Title: Oncoming Storm
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: 9/28/2019
Location: Munich
Show: Evolution 66

Demons… hmph… it's such a cliche term. Wouldn't you say so? I mean I've read the "book" and I've gotten my understanding.. I'm pretty sure you've got yours as well but let's talk about demons for a minute.

You know the bullshit that's been fed to us.. Hooved feet, red skin, horns.. the whole kit and caboodle. Shit's about as real as Santa's elves. But it gives people meaning.. hope for a brighter future.. you know.. all of that good shit. But you know, sometimes, life is taken extremely out of context..

In other words, there's too much thought put into it.

Exactly.. but back in the day when Jesus was out performing miracles and curing people of their demons. You know blindness, lame, amongst other things.. which in today's language would mean that he was out curing illnesses. Not killing mini monsters but to each its own. Little does Jeff Jackson know.. both of us had a minor thing in common. Him with his split personality which in hindsight was the same as my identity disorder. 

We both hear voices.. as a matter of fact.. I'm the main manipulator of the psyche that Duce possess. You don't hear from me much because I know my role and my position. I allow those other three morons to converse and dictate about certain decisions but I'm the one who runs the show.

Names aren't important because at the end of the day we collectively are Duce. We are what is broadcasted on television and internet shows, standing strong as a unit... As one..

That is until you get on our bad side and then you have to deal with me. 

You know.. as much as I loathe flying, I must admit that traveling has afforded me much luxury. Seeing monuments.. meeting world leaders.. but this was a peaceful and serene moment for me as I strolled through the English Garden. Before my mother passed, she was real big on gardening. Every summer morning we would wake up at the crack of dawn and would have our knees in the dirt, planting vegetables and flowers.. I found peace within, when I was surrounded by the beauty of life. Nature was a miraculous thing and I enjoyed every moment of the peaceful bliss.

I maneuvered through the rows of flowers with a monk like calmness as I pointed the selfie camera from my phone straight at my face.

"I rememba growin' up thankin dat tha boogie mane was real. Y'kno', monstas unda tha bed type shit.. but as I got a lil olda, I came ta realize dat those monstas was none otha than regula' folks. Like ya neighba next do'.. maybe a family memba'.. Folks like you an' me, Jeff.."

I pause for a moment to breathe in the Munich air.. Wasn't something that I was used to but it'll do.

"See… in dis here thang we call life. We refuse ta accept our own flaws fo' what they are.. Which is impulsive urges ta do fucked up shit. But ya see tha difference between us, is I can accept tha fact dat I'm a lil off at times.. Y'kno'... do fucked up shit wit'out an ounce'a regret.. But my conscious fucks wit me.. Not tha demons.. just different versions'a myself. It's who I am an' I accept dat whereas you Judge use the word demon as a crutch."

I laugh for a minute, politely, mind you.. I didn't want to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of citizens and tourists alike, taking in the scenery.

"I'm not gon lie… I've had my moments when I was out my body.. Unable ta gain full control'a myself so I guess ya right, 3 Jay cuh in technical terms… tha both'a us are ill, which in turn means dat we've got demons.. But on tha otha' hand, majority'a dis planet is sick in some shape, fashion or form. It might not seem like it but always rememba' those seven deadly sins.. An' if dat's tha case an' we've all got demons in some kinda way.. would dat make dis hell?"

I chuckled to myself, because I found myself amused by the typical thought process of humans these days.

"Makes ya thank, don't it? But I'm pretty sho it's already placed at tha back'a ya mind as blasphemy."

I shake my head sadly.

"Fear… Dat's tha problem these days.. Folks are afraid ta openly be who they are outta fear dat they would be ridiculed. Outta fear dat their soul would be purged an' erased from the list. But I'm sho 3 Jay, dat you're sayin' ta yaself dat I honestly don't kno' tha beginnin' t'tha end'a ya story.. An' you would be right.. I don't.. Tha only story dat I kno' is mines.. An' it's a story dat's still havin' tha chapters written."

I remove my hat and wipe away some of the sweat that dripped from my face. 

"But dis chapter ends wit me standin' tall at tha end'a tha Alpha an' Omega Tournament as a three time CWF World Champion.. See dis match ain't nothin' mo' than a prelude'a what's ta come in tha future. Afta' my minor fuck up against Tha Rippa', I'm gonna steam roll my way through tha rest'a tha competition. See, I kno' dat tha opportunity fo' you is long gone which means dat I'm not gonna take ya lightly. I refuse ta allow myself ta get dis far only ta be thrown off my game by a man who wants ta inflict pain by any means an' go on a devilish binge.."

I shake my head once again.

"I saw tha numba dat ya did on Paradine.. did it put fear in my heart?"

I disapprovingly shake my head this time.

"Naw.. I just kno' dat I gotta adapt an' stay true ta who I am.. stay tha same nutcase who'll knee ya in tha face until his shit gives tha fuck out. Seriously 3 Jay… isn't dat one'a tha reasons why we got into dis business? Ta inflict as much pain an' punishment ta an opponent dat we can. I mean truly I'm honorable man but it's something about tha sound'a dat smack, wheneva' I lay someone out dat sends an almost orgasmic sensation rushin' through my body…"

I get chills from tha thought as the hair on my arms stands up. Continuing to move down the pathway, I stop to look at a tree as a cyclist whizzed past me, almost knocking me over. I remain calm though because I have true disdain for talking to authorities. Besides it's hard to explain to the police why you beat up a guy riding a bike.

"These lil tours have opened my eyes ta tha entire world an' I've come ta learn a couple'a thangs… When it comes ta fear… there are those who succumb ta it an' there are those who embrace it. 3 Jay.. we've all got demons... Cuh we live in a hell of a world.. haha.."

I make my way towards the algae covered lake and just stare at it for a moment. I've always heard that warning came before destruction and that there's always a calm before the storm. However, just know that the storm is on the horizon but as far as the warning… you may have already missed it….

-End Feed-

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