Title: Still considered his home country.
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 28/9/2019
Location: Cologne, Germany and Munich, Germany
Show: Evolution 66




Discovering the truth about his childhood. Cologne, Germany. Thursday, 26th September. (Off Camera)

Yesterday, Konrad and Fizz wanted to spend time with Konrad's mother, Ingrid Raab, going out shopping and just a general walk around the Cologne area Fizz, nor Konrad has been in a long time. However, today was very different as although, Konrad still had to wrestle in his home country, he had the perfect opportunity to talk to his mother in her old fashioned home about his childhood he recently found out from a psychologist while sitting in the living room.

While Fizz and Konrad's sister Renate gone to a zoo in Cologne, Konrad and Ingrid are alone with Konrad, gritting his teeth, shaking his head continuously, rubbing at the back of his neck, blinking eye contact, lowing his head, swallowing hard before he speaks to his mother.

Konrad Raab: "Well, haven't you got a lot of explaining to do? Keeping secrets all these years from me."

Ingrid Raab: "I know how you're feeling, but I couldn't tell you because of not knowing what mask you're going to wear to beat me down."

Konrad Raab: "Oh thanks a lot, as if I need you to be afraid of me as well as Fizz does. I must be a piece of garbage."

Ingrid Raab: "No, you're not. I know what I've done was wrong, I should've told you a lot more about your Dissociative Personality Disorder, even when you were a lot younger. I wanted the doctor to tell you because he's the one who could control your anger and your emotions of tears."

She wasn't wrong; Ingrid wasn't able to handle Konrad's outbursts that are unknown to the world, especially without the masks he wears as he collapses to his knees and lets the tears come down on his eyes, holding his heart like he's in so much pain. He wasn't able to cope with the news of his past very well, and he says this.

Konrad Raab: "I can't believe my dad hated my guts, didn't want me to be apart of this family. Do you know how much I've had to go through since I've been told this?"

Ingrid Raab: "Listen, Konrad, there is a way of moving forward. I know how you are with your kids both with Fizz and with the ex you had daughters with, you're better than your father was."

Konrad Raab: "What way? The fact I've got to suffer this trauma of hell I went through with my father when he didn't want me to defend myself all my life? Dad enjoyed kicking the hell out of me and sent me to the army to get my ass kicked. Not to mention that friend of Luca's, Drexel, who was a friend of dad's enjoyed me being picked on and bullied at school wanting to kill me and my family."

Ingrid Raab: "Do what you've been doing, taking care of your children and make their childhood the best you can because you were always a nice kid, but you were unfortunate of getting abused by your dad. That's why he said he was sorry for all the terrible things he has done to you in the letter."

It still left a bad taste in Konrad's mouth, knowing all the truth was now coming out on Konrad's past and Konrad wasn't able to stand on his feet at all as he's still on his knees, feeling worn out with the shouting he did which was clearly apparent from his mother as Konrad shakes his fist to a point Konrad punches the floor with a scream as he breathes heavily, having his eyes consistently blinking.

Konrad Raab: "Letter or not, I'm still ashamed to even call that man my father. A dad is meant to protect their kids at all costs, a dad is meant to guide and help children succeed their dreams, but nobody understands that. How can they when I've got problems?"

Ingrid Raab: "You need to calm down. I heard Drexel is coming down, trying to kill you and your wife, but your dad while he planned the attacks in the past, he's not responsible for the Luca and Drexel plotted attacks on you and your family. How can he when he's dead?"

Konrad Raab: "It still left me with answers more than questions as to why you allowed my dad to attack me like he did all these years without going to the police?"

Ingrid Raab: "If I called the police, your dad would've burnt the house down, even leaving you in the house to die. Fact is, your dad at the time of his sudden passing was getting medical help for his mental problems. Now you are because I know you don't ever want to become like him."

Konrad shook his head with his response of never wanting to be like him, and Ingrid who slowly sees Konrad get up from the floor, says this.

Ingrid Raab: "I tried to stop him from beating you as he did, by pulling you away from him, by standing in front of you to shout at your dad to leave you alone. I think things would be different now if that happened and if he was alive. He was pissed when he found out you were a wrestler."

Konrad Raab: "Why?"

Ingrid Raab: "Because he saw that you finally able to defend yourself, knowing he'd not stand a chance against you."

Konrad Raab: "I said this to doctor Schneider, Fizz did encourage me somewhat to get in the ring to fight, along with the training I got, but I should've been a wrestler from the word go, but at the time, I didn't know how to get into the sport, being from Germany and everything."

