Title: Another long in the tooth Victim... Danny B's nightmare MANIFESTED!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: September 27, 2019
Location: Unknown/California
Show: Evolution 66

”Where is he?
This world?
That one?
Only he truly knows.
Where do dreams come from?
The facing of challenged and succeeding?
Failing, manifests the darkest nightmares.
He who runs allows the fear of failing rule them.
How does he do it?
He becomes the NIGHTMARE!!”


Another long in the tooth Victim… Danny B’s Nightmare is MANIFESTED!!


++==LOCATION: Unknown/California?==++
++==DATE: September 27, 2019==++
++==PLACE: A Place Only He Knows==++

*Our vision comes into focus on something odd. A professional speech podium on an elevated stage like thing. The odd thing about this particular imagery is the darkness around us and the podium itself. One light shines onto it from the floor below it, just below our sight. A plaque is fastened to the front of the wooden podium, the plaque reads ‘Alpha and Omega is only a myth. True power comes from CHAOS!’ Where the light shines on the background revealing a picturesque image of space. Far and away from the planet earth of course. Signs of beauty coming from chaos that no human on Earth truly knows or understands. Our vision remains on the podium then suddenly lights begin to flash, one right after the other, in a strobe light like fashion. Three. One over the podium itself, one on either side. The brighter light shining from the floor to the wooden structure remains lit the entire time the other lights flash over and around the podium. As the flashing continues, we see a figure appear just behind the podium in the spotlight. Then when the light above it flashes back there, the figure is gone. Then the light to the right of the podium, our left, the figure is there, then disappears when the light returns there. Our curiosity, if it exists, grows especially when the figure now appears to our right, the left of the podium. Again disappears when the flashing light returns to that side of the podium. The pattern isn’t predictable. It goes from center to left, then center again, then right. Then left, then right, then center, continuing to happen as her raspy light voice enters our auditory receptors. The figure continues appearing in a random pattern as well. Who or what is it?*

Less than a week ago. The man of chaos enter the Championship Wrestling Federation ring at Evolution Sixty Five. The supershow thrown into this Alpha and Omega tournament. Entered with all the confidence and absolute rage one could have after suffering such a razor thin decision loss to one who didn’t deserve it. Zolton came to Germany and destroyed a person unworthy of his attention. The match was short. Sweet. And message sending. Before the flight to Bavaria, he wants to speak upon the next upcoming challenge he will be facing at the next Evolution show. The Man of Chaos still carries the fire and drive to win this whole tournament. Not to mention the rage of not only suffering the loss to Styles in this tournament, but coming up only a couple points short of contending for the grand victory in the other tournament that he was a part of. His next challenge is another supposed well versed and legendary veteran of this company. Another man that carries more than one nickname that means nothing to Zolton. What will he have to say? Don’t put in those ear plugs just yet ladies and other parasitic organisms of Earth. Especially you Danny B.

*The strobe lights stop just as quickly as they began. The last location where the figure appeared was the center, somewhere behind the podium but the main spotlight doesn’t pick it up. Two lights in a light blue color flash on on either side of the wooden podium, as they brighten slightly, we see him. It is none other than the Man of Chaos himself, Zolton. He steps to the podium, adjusts the microphone attached to the podium. He looks quite different than normal. Dressed in a suit. Dark green, maybe blue with a lighter colored vest over a light red shirt. His hair pulled back and seems to be in a ponytail, we can’t officially tail. His beard straight down and looks to be trimmed. Under his beard, over the light red shirt a tie. Color of red, darker shade than his shirt but makes the entire suit pop among the lights.*

“Ladies and gentlemen of the world that kill themselves slowly each and every week watching what I do as a profession on television or when you get your rascal motor scooters powered up enough to make it to the arenas I appear in and destroy whomever I am booked to set foot in the ring across from. I am here to tell you all that, as of today, my lifespan on this planet is officially twenty seven years. Is that really relevant to what is about to be happening in Bavaria in a matter of days? Honestly no, but I feel it necessary to give you all a piece of information that is completely and utterly irrelevant just like my previous foes have spoke into the cameras that they beg to follow them. Their relevancy fades in their eyes if they aren’t in front of a camera or in front of pukes like you all at all times. I am the Man of Chaos, Zolton. You all know that, if you don’t then your closed off perception of the world around you is more impressive than I could ever imagine.”

*He pauses a moment as his eyes begin to illuminate in the bright spotlight beneath him.*

“Now I come to this place, a place of importance of media members that like to either talk shit for their hometown heros of this business, or write falsified stories about those that mean less than the suit I am currently wearing. I am wearing this and presenting myself in this setting as a direct call back to previous vignettes I witnessed from the man who is unfortunately meeting his fate in a few days inside the Championship Wrestling Federation ring. His name is Danny B. The information that I have found on him is bleak. Unimpressive. As much as he likes to claim that he is the best thing that came into this world from a toilet bowl. The truth is simpler than all of that. He encircles his own ego with words of degradation of all of those around him. Even those that try and help. Danny B, is a veteran of ten years in this business. Just a couple years more than I. Why is that relevant or why does it even matter? Well that is simple too. Every single person I have ever faced in this business has claimed their supremacy because of how long they’ve been in this business. How many battles they have faced when wrestling and grappling in the ring. I’ve applauded their dedication to the business, but what drives them, I do not. You see Danny, I’ve been doing this professional wrestling thing for about seven years. But I have been training my skills and mind for a lot longer. Now I am sure you want me to put a number on that, but what’s the point? Does it really matter that I have been doing Judo and Jiu Jitsu since the age of twelve. Won local, regional, national and international championships in those sports for as long as I can remember. What have you done Danny? Wrestled for a little while? Gained some championship gold in this company back when I wasn’t here? Yes sir, that’s right, you’ve held the World championship belt a couple of times. Which also means you’ve lost it.”

