Title: Making an hometown Impact and tearing the house down with Duce Jones.
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 24/9/19
Location: Cologne, Germany
Show: Evolution 65



Konrad's coming home. Unknown location. Tuesday 24th September. (Off-Camera)

It had been a busy week for Konrad as he hasn't stopped travelling or wrestling since Saturday. Monday, Wednesday, Sunday and yesterday, he had to wrestle, and it wasn't going to end, until after the show tonight. However, Konrad has a good reason why he was on the plane, but who didn't know on the flight was Fizz. The pilot received a text on Sunday via Konrad that after Georgia, he had to fly to somewhere in Europe.

As far as the journey goes, they've only just left America and flying over the Atlantic sea with Konrad being fast asleep after all the matches he had to do these last few weeks. Fizz was also asleep as well, well had been sleeping a lot because of being pregnant. After six hours of sleep, Konrad woke up as he stretches his arms in the air.

It wasn't an ordinary plane the aircraft was private, only exclusive to Konrad, his family and team members like the case of Jet Somers who met up with Konrad, during the time where Konrad fought against Casterillo on Sunday at Supreme Championship Wrestling at Apocalypse PPV. However, he was all alone with Fizz who only wakes up, and Konrad kisses her cheek and asks Fizz a question.

Konrad Raab: "How are you feeling?"

Fizz Raab: "I still feel a bit sick, but not as bad as I was the last few weeks."

Konrad Raab: "Well, it'll be well worth the wait when the baby is born in six months, although I got to make sure I find security to protect you very soon."

Fizz Raab: "That's for the future, though. What I'm curious about is why are we on a plane yet again?"

Konrad had been hiding this from Fizz for a few days now because he wanted it to be a surprise when Fizz finds out. Konrad kisses Fizz's cheek once again, and he couldn't stop smiling, being so overjoyed about the location they are going to and had a lot to tell Fizz as they've spoken nothing, but wrestling as of late, well they had to with how busy Konrad is, most hectic week he's had for a very long time.

Konrad Raab: "I never thought I'd see the day where I'd fly to my home continent again. That's the clue there already."

Fizz Raab: "Oh my god, are you wrestling in Germany?"

Konrad Raab: "That's correct. Not a random place in Germany either. I consider this part of Germany the best place to live over there."

Fizz Raab: "No way are you fighting in Cologne?"

Konrad Raab: "Oh, yes, I am."

Fizz gives Konrad a massive hug as she couldn't help, but be so happy for him, wrestling in Germany was big enough, but fighting in Cologne? Konrad's only wrestled there twice in his career. Once again, just as the announcement of the location came through, Konrad couldn't help but be so thrilled, and it was massive for Konrad, bigger than wrestling a title match.

Fizz Raab: "I know how much it means to you to wrestle in front of your home fans. It's a shame Supreme Championship Wrestling, or UGWC never goes to Cologne or Germany in the case of UGWC for you to wrestle there more regularly. I'm so happy for you. Although saying this, who are you facing tonight?"

Konrad Raab: "I got so overexcited that I almost forgot who I'm facing. Anyway, the guy I'm facing against is known as Duce Jones in the Alpha and Omega tournament. I got to admit though Fizz, he's not going to be the easiest guy to defeat. The guy has not lost a single match yet, even defeating Amy Jo Smith who's a legend in the sport."

Fizz Raab: "Wow, but you can manage the home pressure of facing against Duce, right?"

Konrad Raab: "Of course, but that's not the only match I'm in tonight, either."

Ever since Konrad saw the news online that CWF was going to Cologne on Sunday, he didn't want the chance to go to waste, even Fizz's eyes widened up a lot, having her mouth falling open as she was frozen for a long while until she decides to speak.

Fizz Raab: "What?"

Konrad Raab: "I want to take every opportunity I could by being in another match I asked permission for. Now, usually I don't do this, but how can this hometown wrestler resist taking part in a make your impact melee match? One good thing is I've been in hardcore matches as you know with Kenzi and Casterillo. There's one person I've heard of in the impact melee match, and that's Maggie Lockheart, although Ariel Shadows is also in the tournament too. The other names like Sean Fuller and Johnny Graves, I know nothing about."

Fizz Raab: "You're crazy, doing four matches in three days. Are you sure you want to do it?"

