Title: Video: Silas Arrives At the Allianz Arena
Featuring: Silas Artoria
Date: 28/10/19
Location: Munich, Germany
Show: Evolution 66

It is afternoon at Munich, as one of the Omega block heavy hitters arrives with their manager. The arrival was brief, with security checking Silas’ and Hidetaka’s bags before allowing them into the Allianz Arena. The supershow had come and gone, and now the final stop in the europeon tour was beginning their preparations. A few athletes had already arrived, but none of them had the look or current aura of Silas.

The last match he had in Germany had him exhibit something that had not been hinted at for about half a year. His look had changed, with him not allowing a single muscle to relax for even a second. His eyes were cold, and his face perfectly told the staff in the arena what to do. “Stay out of my way.”

There were exceptions, of course.


He doesn’t even glance at the interviewer, and simply gives a jaded, near monotone response.


The interviewer keeps up with the taller man, although the direction she was facing made it difficult for her to pace alongside Silas.

TARA ROBINSON: Can you explain what happened with your match with Starlight? You behaved very irregularly after the final bell had rung, as if you were going to--

SILAS ARTORIA: --continue my attack on Starlight.

He glances at Ito.

SILAS ARTORIA: [[I’ll catch up to you.]]

Ito didn’t even try to argue. He was certainly disagreeable when it came to what Silas teased last week, but he also knew that Tara was one of the very few they could comfortably leave them alone with. He simply nodded, and paced ahead while Silas started to slow down.

SILAS ARTORIA: Tell me, Tara. Have you ever been in a situation when the world’s weight is pressed on your shoulders?

Finally, they stop.

TARA ROBINSON: I don’t suppose I have.

SILAS ARTORIA: Well, it’s stressful. It’s unbearable. It hurts in a way that’s far more sinister than any slam, fall, or crash I have experienced in my career. It takes a toll on your psyche, Tara, as it wears away at you by repeating all your little failures while reminding you of the stakes.

He points towards the locker room in the distance.

SILAS ARTORIA: There are two types of people in that locker room at the moment. There are people who are feeling the effects of the tournament in both physical, and psychological ways, and there are liars.

He points to himself.

SILAS ARTORIA: I’m not afraid to admit that I am being killed on the inside. Even with victories under my belt, I am only feeling the pressure more, because there are others nibbling at your feet to keep you on your toes. When we are stressed, we exhale it in different ways. Some of us play video games, some of us meditate, some might even take to the bottle to drown reality away, but for people like me, I exhale it through pinpoint energy. One goal in mind, no sidetracking, but it shuts off your emotional and social inhibitors.

TARA ROBINSON: But what about the Starlight match?

Something almost snaps.

SILAS ARTORIA: It got to me! OK!? I needed to lash out and feel calm again! I haven’t felt the same since the Troy several months ago! And since then, it’s just been piling up and piling up. I should just walk out of here right now, hop on a plane, forfeit the tournament, and come back in several months well rested!

TARA ROBINSON: So why don’t you?

There’s a deafening silence as Silas gets close to Tara, with the latter feeling more intimidated with each passing second.

SILAS ARTORIA: Because I’m not Danny B. I’m Silas Artoria!

Silas straightens his back.

SILAS ARTORIA: I’m teaming with Starlight tonight to take on my next tournament opponent, and I am hoping that she can see that what happened last week wasn’t personal.

TARA ROBINSON: Any words for your opponents.

Silas pauses for a moment.

SILAS ARTORIA: Just a few.

He looks at the camera.

SILAS ARTORIA: Bubba Love, what can I say about you? Last time I looked at your win/loss record and your tournament standings, you haven’t picked up a single victory, and arguably the best time you could’ve picked up two points, you still managed to screw up. On the other hand, I’ve got more victories overall--the most in the current CWF roster, and tied first for most points on the block, tied second in tournament block rankings. To put it politely, you’re one of the very few people not to pick up a single point. Considering how cutthroat this company can be, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rishel decided to cut you out completely.


Silas pauses for thought, but nothing seems to be there.

SILAS ARTORIA: To be honest, I’m probably going to have more things to say about her when we return to America, but I’ll briefly say this.


SILAS ARTORIA: Blake, you seem pleasant, you seem nice, and you’re doing fairly well in this tournament. But niceties and pleasantries are going to get you nowhere in this tournament. This maybe a non-tournament tag bout to give the fans something to be entertained by, but I have yet to see you excel in even basic tag team skills. You’re tagging with Bubba Love, that’s already a lost cause, but I cut my teeth in the CWF tag team division with Autumn Raven. I know the ins and outs with teammates I’ve never been paired up with before, whilst you have yet to even mature in the scene. It’ll be a taste of things to come, so I hope you are prepared to learn.

He looks back at Tara.

SILAS ARTORIA: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a match to prepare for.

He leaves before Tara can react, as the video ends.

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