Title: Light Work
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 68

The scene opens up in an empty arena, the exact location of this arena however is unknown. In the middle of the building, sits a ring that seems to be occupied by a single individual, sitting in a chair. The drone camera that's hovering overhead moves down closer to the person as we now see that it is Duce Jones. The drone moves in on his face as he looks up at the camera.

"Tuesday night, I continue my quest ta become a three time CWF World Champion.. The next destination dat my quest takes me is Boise, Idaho.. Ya see whereas tha othas might have a tough road… my path becomes a bit easier as I move on.. Phoenix LeStrange is that next opponent dat I stand across the rang from.. I'm pretty sho, tha CDubyaF faithful are wonderin' about my well bein'.. Well come dis Tuesday, thangs gonna be loud an' clear."

Duce straightens up in the chair and leans forward, starting intensely into the camera.

"See dis Alpha Block is mine fo' tha takin' an' these two points gonna come easy.. But I'm looking past LeStrange an' on ta tha future.. Cuh afta I get dis tournament sold up.. It's time ta start workin' on my hit list… An' it steady grows by tha day."

Duce runs his hands through his locks.

"It's clear dat a lotta muh'fuckas don't kno' who I am but I'm damn sho gonna introDuce em.."

Duce stands up aggressively from the chair, sending it toppling over as he goes to exit the ring and the scene fades out.

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