Konrad Raab: "Of course I do. I know I'm highly unlikely wrestle in front of my home town fans for a long time. I want to make the most of it, and the fans won't get enough of The Iceman competing in the Melee match. I want to do this, and if I win, it means I'll be in CWF for a while, but I didn't do it just to win the title, I joined in because it was happening in my home town and no way was I going to pass that up. Do you understand?"

Fizz Raab: "Yes. I have to ask, why did you keep this from me?"

Fizz had to ask as it was clear Konrad hid all of this from Fizz, but it wasn't done on purpose as he had been tears of happiness a lot as of late as Konrad responded as Fizz was also in tears for him, seeing how excited he was to wrestle against Duce and being in the Melee as he speaks while they see the water in the sky, still being on the plane.

Konrad Raab: "Because not only I found out on Sunday from a text message, but I wanted to surprise you too. Better to be surprised than not, right?"

Fizz Raab: "Yes, of course. It also means we can go and visit your mother. You need to talk to her about the whole situation about your dad."

Konrad Raab: "Even Doctor Schneider said the same, and I also want to see my grandson and my daughter while I'm there as well, but speaking to my mum about the issues she hid from me is so important. He's been begging me, but never got the chance to see her because of wrestling getting in the way. Now I'm coming home; I have to see her and talk about it, direct, finding answers to everything."

Fizz Raab: "Indeed, right now, I want you to go back to sleep as I know you've only slept for six hours, but that's not enough. Go back to sleep as you need a ton of rest to face four other wrestlers in the Melee and Duce Jones."

Konrad Raab: "Yes, you're right. I'll put my head down to sleep to relax for matches later on. Wake me up when the plane stops in Cologne."

Fizz Raab: "I will."

Fizz kisses Konrad's cheek as he lays in his unique bed and falls straight to sleep as Fizz however had a lot of rest as she went to the bar to get herself an orange juice and drinks it before she was brought some breakfast to eat on the plane. It didn't take them very long as two hours later after Konrad fell asleep; they landed in Cologne, Germany as Fizz shakes Konrad to wake up as he does by stretching once again and got off the plane with Fizz.

They went through passport check and collected their luggage from the luggage hall and went outside to get a taxi, heading towards Konrad's home. As he got to his house, he places the bags in the home via assistance by the taxi driver. He takes them up to his room before he shouts out from the stairwell.

Konrad Raab: "Make yourself home, as usual, I'm going to be a while, doing videos for my matches tonight."

Fizz Raab: "Alright."

Fizz ends up watching TV, while Konrad goes to his office and closes the door behind him to start doing his first video for the Melee match as he turns his computer on and gets the camera setup as he then presses the live stream button on youtube to start his first video about the Melee match and then to Duce Jones.


Video one: Making a Hometown impact youtube.com shoot. (On-Camera)

"There's no secret that I wanted to take part in this impact melee match because not only it's another opportunity to win a title, but also because of this match open to everyone is located in my home city of Cologne, Germany. I, for one, am proud to face all of my opponents I have tonight. I will get to Duce in my next video as this is important for me to announce. I admit I did announce my entry very late because I had no idea where it was, until yesterday because of my busy schedule that I've only just got to Germany ten minutes ago.

Starting with Sean Fuller. It's good to see that you show respect to every wrestler on the roster in your debut tag match against Kyuseishu, Silas Artoria and Joseph Svenson to put out an excellent performance as you did in CWF. You're going to go places, kid and you can only go up from here. I wish you the best of luck, but sadly for you, especially here in Cologne, you won't be walking away from the match, but your future is bright, Sean and can't wait to see what you'll do in CWF.

Then we have the returning Johnny Graves who hasn't been seen in CWF, since April. That's not a bad thing though as sometimes, it's always good to take a break from wrestling at times to come back to be even better in the ring. I just had a quick look at your match you had back at the Vertigo PPV where you was in a cage match for the Impact title against Zack Van Owen, Freddie Styles and Moe Davies and now I see why you're in the match; you want to recapture the belt you never lost? I know you may not know this hometown man, but you can watch my videos if you need to know more about me.

However, despite the respect I have for you in terms of winning the Impact belt, there were things in the video I've just watched about you telling Moe Davis they are trash and a garbage wrestler. Nobody in the wrestling business is garbage and trash. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses Johnny, even yourself and not everyone wins matches every single week.

