Title: The First Judgment...
Featuring: Jeff Jackson
Date: 29/9/19
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 66

We fade in on a small cabin surrounded by a thick forest. For how small the building is, the land is fairly large. As we explore the area further, it becomes clear why. There is a graveyard to the left side of the house, down a small hill. As the camera pans over the various graves, something else becomes clear. This is not an ordinary graveyard. The graves are not marking the life and death of living creatures. They're marking the dates of each time Jeff Jackson fought and defeated the matching name. The crew heads up to the cabin now, which is dimly lit only be candle light. As they walk around the outside toward the entrance, they suddenly stop in front of the terrifying sight known only as The Judge.

Good evening. I see you've found our collection. That's quite alright, I was planning on showing it to you later anyway. Please, come inside.”

The crew follow the masked figure known legally as Jeff Jackson into the cabin. There are pictures of several CWF superstars hanging on the walls, with the words guilty or not guilty underneath of them. We pass by CWF Impact Champion Johnny Graves, who's caption actually reads very guilty. Finally, The Judge directs the camera toward the photos of Freddie Styles and Duce Jones, the current leaders of the Alpha block. Next to them is also Ataxia, the leader of the Omega block. Their captions read irredeemably guilty. With that, The Judge speaks again.

I'm sure you're wondering how these four got their own special judgments. Well, they themselves may not end up with these positions in the end. You see, it's the titles themselves that matter in this group. Whoever ends up winning the Alpha and Omega tournament will become CWF World Champion. That was a title that was fated to be held by my counterpart, but it's been very likely robbed of him at this point. As a result, the two who reach that point are forever judged. One step down from that, we have Mr. Graves, the new Impact Champion. He has my counterpart's second goal in his possession. Now as this is a more long term goal, he still has time to redeem himself by no longer being champion when we decide the time to claim it arises.”

Two others will soon find themselves up here, but that's another story for another time. For now, the MOST important name on this wall is Duce Jones. You see, while he is technically only the runner up of our block at the moment, he is the most crucial in our chance at redemption. If we allow him to defeat us, he has a strong chance of becoming the one to claim our rightful place. So you see, not only does he stand between us and the beginning of our redemption story, he also stands to use us as a stepping stone to steal our very fate from us. That is something we simply cannot allow.”

Mr. Jones, up to this point you have not done anything that we would consider irredeemable. You're not already a champion, this is our first encounter with you personally or professionally, and you've never done anything horrific enough to anyone else for us to need to hold against you while in our presence. Honestly, you seem like a fairly stand up man. Unfortunately for you, that doesn't change that you are the first person standing between us and the redemption we seek. That means that unfortunately you have been deemed guilty, and must be punished accordingly. The good news is, your crime is only a misdemeanor, so a simple loss will be adequate penance.”

Be very grateful for that Mr. Jones, as we are capable of things in any form we take that would make the weak stomached among you lose their proverbial lunch several times over. Even before I joined our little kingdom of suffering, Mr. Jackson and Mr. Morin were quite ready to unleash levels of violence and gore that would horrify most everyone. I have personally witnessed from afar Mr. Jackson face his own flesh and blood in a match of truly barbaric nature that he himself invented. I truly hope that no one in CWF makes us bring that chamber of horrors out of retirement. I can only imagine the level of destruction that would occur if we had to bring that back while I was in charge of our vessel. It is definitely something I'd rather not be forced to unleash on anyone.”

With that said Mr. Jones, we shall see each other very soon. Congratulations, you get to be the first among the CWF roster to meet me properly. You see, Mr. Paradine got to meet me mentally, but he didn't get to look into my eyes like you will. He was still seeing our vessel through Mr. Jackson's eyes. So I thank you for being willing to take this ride with me Mr. Jones, and I'm truly sorry we have to meet under these circumstances. I feel like another time, our meeting could have been beneficial to us both. Unfortunately, not this time. You are the representative guarding what we seek. As such, you must be judged.”

Oh, and Mr. Rishel, we've not forgotten about you. We have a very special surprise lined up for you, and you'll be receiving it very soon indeed. For now though, we suggest keeping your eyes open, and maybe getting a pair for the back of your head as well. You never know when a psycho in a mask may show up behind you. Until then, allow me to remind everyone of one very important thing. I am he who was chosen by the fates. I am the manifestation of Justice herself. Walk with me, or be one of the judged. So it has been written, so it shall come to pass. Quoth The Killer and The Judge...nevermore.”


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