Title: The Three Faces of Jackson...
Featuring: Jeff Jackson
Date: 4/10/19
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 67

Our scene fades in on a highlight reel, or rather lowlight reel of Jeff Jackson losing several matches in the early part of the Alpha and Omega tournament. It is clear these clips are being seen on a screen through the lens of a camera. As the shot pans out, we see a high back chair and hints of a figure sitting with their back to the camera. As the clips continue, they start to mix in with shots of past successes of Jeff's. The unmistakable tone of the man on the screen is then heard. He is not speaking as The Judge this time, but as plain old Jeff Jackson.

“No matter how much things change, some remain the same. I've always been the hardest working guy in the locker room, no matter which locker room it was. I've not always been the most successful, but I was always the one working the hardest to improve. Now that I've hit the twilight of my two decade long career, I'm still the hardest working guy here. The only thing that's changed about that is the motivation. In my youth, it was to improve. To hone my craft, to become a better wrestler. At this stage of my life, I'm already as good as I'm ever going to be technically. Now, the work is about pushing myself to go out there and fight one more time.”

“The inner struggle is now about forcing myself to train when my old broken body can barely move, because I still have something to prove. I still have just as big of a chip on my shoulder as ever, just a different flavor. I don't need to fight to improve anymore. I already know my skills are second to none. Now the fight is about proving that, as the internet fans would say...I've still got it. I fight everyday to prove to the world, to my friends and family, and to myself that I can still do this at a top tier level. My record thus far hasn't been a great example of that. But you'll notice I'm still here. Still clawing my way toward greatness once more. Still challenging everyone I feel I need to step in the ring with. I'm the epitome of the movie The Wrestler.”

“I just can't shake it. The feeling of going out to that ring and fighting for all I'm worth. The roar of the crowd when I hit that one more big move they weren't expecting I could. The sheer joy of having my hand raised one more time. I'm nowhere near the worst for this, but I readily admit it's ego that has brought me back to doing this full time. It's pride that is twisting my rubber arm to be here week in and week out. I'm back in the ring getting my ass kicked for one simple reason. I'm addicted to professional wrestling. Some people leave and never come back, and that's great for them. I'll never be one of those people. I don't intend to be the guy trying to compete in his sixties by any means, but I'll always be around this somehow. It's the only thing in my life that has ever been constant.”

“When I was dealing with a much worse kind of addiction, this was my crutch to hold onto. The one time of day that I would force myself to be sober was when it was time to step through that curtain. When my mental illness was flaring up to where I had completely lost control, this business soothed the literal voices in my head. It was the one thing we could all agree. Why do I keep trying? Because I HAVE to. Why do I keep risking life and limb? Because this business is my mistress. She calls out to me in a way that only she can. She knows all of the right buttons to push to get me to do her bidding, and here I am again. Another new company, another rocky start, and everyone questioning why I'm even here. Well you just keep asking me, it's only more motivation to finally succeed.”

“Make no mistake about it, I'm GOING to be a champion in CWF. Ideally more than once, since losing a title is inevitable in this line of work. But at least one time, I WILL hoist gold over my head, and wrap it around my waist. I don't care how long it takes, or who I have to run through to get there. Before my time here is over, you will see some form of the vessel called Jeff Jackson holding CWF gold. So it has been written, so it shall come to pass. Quoth The Killer...nevermore.”

With that, Jeff goes back to silently watching the reel, as the camera cuts to black.

-End Scene-

Our next scene begins in much more abrupt fashion. The shot fades in on a frantically pacing Jeff Jackson once again. This time though, he's wearing the silver wig we saw draped over his mirror weeks ago. He is dressed in a long black leather trench coat, and all black clothes. He begins speaking while continuing to pace, making no eye contact whatsoever.

“Jeffrey, that was a great speech about all of your reasons for being here. Now allow me to add my two cents. I agreed to help bring this vessel of ours back for an equally straightforward reason. Violence. I love the feeling our vessel gives me when our fist smashes someone in the face. I adore the sensation we get when we piledrive a skull into the mat. And I absolutely long for the glorious titillation of another vessel's blood pouring out of them and onto us. If you could bottle the way my part of our mind feels in that moment, the entire world would be euphoric and heavenly. Much like Jeffrey, I don't claim to be anything other than what I am.”

“I'm a monster in human form. I'm an absolutely deplorable excuse for a human being. It's why Jeffrey fought for years to contain me. It's also why I've allowed him to in recent years. I love stalking my prey, and pouncing when they least expect it. By letting Jeffrey have primary control, it lures our victims into a false sense of relative security. Then, when they think they've got us beat, I bite some motherf**ker's nose off and spit it in their face! If Jeffrey is the definition of pride, I am the combination of lust and wrath. I lust for the feeling of our vessel tearing another limb from limb. I get a mental woody when we taste the blood of another human vessel. It is magnificent!”

“However, it is time for me to put my desires on hold. We have a third among us who needs to take the lead right now. He is the perfect combination of Jeffrey's pride and my wrath. He is the epitome of destruction, without the risk of my anarchistic nature. He is the one called The Judge, and you shall get a visit from him again soon. Oh, and Johnny Graves? I hope your bloody flesh tastes as magical as I've been promised when we take your title. Ta ta for now.”

-End Scene-

Our third scene begins with a shot of the final incarnation of Jeff Jackson, the one called The Judge. He is doing something oddly mundane. He's reading Jeff's text messages. There is one in particular that he seems fixated on. He is not allowing the camera to pick up the part of the screen revealing the name on the other end, but it is obviously making him very happy in his own demented way. He puts the phone away for the moment and begins addressing the viewer without looking toward the camera.

“Good evening everyone. You've heard from our illustrious and fearless leader. You've heard from our insatiable, silver haired friend. And that leaves but one. I, the manifestation of Justice herself. He who has been chosen by the fates. The best of both worlds, The Judge. We find ourselves on the same side as Konrad Raab, one of our previous foes. Bygones as the saying goes. Mr.Raab, this time we must work together in order to take down mutual foes. I'm not sure about you, but I'm quite alright with this. We know what you're capable of, and you will make a fine partner indeed.”

“That brings us to our opposition. The lovely Maggie Lockhart, and the holder of our new prize of choice, Johnny Graves. Ms. Lockhart, it's such a shame we have to be on opposite teams for this battle of attrition. We would much rather have your beauty and grace on our side of the equation. Unfortunately for you, that is not the case. Therefore, we must treat you as such. You are not the first woman we've encountered in our time, nor will you be the last we're sure. It's a pity that you must suffer the same fate as your partner, and be punished by proxy. However, it is simply what must be done in order to attain balance. And so, it shall be done.”

“Mr. Graves, you on the other hand we relish the chance to get our hands on. We've been waiting to bring you to justice for some time now. That time has finally arrived. We must thank you for what you've done for us. Your glory has lead to us having a new purpose, a specific goal to achieve. We thought that was going to be the World Championship, but that will have to wait for now. For the time being, you are the source of our motivation, and the future victim of our fury. You are the one who must fall so that we may rise once more. Mr. Graves, your day of reckoning will soon be upon us. Until then, we'll be happy to give you a little taste this Tuesday.”

Just then, the phone rings next to The Judge. He sees who's calling, and through the mask we can see the hint of a smirk. He answers the call.

“Hello old friend, it's wonderful to hear from you again. You're well I hope?”

He pauses to listen to the person on the other end.

“That's most excellent. Does that mean the time has arrived?”

Another response.

“Marvelous! We shall you soon dear brother, and the guilty shall be purged. See you soon.”


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