Title: A little bit crazy
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: today
Location: Somewhere fun
Show: Evolution 67


“I will hide myself below

I'll be what you wanted

Kept inside I won't let go

'Till I burn beyond control…”


“This just sucks, to be honest.  Where’s a good spot to find a beer and cry a little…”


We see the scene fade into Autumn slowly walking through one of the more busier places in Oregon, aptly named Downtown Oregon.  The travel guide had hyped up the abundance of museums and places to shop, basically all of the fun stuff you could do there if you chose to go visit.  People would glance then continue to move on their way. There had been a few sparse flyers advertising CWF’s upcoming Evolution show, but nothing like a whole blanket of paper covering the city.


She finally stumbles upon Jake’s Famous Crawfish, its neon sign glowing happily at anyone who wished to partake in the best seafood Portland had to offer.  Her eyes fell upon a poster for said Evolution laid smack upon the front door as she stood there and stared at it for a while.


“This is cool.  I think. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad to see something like this here.  It brings in the fans, but for me I don’t know what to think. Maybe that’s because of where things are at in this tournament for me.  Being at the bottom, looking at everyone at the top tends to make you yearn for a spot amongst the shining stars up there. They all have the talent, sure, but here’s little ol’ me with a big fat zero stamped on my forehead and a possible chance to either flunk out of this or get somewhere with it.”


Autumn shakes her head softly, disappointed with looking at it and disappointed with herself as of late.  She walks up to the door and pulls it open, nose flooded with the smell of fresh seafood and other things.  A waitress greets her with a smile and small talk, grabbing a menu and guiding her to a booth on the other side of the place.  Somewhere quiet with less people. She sits and asks the blond haired girl to bring her a glass of pink lemonade while she decides what to eat.


“Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that I have to face Ataxia in this block match.  Even beating Ariel at Evo 65 didn’t do much for my mood. That didn’t get me any brownie points for this tournament.  All it got me was a pissed off Ariel, and my shocked face on the tv as I backed up the ramp watching her squirm and seethe in the middle of that ring.  Ataxia, the poor boy, didn’t fair any better. JC ran over him like bad roadkill. I’m simply surprised. A man such as that psycho should have had no problem with someone like JC, but then again the little things can surprise you.  I don’t know what was running through his twisted head, but it certainly wasn’t turning JC into roadkill. Then again, I don’t want to play the psychiatrist...therapist to someone like him. I’d quit after the first day.”


The waitress comes back and takes the Beautiful Psychopath’s order, taking the menu and walking away.


“I know that the only way to continue to even have a hope of moving on in this tournament is to be on my a-game, or whatever game I have to and beat Ataxia.  That in itself is going to be a hard wall to bust down. I’ve watched what he can do, and none of it is pretty. It really isn’t. He’s a ball of nutcase mixed in with a little Hannibal and psycho twisted something that doesn’t need to be mentioned at all around the kids.  Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try against him. You better believe I’m gonna try my everything and then some against him. He can be himself, and I’ll be who I’ve always been. He won’t care, he’ll have his own speech for me. It’ll probably be a broken record all over again, repeating what most have said over the past few months.  Like fucking drop it. We’re adults here, aren’t we?”


She chuckles, shaking her head.


“Ataxia can think whatever he wants, and he can do whatever he wants out there in that ring.  He’s got a momentum to hang onto and I’ve got an eye out to steal that momentum away from him.  I want to get further in this and not just say hey I didn’t do jack shit and dropped out, kissing my dreams goodbye.  I’m gonna fight and claw my way back from the depths and beat the unholy hell out of that freak, doing whatever I have to to make him tap.  Just like I made Ariel tap. Just like I’ll make them all tap...make them all tap and submit to the inevitable. The Nevermore...it comes for everyone and doesn’t stop until it gets what it wants.  Just like me, I don’t give up and I’m not gonna surrender. I will do WHATEVER it takes no matter what to ruin Ataxia.”

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