Title: Evolution 68... The final melting pot of the ICEMAN... The fire of CHAOS!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: April 13, 2011--October 18, 2019
Location: Yakima Washington--Boise Idaho
Show: Evolution 68

He only has one thought.
One mission.
His words spoken.
Always backed by actions.
Only one foul up.
Vengeance in his mind.
This battle, continuance of the past.
Same outcome as before.
Where does icemen go?


Evolution 68… The final melting pot of the ICEMAN… The fire of CHAOS!!


++==LOCATION: Yakima, Washington==++
++==DATE: April 13, 2011==++
++==PLACE: In the Coils of Electricity==++

Here is a twist on what you all might get confused on. You all may not understand or realize the world in which the Man of Chaos Zolton came from. So here is a flashback as they like to call them in the movies and television shows. A rewinding of time to a point in time where Zolton was known by a different name. Eight and a half years prior to this moment in time. Where Zolton, as an eighteen year old high school student preparing for his future. Wanting to not only advance his intelligence and knowledge, but also seeked to settle down with his long time high school sweetheart. The day had arrived. Their anniversary. He entered the clearing where she loved the rose bushes along with the cherry blossom trees. There he was going to propose. Get down on one knee and propose marriage to this beautiful woman that he loved and he thought loved him. Until he came to the clearing and witnessed something that changed his life and trajectory in life completely.

*The raspy, soft tone of the female voice speaks. Sending everyone back in time to a time Zolton was not Zolton of today.*

As he approached the clearing, the sounds of her angelic laughter filled the air. His smile told the plants all around him that he recognized the laughter. Then right before fully entering the clearing, there she was over next to the bench he planned to meet her on this day. She wasn’t alone. As a matter of fact she was there with Zolton’s best friend. One he confided in daily. Hung out with throughout the school days. During the sports practices. Even after all that, they would spend time reading novels or even sharing ideas on possible future graphic novels that they would write and illustrate if they went down that road.

This day though, Zolton’s best friend of most of his life, was there, in the special clearing of Zolton and his girlfriend. Hand in hand. Talking. Laughing. Even kissing. Zolton’s eighteen year old heart shattered into a million pieces. So many emotions that ran through him in that moment. Time slowed to a crawl. Images of the many violent and unbelievable things he wanted to do to the both of them in witnessing this flooded his thoughts. But his body was frozen in a collapsed position. His eyes flooding with that stinging feeling. Tears began to slowly trickle down his cheeks. He was out of control of his thoughts, his emotions, and his body altogether. Now all he wanted to do was run. Get away from here. Away from this place. Away from these emotions. This pain. All his wants, dreams, plans all shattered. He then finally removed his eyes from the despicable scene happening in front of him. He harshly wipes the tears from his eyes and he is finally able to run away from there. He sprinted all the way home. Fighting the urge to throw himself in front of any oncoming vehicles. All the way home. He storms in the house and straight to his room. The anger overwhelming. He destroys all the picture collages of him and her. All the photos of him and his best friend. Their comic book starts all torn down from the wall and his desk. After all of this, the young man collapses in the center of his room. The ravaging emotional outburst broke him down. Tearing out of him in a sobbing cries. Angry screams to the empty room. All of this happening all at once. He couldn’t take it anymore. A moment of clarity arose. Just then. Nothing mattered but ending this pain. Removing this anger. Ending all of this confusion.

*As she speaks, the true emotion being portrayed through her words. Almost painting the picture of a young Zolton ravaged by pain and depression flooding through him.*