Ingrid nods, she could see Konrad's point that he needed to do a sport where he could defend himself, and it was partly his wife made him be the star he is in wrestling and encouraged him to be a wrestler. Konrad relaxes with his breathing as he looks up at his mother for the first time since they started talking about Konrad's childhood, and he suddenly hugs his mother. Konrad hugs his mother so hard as she says this while he cries on her shoulder.

Ingrid Raab: "It's alright Konrad, things are going to be better now, especially you need a lot of help, your anger you've shown me today proves how hurt you are with your life."

Konrad Raab: "Yeah and I still don't know anything about my DID problem either, even if Schneider gave me a leaflet about it. I'm going to be hurt until I've learnt more from what you've and the doctor been hiding from me."

Ingrid Raab: "I've been told by Schneider not to tell you much more as he told me your anger is explosive and dangerous and that he doesn't want me to get hurt."

Konrad Raab: "I know, I've been hiding anger all my life that it's only a couple of years ago it's been let out, although I'm on medication for life now to prevent that from happening, along with the Rainbow Ice mask too."

Ingrid Raab: "Good. So, who you're facing next in the CWF tournament?"

Konrad Raab: "A guy named Freddie Jones. He's undefeated in the tournament, so I got a heck a lot of work to do to defeat him in the match. I got to put my hard work into it, but with once again having the home country advantage to be in Munich, hence another reason why I stayed in Germany."

It seems like everything was resolved as Schneider told Ingrid by doctors orders to not tell him about his childhood past until Schneider has told Konrad everything about his childhood and what he suffers from. As he finished the conversation, Renate and Fizz came back home, drinking a Starbucks drink each as Fizz runs towards Konrad and hugs him, whispering his ear on the question.

Konrad Raab: "Yes we have, sadly, however, Schneider has to tell me more due to his orders."

Fizz nodded as they sat at the table, talking about different things, especially Fizz's side of the family as Ingrid rarely ever meets with Fizz and talked all day, even with dinner being cooked and fed to the family as they then left Ingrid's home to head back to Konrad's apartment half an hour away from his mum's house to get some sleep, before waking up early in the morning to head to the gym to work out.


Still an excited German man youtube.com shoot. (On camera)

“I've never had the experience of wrestling two German events in two weeks before. It still means a lot to me to wrestle against Freddie Jones in my home country. I can't call it my home city because I don't live in Munich, but it's pretty busy here with the Oktoberfest coming up. Still, regardless of that, I'm still looking forward to facing Freddie who's another opponent I'm facing that's undefeated in the entire tournament.

I know you've won a majority of the titles in CWF and I also know you're undefeated in the tournament. I can't deny, you've got a lot of heart and pride in the sport and I'm thankful I get the chance to face you because you've wanted to face me and today it's your chance to face me and I'm ecstatic about it. I won't trash talk you or anything, that's silly when I have enough respect for you as a wrestler and as a person outside of the ring as well.

Interesting match this is, facing a guy who's never been beaten. I can't wait to fight all of my heart out to face you, Freddie, because you're a dominant man who's been on a tear in CWF and winning a ton of titles to his name. The loss against Duce Jones hurt me quite a bit, but remember that I can easily bounce back to a win. I need wins more than anything in this tournament. You've never faced anybody like me before in the ring that will be bringing in the ring one hundred per cent.

You may respect me or not, but I'm still going to prove to you that I can defeat your undefeated streak, how can I say anything different when we are meant to be confidence wrestlers? I won't break any rules to gain myself a win from the tournament and I will make sure I will tear the god damn house down by being competitive and bring our best to the ring. Something Duce didn't want to do.

Point is I'm still excited to wrestle in Munich with this match being make or break for me, but I'm still know in myself, I can win this match, I know my wife will be watching it from home, but we'll be watching it and the rest of the world do as well. You're very skilled and dedicated to wrestling. I also know you got technical and high flying fighting style too. I can do both of them, but I'll stick to being a powerhouse because I can get you easier and I will do everything possible within the rules without cheating to win.

Sure, you're undefeated, but let's see if you will when I'll do everything possible to win because as much of an accomplished wrestler as you are, sadly as much as we'll tear the house down in the arena, only one of us will walk away to win this match and get a few points in the tournament. I will make sure I will use a lot of suplexes to keep him off his feet. I'm coming for that win. Freddie Jones, prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman with either pinfall or submission as the home countryman advances in the tournament with an upset win.”

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