Title: A Visit to Old Town
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: 9/21/19
Location: Cologne, Germany
Show: Evolution 65

I should feel disappointment.. an opportunity to become the first ever GCWA North American Champion stolen.

Fucked over by a cheap shot with some metal shit.. then to add insult to injury, he places his feet on the ropes while he pins me.

Talk about overkill..

That's what the fuck I'm saying! Getting screwed wasn't a feeling that I liked but one I was all too familiar with.

If Pops would have warned me that I would be getting fucked this much, in this business, I'd probably pack some K.Y. for the road.

But that's a testament to how good I am. When it comes time for me to step in the ring with a title on the line. Nine times outta ten, my opponent is going to cheat me to beat me.

It's a scientific fact now.

Shit never fails.. but you know what? I'm not fucked up.. because no matter how anyone feels about me, I can only be Duce..

We should trademark that shit.

We should.. but fuck it.. I don't have time to be worried about Dylan.. he's gonna get his.. now… it's on to the next one..

Cologne, Germany

You know how there are certain places that you can't wait to travel to and then you have those that doesn't appease to you in any way?

Yeah.. that's Cologne, Germany.

As much as I hate to say it, I definitely have to agree with the both of you. Germany just seems like one of those places that takes everything to serious.

And I'm black.. I'm sure whatever was to go down, would not be pretty. You remember the Mexico situation..

Do I? Hell I was happy as fuck to have made it out of that situation. I honestly thought North Korea was going to be hell for us.

North Korea was no place for someone like us.

I know right, too controlled.. but we made it through.



Alpha and Omega Tournament. Two wins. One draw. Five points. Third place.

Are you third?

I'm pretty sure we're in third place.

I could've sworn we were in second..

There's no telling, we might be but none of that matters because the only thing that truly matters is that it's World title or bust for me at this point.

Dude.. we got too many things that matter. What should really matter is getting back to who we were.

That shit dead as fuck.

Yeah.. I don't see that happening any time soon. Besides my body was in the midst of going into overdrive after being pushed to the limit almost every other night of the week. Fight after fight, match after match.

You can't win em all..

But damn.. I sure does hurt to lose. That shit takes bread out our pockets.

Especially when you get fucked out of it but like I said.. I'll focus on Dylan Thomas when the time was right.

Exactly, it's time to turn our attention to Konrad Rabb..


Konrad Rabb..


Ugh.. the fifty-three year old dude from Germany..

Max Becker?

No. Becker was far from being fifty-three and I'm pretty sure a lot more athletic.

So we get to face an old man in his home country?

Yep, I even heard through the grapevine that this was his first time ever performing in front of his home crowd.

So we're basically the bad guy for the evening?

The way I'm feeling.. I could care less.. I have no qualms about beating his old ass in front of his people. I mean it's nothing personal, he's just catching me at a bad point in my life. 

I guess that's why I'm sitting right here on this fountain in the middle of Old Town. For those who don't know, this very spot was ground zero for one of the most horrific attacks in world and human history. 

But looking at it now.. you could hardly tell.. Nice looking houses connected together, each a different color. Almost reminded me of an area in Jonesboro, Arkansas.. only it looked nicer. With my handheld camera at the ready on a tripod in front of me, I begin to record my promo for CWF Wired.

"Twenty thousand… dat numba is significant because it's how many bodies dat were sprawled all over dis place afta an aerial attack back durin' World War II."

I shake my head sadly because that's a very high number.

"What's crazy about it though, is dat.. dat was only tha body count from dis city alone. We're not about ta tally up tha casualties'a dis country or tha world. Just know dat it was in the millions.. but… twenty thousand.."

I look sadly around at the area, truly astonished at the resilience of the city.

"Dat was ova almost eighty years ago.. ah my bad.. don't mind me.. you guys should know by now dat I'm a sucka fo' historical sites. One'a tha perks'a bein' a professional wrestla. Right Konrad? Well I don't kno'.. you're sorta stuck in those territory days huh? Probably why dis is your first time fightin' in front'a ya home crowd at fifty-fuckin-three years old.. th shit's kinda sad Mista Rabb… I mean, I've only been wrestlin' in the states, comin' up on two years an' I've already wrestled in front'a my hometown at least three times.."

I hold up three fingers to stress my point.

"But I guess it's really not yo' fault.. if I'm readin' ya bio correctly, ya probably got in tha game late. Which is fine.. ya seem like an okay guy but I apologise if you don't strike me as someone intimidatin'. I could easily run circles around ya an' get ya tired enough for a pin."

I laugh at the thought.

"Maybe it's wishful thankin'.. hell for all I kno' you might get dat hometown strength an' give it to me like nobody's business. I've underestimated guys because'a their age but if I was being honest.. they were far more established in their career than you."

I stand up from the fountain and began to walk towards the camera.

"See, you might be close ta tha last leg'a yo' career but mines is just gettin' started. I've got a lotta fight in me an' my best days are ahead'a me while you're trying to live out a glory dat's past yo' timeframe. See by now, I'm pretty sure Mista Rabb dat you're wonderin' what significance does Old Town has ta do wit you an' me.."

I laugh again, squatting down in front of the camera to look directly into the lens.

"See, after dis place was torn ta shreds by shrapnel, it found it's way from tha rubble an' back into a viable part of society. Whereas, afta you leave outta tha rang wit' me.. You're gonna be so broken an' destroyed dat there will be no way possible fo' you ta bounce back an' win dis tournament.

Wit dis match.. I really don't have much ta prove.. except fo' tha fact dat an old man like you won't be able ta keep up wit' a young kid like me. You're merely a warm-up fo' tha real fights dat I have ahead of me.. like Paradine.. Zolton.. Styles.. men who have proved their worth durin' this whole ordeal."

I stand back up and move backwards towards the fountain.

"Then you got tha audacity ta throw yo' name inta tha Impact Melee which is right before our match!"

I throw my hands up sarcastically.

"Tha disrespect is fuckin' real! Do you not kno' who I am? Have you not checked tha resume?"

I stare questionably into the camera.

"I don't do dis shit fo' fun.. I knock folks tha fuck out an' you tryna take advantage of an opportunity is going ta cost you THE opportunity.. ya better get your head in tha game old man.

Cuh dis match ain't got shit ta do wit bein' in ya home country. I'ma let you kno' right now dat hometown advantage shit is dead. After you're done wasting yoa energy tryna beat fo' otha' folks.. I'm gonna come right down afta tha fact, get dat bell rung an' knee you in tha face.. An' it's as simple as dat.."

Feeling done, I walk up to the tripod and shut the camera off.

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