In this quick, fleeting moment of clarity. He made the decision to end it all. Escape this planet altogether. He rose to his feet, leaving the trail of tears down his cheeks. He exits his room, enters the bathroom, getting into the medicine cabinet and pops a shit ton of pills of several varieties. Some are his, some his adopted dad and adopted mother’s prescriptions. After this he re enters his room and finds a notebook and began to write an emotional and heartbreaking letter to his parents, his now ex girlfriend, his ex best friend. Scribbling down the words with conviction. More tears flood his face, some dripping down and soaking the pages he wrote words on. Music blaring throughout the house from his bedroom. He clicked that on shortly after his outburst. After the letter is finished, he tears out the pages he wrote on, folding them hastily and wrote the words, ‘Not Worthy’. Leaving the letter on the table out in the dining room, leaving the music blaring, he enters the bathroom, shutting the door. He clicks on the water in the tub full blast both hot and cold. As it runs, filling the tub, he stares at himself in the mirror. Then without warning, he slams his right fist into the mirror, shattering it into pieces that litter the counter, sink, and floor. Ripping his shirt, and pants off, he climbs in the tub with a piece of the mirror in his hand. He takes a moment. Breathing deeply. Not one single second thought encroaches his mind. Then right at that moment, he digs the piece of mirrored glass into his left wrist. Dragging it along the inside of his forearm, damn near to the elbow. Then a second long deep line. He was going through with it. All because he was shattered by a woman. Before he lost all feeling in his left hand, he drug two lines down his right wrist and arm, and he sinks into the tub, the water reaching the top and beginning to spill over the lip of the tub and hitting the floor. Little did he know, he would be saved on this day and would have to spend the next several days in the hospital. Rehydrating. Several stitches up both his arms. His stomach pumped. It took all of a week for everything to starts to heal properly. Little did his adopted parents and all those that showed they cared for the family and Zolton. They would never see him again, not as they knew him.

Zolton walked out of the hospital, late night on that seventh night. He disappeared from his childhood home town. They wouldn’t know where he went, what he ended up doing in life. Five years after that night, his dad, the one that raised him died in a tragic car accident. A year later, his mother, the one who was there and raised him as well, died of a brain aneurysm. Even he wanted to return there and be a family again, he couldn’t. Losing his birth parents before he even knew of them. Now in his early twenties, losing his parents that took him in and cared for him most of his life. Now the man who was once a tall, skinny, heartbroken teenager. Has overcame that indifference in his life and walked the line of professional wrestling. Welcome to his Chaos ladies and gentlemen.

*Her voice trails off into the atmosphere, falling completely silent. Ending this little flashback story.*


++==LOCATION: Boise, Idaho==++
++==DATE: October 18, 2019==++
++==PLACE: Boise State University, Campus==++

*Our vision falls into focus above a grandiose building. Lights on all around, including on the roof. We float downward and fall directly in front of the Man of Chaos, Zolton. His hair pulled back into a ponytail. His shirtless torso covered in a leather jacket. As he exhales, the vision of his breath trails off from his nostrils. His eyes glow in the dim light that he stands beside. He stands with a reverence of confidence and a stature of a man who cannot be destroyed by another.*

“Following a slightly disappointing conclusion to a match I had in a different company, time to return that disappointment to my foe this Championship Wrestling Federation’s Evolution. A man I have encountered before. One I have sent back home crying to all those that pretend to care for him. Konrad Raab. He calls himself the Iceman. So if that is true Mister Raab, you are home in this place. The throws of fall have entered full bloom. The winter storms building and preparing to litter the ground with white. Bringing in what the infantile moronic parasites of this world call the holiday season.”

*His eyes smile as he pauses a brief moment.*

“Now this isn’t the reason I stand at the top of this university. I didn’t come here to talk about the natural order of mother nature’s seasons. No I am here, not too far from where Championship Wrestling Federation’s Evolution Sixty Eight will be happening. My foe, Konrad Raab. Yes we all heard me say that just a moment ago. You all did hear me say that I’ve had battles against this old man several times back in the other company I am a part of. His outcome so much worse than your little, and uncreative minds could think up. I was able to send him back home to Germany without a victory to speak of. That will be exactly what happens this upcoming Tuesday night. Raab, you came to this company when? Never mind, don’t answer that question. You shouldn’t be here. You are too old to even have some kind of chance in this tournament. You have had a couple of lucky victories. I give you a golf clap for those.”