*As his eyes grow brighter, the strobe lights return, first in the center, then to the left of the podium. Then back to the center and Zolton no longer stands there. The flashing lights go on for a few moments longer before we notice the two blue orbs that we are assuming the eyes of Zolton. They float in the darkness to the right of the podium. The strobe light flashes there, and he is not. As the light returns to the center, where the podium stands, Zolton is back there.*

“Danny, I’ve come into this company upon a request for my skills. My constant invocation of hate from those that watch and pay promoters. To watch me lose. I thrive off their hate Danny. You however can’t seem to survive without them throwing themselves at your feet. Why did you come back to this sport when your businesses were doing so well? That’s right. Those businesses were falling apart and your lifestyle was too expensive for you to continue as you were losing money hand over fist with those supposed successful businesses. Of course this match at Evolution Sixty Six isn’t about business prowess. You’ve got me beat in the unsuccessful department when it comes to that form of life. No. This fight in Bavaria rides that line of continuing to move forward in this tournament or not. For me? No. I will be moving forward and continuing my successful run to the World title you once held so long ago.”

*His eyes brighten and we notice something about the image behind him is changing. Still in the far reaches of space. But the chaos reveals true beauty among the darkness.*

“This clash means so much more to me than you might think. Yes, I carry a lot of passion for my own glory in this sport, I carry a lot of rage and violence when these battles come closer. I am sure you will be mentioning something like that when you call the cameras to boost your ego more and talk about this match. Just like Freddie mentioned several weeks back. Let me explain this to you once. Although doing it means I will have to repeat it again at a later date, like when I slam your carcass through the canvas Tuesday night. But my drive to be champion comes from a far different place than you or anyone else thinks it does. Now I could go on about how tragic my childhood was. Even my adolescence was. Even going on into young adulthood. Coming so close to death, then being ripped from the warmth and absolute happiness that death is, back into the cold harsh reality that this world. I don’t see the point in doing that. That is left for those that mean something to me. That is left for the world I have created for myself. I know there is a lot of talk out there in the world about how secluded I am. How silent I am when it comes to speaking about my plans and ideas for my future in this company and the other I am contracted to. Am I losing you Danny? I thought so. Listen. There is nothing you could say that would discourage me from ending you. There is most definitely nothing you can do to me that would stop me from destroying you physically.”

*It seems he is losing his calm statuesque demeanor. We assume this because his head lowers and his hands come to the top front of the podium. His fingers whiten as they grip the edge of the podium. As his head raises back up, his eyes burn bright, but they aren’t their normal piercing blue color. No. They are a deep orange, with darkness behind the orbs of flames in place of his eyes. The next words out of his mouth are through tightened teeth and filled with venom unlike any before now.*

“This tournament means more to me than my very own existence. You see Danny, I am willing to kill myself while killing you to accomplish what I have said I am going to accomplish since stepping foot in this company. I am willing to bet whatever is left of your companies on the fact that you aren’t willing to risk your life to accomplish what I want to in this business. I do not care what those peons in the crowd think of me. I couldn’t care any less than I already do about your feelings or thoughts about me either. I don’t care if you respect me. I do know that at the end of this match in Bavaria you will see that I am as good as I claim to be. These two points that are on the line will be mine and my advancement in this tournament will be greatness than any of your three brain cells could comprehend. Danny, your inability to be closer to the top of this tournament is comical. I would laugh but I am not into that type of tragic comedy. This is the ending of your journey here Danny.”

*All of the lights sends us into darkness. If we could tremble, we would. Even the orange orbs are gone. Then they reappear for a moment directly in front of us. We can’t blink them away. They are so large, as though he is directly in front of us. He is actually. Our auditory receptors pick up the deep breathing sounds of the Man of Chaos. They disappear. We are left in darkness yet again. After about five minutes of dark silence. His voice returns, piercing the darkness. It is a cold violent tone that enters our auditory receptors.*

“I am the Man of Chaos. Welcome to the world that you will be living in after you have met me in the Championship Wrestling Federation ring Tuesday night. This is where I am constantly Danny. I am now your nightmare. Where your dreams meet reality, that is where you will find me Danny. You will try and flee, but you won’t be able to escape. No matter how loudly you scream in terror. No matter how fast you move your feet, I will always be there. Until you hear the three smacks of the referee’s hand on the wrestling canvas Tuesday night, only then will you be able to possibly escape the world I have created for you. Let this be your warning. Your one clue. I am not just the bringer of pain. I am not just the bringer of Chaos like none that you’ve ever seen before. But I am the one who destroys dreams. Ask the children who scream their little lungs out for you at these shows. Bavaria is the ending of your journey Danny. The sooner you accept this, the better you might come out the other side of this. Are you pinching yourself now? It isn’t waking you up is it? Accept your fate now.”

*With the trailing off of laughter that could only be close to what a demonic being might sound like, we are met with silence. Darkness. More silence.*

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