrogant nature of you being better than everyone when clearly, it's only been in this tournament, not as a wrestler in general which I've already mentioned. Whatever makes you feel better Zolton. I don't need to brag about how I won some matches here because I don't need to and I was in this tournament to of course win the title, but isn't it funny you're dominant in this tournament, yet you didn't compete in the Melee match for the Impact title.”

Konrad needed a drink due to how much he started to cough as he quickly drinks something, and he continues to speak again after clearing his throat.

Konrad Raab: “If you wanted to be dominant and be champion, you would've been in the Melee match which you could've held two titles in , but either you couldn't handle being in two matches, or was it that you couldn't handle taking another loss like you've done in WWH for the past two months. I bet that's why you didn't take part. Shame for a man like yourself who brags beating every wrestler, but Freddy in the tournament, but scared to prove your dominance in CWF by being in the Melee match.”

That could be a mistake for Konrad to overlook Zolton. Still, he wasn't, considering Konrad knew Zolton would overlook him in the match as well as he felt a lot better from drinking a lot of water in the prison that smelt like someone recently used the toilets and not cleaning the prison.

Konrad Raab: “I'm not overlooking you, unlike you who will with me because you're arrogant who focuses on who has the most wins, instead of the threat of the opponent. Maki deserves to be with someone better than you by the way, although I'm not entirely sure why she's gone to be a monster, unless you changed her for the worse, knowing being a nice guy in your mind makes you weak. All the insults you've put out to every wrestler and me because it's making you weak. Being a human being makes you stronger, and that's where it comes in. Go ahead, shrug off the wins I've had in the tournament and the wins I've had in other companies. Still, at least I know I've done my research on you to know you can't cause chaos on anybody in WWH and you won't cause chaos on me either which is nowhere near as close as the chaos that used to happen in this prison.”

Konrad looks through a room once again, having nothing inside, hearing the screams inside of the prison. Konrad closes his ears a bit with his hands, still feeling shaky, more so than before.

Konrad Raab: “I'm more afraid of being in here than facing a man who promotes violence and being arrogant. Point is anybody can win matches, and if you lose to me tonight, it will be because I overlooked you. You won't do any extensive research of my career in the companies I work with. Tonight, everything changes as you should hear the screams of how much chaos that happens in prison and I certainly will make you fight for the win, leaving you no room to exploit me ever again.”

Konrad breathes heavily, gaining his breath back and speaks again.

Konrad Raab: “I will gain points by defeating you in the ring, causing a major upset in the tournament and you won't like it. You'll be frustrated and attack me after the match or during it when the time limit comes by, and you fight me outside of the ring, causing it to be a tie because you refused to see me as a threat. Is there a chance of you beating me again?"

A few minutes of silence before speaking again for the last time due to the shortage of video time he had left.

Konrad Raab: “Yes there is, but there's a chance I will beat you because come tonight, you will suffer your second ever loss in the tournament, exposing your weakness. Being a bigger and stronger guy doesn't always win matches, especially I can still lift you and be faster than you in the ring. The big thing about me that's changed is I'm able to use my high flying moves to take you down, evolving myself to be a better wrestler. Tonight, you will be pinned or submitted by me in the CWF ring, and you won't see it coming. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman.”

Konrad finishes as he looks in the room once more before he walks out of the penitentiary and the prison as he was finally able to breathe normally. Konrad walks straight to the arena in Boise, Idaho, getting ready to fight against Zolton who's the only guy in the tournament he knew a lot about before going to his locker room and closing the door behind him. 

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