*He pauses and executes a golf clap. The sound of his hands coming together barely enters our auditory receptors.*

“I am sure you have evolved and changed up your game since those times in World Wrestling Headquarters. Guess what? So have I. Hell, back in those days, I looked different. I was going by that ridiculous moniker of being the all powerful being of any and all beings and deities. Now I look like I do now. I am still arrogant and rightfully so. I no longer feel the need to have bullshit catchphrases. Nor do I feel the need to exclaim that I am the God of all Gods. No I leave to you morons that are pandering to people that pay money to come see me lose because they hate that they aren’t me. Like you Konrad. You despise me. You hate me. Not only because I am younger, stronger, taller, and far superior than you when it comes to this sport. But you have those feelings about me because you want to be me. If you were me, maybe you could satisfy your woman. Oh is that too far? I couldn’t care anymore less if it was or not. I speak the truth. No matter how painful it is for you to accept. The truth is the truth. I am better than you period, the end. But it isn’t the end of me verbally emasculating you.”

*Zolton pauses, his smile fades, his eyes begin to glow a little brighter.*

“Now I know that I have gone on and on about our past encounters. I could do it more and more, but there is no point in rehashing the past. This battle is about the future. The now. My future of being the future of this company. Your now of failing to defeat me once again. Ooops, I said again. Referencing our past. It is difficult because your lack of achieving anything worthwhile in your time in Championship Wrestling Federation. Raab, you can come out and talk about how stupid and ignorant I was then. Hell you can even come out speaking about how amazingly confident you are in what skills you bring to the ring on this night. The fact and the truth will not change. I will defeat you. I just have to decide how I want to do it? Should I send you to the heavens and reintroduce you to the Pearly Gates? Or should I send you into dreamland where all your dreams become nightmares with The Descension hold that I use sometimes? I may need to dust off the cobwebs from that maneuver just for you, Raab. Something you should feel completely special about. Me sending to the dreamland made of chaotic nightmares with a hold I use every so often, should make you feel like a queen with a broken crown. That hurt your feelings again? Get over it. I won’t stop speaking my mind, no matter how many frozen tears the Iceman sheds. I am not here to console you when your feelings are hurt because of what I say. I am here to destroy you Konrad. Not only through the words I say leading up to our match Tuesday night. But in our match that night. I have said it since the day I was invited to compete in this tournament. I have said to each and every single opponent that I have destroyed, Freddie Styles, not withstanding. I will get my chance to avenge that bullshit loss in the future.”

*Again he pauses, this time approaching us with one step, his piercing blue glowing eyes, growing a bit brighter.*

“Here we are Raab. The super show, Evolution Sixty Eight. The back half of the Alpha and Omega Tournament. I claimed to be the one and only true Alpha. I’ve proven that thus far. I also have exclaimed that I am not here just to show my face. I am not a flash in the pan type of personality or athlete in this company. I am the one you and your family wish to be. I will become the overall winner of this tournament and be a champion this company could be proud of. Your weeping little voice and pathetic way of handling yourself in the wrestling ring is not worthy to hold a championship as prestigious as the Championship Wrestling Federation World Championship. Maybe what you should do, just to save a little face for our match, you should just stay in the back. Hell I’d accept a sudden injury onsetting considering how incredibly ancient you seem. I know I keep harping on your age. In this sport, age isn’t really a limitation, but the fact is, you are too old to be in the ring against me. Especially against me. I leave you with this Konrad. How will you adapt to the chaotic world I create for you? I guess we will see what happens October twenty second. I came to this company to prove to the world once and for all, that I am the biggest name in this business. No matter who has come before me. Or will come after me. The Man of Chaos, me, Zolton, is the greatest professional wrestler to ever step between the ropes. Talent for eons. Skills beyond galaxies. I am Zolton, you are Konrad Raab. Your chance of actually placing anywhere near the top three in this tournament is dramatically increased. You confused? Figures. See you in that ring, hopefully, Tuesday night Mister Raab.”

*His smile creepily returns to his face, his eyes glowing beyond bright now. We then suddenly fly into the sky high above him. His hands and arms spread out to his sides. Just then our vision goes dark. We hear nothing. We are assuming that was the end, our end even.*

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