Title: Last minute preparations for tag team match
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 8/10/19
Location: Portland, Oregon
Show: Evolution 67

Last-minute preparations for the tag match youtube.com shoot. (On-Camera)

"I'm usually on the ball with matches, but it seems like this one really crossed my mind, then again, I've been so busy in these last two weeks that it was careless of me not to check my phone, until Sunday to know I've been placed in the tag match in CWF. I apologise for this lack of preparations for the match. It's interesting how all four of us are put in a tag match as a chance to prove ourselves. Anyway, at least I have a bit of time to talk about the upcoming match with Jeff Jackson as my tag partner. I won't lie, Jeff did nearly have me beat in the tournament purely because he had more experience being hardcore than I did at the time and I was a bit fearful let's say. Although I'm not anymore, Jeff was that guy who did guide me to feel comfortable with hardcore matches.

But I also have to speak about Johnny Graves and Maggie Lockhart too. I may not have known Johnny when we first fought, but I do now, especially the mentioning of my twin brother and yes, we are very different individual wrestlers as you've already discovered that he loves hardcore wrestling and thrives on it twenty-four seven, while I still don't like them, but as I mentioned, not fearful of them anymore, especially I had to do two of those matches in one week. 

Funny you said take a vacation because it's all I've been doing these past few weeks, especially I've not long just come back from wrestling in the Bahamas and wrestling in Chicago last night. I haven't been in America at all, apart from when I've had matches so I took it as a compliment, to be honest, to take a holiday, although I chose to wrestle there to raise money for charity and donating things to Bahamians who've lost everything in the hurricane so thanks for that. However, I don't rest easily as I prefer hard work over laziness. You see, you might be champion now, but there's always someone waiting to take your impact title away. I can't deny you were the top man that night.

I know we've encountered each other in other places before Maggie, but I always thought of you as a threat, unlike my twin brother who clearly is the one you should hate more than me. I respect your abilities as a wrestler and a talented one at that. I never overlook you as an opponent, especially you have defeated me before, but I also mentioned I got a lot better in the ring now and I can't wait to once again, test my skills against you to see how far I've come this year.

Tonight in Portland, although we've not got much experience compared to the pair of you, we still can prove people wrong by doing everything we can to defeat Maggie and Johnny, being the top wrestlers of the night and the top team as well. We are going to do everything possible to give you guys the pinfall for the three count or make one of you tap out to our submission moves. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Judge and The Iceman, having our hands raised as the winners of the tag team match."

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