Sure, you've been the Impact champion, but with an attitude like that, I don't know if you want to be the Impact champion if you show such a lack of respect, even to my opponent tonight who's been undefeated in the Alpha and Omega tournament so far. Maybe you've changed since you return tonight so I let you off the hook, but I will still, stop you from winning the belt and letting you beat this countryman

Another person like myself is entering the match as well as being in the Alpha/Omega tournament, Ariel Shadows. It takes a lot of commitment I have to admit to taking part in this prestigious match along with our matches in the tournament tonight. You seem to be the only person who's not afraid to take the risk of doing two matches tonight, and for that, I applaud you. However in saying everything, despite clearly having a lot of experience with hardcore wrestling, why did you throw a fireball at Legion and got away with it?

When other wrestlers have done something like that, they get fined or even fired from ever competing in the said company. You may love fireballs, and you may love the thought of using weapons which I no longer have a problem of using, you won't be throwing fire or anything else when you'll be done sooner than later when the hometown man will do everything possible to stop you walking away from this match with a win.

Maggie, we've had a lot of history together, bet you were never expecting us to clash again since you left UGWC. I don't understand why since you've been around EWC which I know you wrestle there because I have a brother in law who does, you've not made a return to UGWC, not even for the Outlast tournament that happened yesterday. I know you were brutally harsh with me last time and I can take them because compared to Sarah, you're a far better person than her.

However, it doesn't mean I've not been winning matches lately because I have, heck I earned my Chaos title shot last month, only I lost it, but I took Kenzi to the test. When you heard from me last year, that would've never been possible. I always improve every single match, and I know you'll trash me as everyone has in UGWC, but it's OK because when I overcome you tonight, in front of my home crowd, maybe then you'll take me seriously. Sure you've beaten me, but I'm full of energy tonight which only spells trouble. Not to mention that I won a tournament match two weeks ago too, I've won more than I lost in the tournament so far.

You see, I don't usually take part in these sort of matches when I'm in tournaments, but I just had to because I want to wrestle two matches in one night for my home city, especially when I'll likely never wrestle in my home city for a long while. I will proudly wave my German flag to the crowd and come into the ring, bringing everything I have, until I've captured the win. Tonight right here in Cologne, Germany, everyone will prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman when he not only pins or submits a wrestler here tonight, but also will be the new Impact champion in his home country with the crowd going ballistic for me with me going on my knees and kissing the title to celebrate with you fans."


Video 2: Alpha and Omega match against Duce Jones youtube.com shoot.

"Now I move onto my second match of the night, a man who's been undefeated in the tournament so far with all, but one match being wins, Duce Jones. You have made an impact here in CWF, and you're very loyal to the company as well. I know for a fact without even looking at your records you've won titles here with the performances you've been bringing in CWF and nobody seems to be able to defeat you.

I was especially impressed with you winning against Amy Jo Smith, who happens to be one of the top wrestlers in the past. It's rare a wrestler defeats Amy because she's known worldwide, even her achievements in other companies make the win you had well worth it. I don't even think I can trash talk you because you've been a pretty decent guy and it only makes the fight better if you have the same amount of respect for me.

You're pretty entertaining, even if I don't understand very well, mainly because my English I admit isn't as good as the majority of the wrestlers are in this business. Duce, I always look forward to fighting my opponents, but because of where we at, I look forward to it even more because I'm so full of energy, being excited to wrestle in the Melee and you in Cologne in front of my home fans tonight so you can't blame me for wanting to be in two matches tonight.

Of course, you're important too as I admit, I know I'm going to have a lot of trouble defeating you here tonight because of how good you are as wrestler and I'm looking forward to the challenge and give these fans a fight they deserve to see from us respectful wrestlers who put out extra effort one hundred per cent all the time in every single match.

But while I know we'll have a respectful match tonight and while you'll be a callous individual to put down, the problem is there can only be one winner and the only winner that they will be cheering so madly tomorrow night with the match and the fans will be me because I've been on a roll here with two wins and one loss and I want to do everything possible to give you a solid match, tearing the house down to perform a match of a lifetime, especially in front of these awesome fans tonight.

I have no choice, but to win tonight Duce as I could not only walk away from Cologne the Impact champion which means, I'll stick around for a while, until I lose the belt, but also be the first guy to give you a loss in this tournament and I believe that I can do that by beating you fairly without cheating and pinning you for the three count with my hands raised with the crowd once again going ballistic when I win this match tonight as well. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman."

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