Title: Dark days
Featuring: Danny B
Date: Sept 19
Location: Berlin
Show: Evolution 65

Do you ever find yourself at a crossroads? The choices before you could change your life forever, and you don’t know where to go, because you know that when you look back, the option to turn around has gone, there is no more chances for you. 

Some people have to face these regularly, and sometimes, they are always left wondering if the choice that they made is the right one. 

One of those men in particular was currently walking aimlessly down the streets of Berlin, having decided to take a pit stop tour before heading to Cologne. That man is someone who came into the Alpha and Omega tournament with all the fire in the world, but since then has questioned if coming out of retirement was the best option for him. This is someone who sold an empire to create a legacy. 

This was someone who since deciding that it was time to try it again, had put in his worst performance in a Golden Intentions match ever, someone who couldn’t beat Duce Jones in his attempt to get the tournament off to a good start, someone who tapped out to little fucking Nathan Paradine two weeks ago. So what was left for him now? Even if he was to have a perfect tournament now, the chances of him winning the thing were low.

These were the thoughts plaguing The Ripper has he trundled down the German pavement. The slightly crap German weather wasn’t improving his mood either. He knew he should be focusing on Phoenix LeStrange and their upcoming match, but his heart simply wasn’t in it. He had come back ready to light the fire in his life, reinvigorate the monster that he used to be, but that simply wasn’t what had happened. 

He was so deep in his self pity, that he didn’t notice the group of people stood in front of him having a pleasant chat about their day ahead. As he collided with them, he still didn’t really clear the fog of his mind until the shouting started. Suddenly, he was being pulled to his feet, held up by two fairly bulky German lads who were laying into him in their native spittle. 

Times like this in the past, he would have happily taken the cue for a fight, smacking someone in the face to start a mass brawl. Again though, he couldn’t really be asked, and when he was thrown back to the ground again in anger, he didn’t react, frankly he couldn’t. Instead, he waited for the inevitable boot to come his way, but it never did. Instead, the group picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and walked away. 

“There are many things I believed I would see on this day, alas, this was not one.” 

Danny looked upwards, a long way upwards, as the man standing over him right now was rather large. Seven feet to be exact. 

“It seems young Ripper, that my intuition was indeed correct, it seems you are in need of some assistance.”

The giant outstretched a long, muscled arm. Danny took it, and the giant pulled him right to his feet without much effort at all. Danny took a moment to look at his new companion, so many features seemed familiar, almost identical to his father. See, this was Alcis, one of Anubis’ oldest children. Slimmer and slightly shorter than his father, Alcis still had the same air of intelligence and sophistication that his father did. Danny had only met Alcis and his sister Zelina once before in his decade and a half of knowing their father, and had assumed at the time, unlike Atlas and Claudia, that the two of them very much stayed out of their father’s business. Although, unlike the younger siblings, they had also known who their father was all their lives. 

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Alcis nonchalantly brushed off Ripper’s leather jacket before speaking, that aloofness seemed similar also.

“I was sent by Father, he seems to believe that you may be in need of some assistance, based on your recent behaviour.”

Always watching. That fucker was always watching. Danny eyed his new companion carefully, trying to see if he could read the man that stood before him, annoyingly however, just like his damn father, he was unreadable. 

“So, what kind of assistance are you supposed to be providing?”

Alcis reached into his inside jacket pocket as he spoke again, pulling out an envelope. 

“I am not here to aid directly, merely I am here to pass on this information. After your upcoming show this week, Father has requested that you join him in Marrakesh.”

Marrakesh? There was only one reason to go there, the Amun-Ra academy. The place where their relationship began all those years ago. 

“Well, it seems like this is all in order. I shall be staying at the Grand Hyatt if you fancy a drink later this evening.”

And without another word, he turned on the heel of his Italian leather wing-tips and walked away down the streets of Berlin, leaving Danny dumbfounded on the pavement, holding the envelope loosely in his hand. 


Night had well and truly fallen by the time the two of them were happily situated in their booth that evening. Danny couldn’t help but feel a little out of place, as every other person in this high-class establishment seemed to be dressed all the way to the nines and then back again. His scuffed white high-tops certainly stuck out like a sore thumb. Alcis, draped in a navy blue three piece, didn’t seem to care so much, but was rather bewildered at Danny’s behaviour. After all, as far as he knew, this was the kind of place the Ripper was used to. High class and high rolling, what he had seen of this man so far however, would suggest that he wouldn’t have looked too out of place resting in a hostel. 

“So, please continue, I am highly intrigued, this tournament thing, this is to crown a new champion, however it is for a championship title you have yet to lose?”

Danny refocused his slightly glassed over emerald greens on Alcis, processing the words that had just been said. 

“Yeah, but that was all a long time ago. I ain’t that guy anymore. I wish I was, but I can’t hold a candle to that guy anymore. I entered this tournament with vigor a few weeks back, and now, now I don’t know why I bothered. Ain’t a fun thing to ruin your own legacy.”

“Indeed, I can understand what you mean. It does seem however, that you may have a chance to redeem yourself somewhat this coming week?”

Ripper couldn’t help but snort in response, which drew more than one looks of derision from the surrounding ensemble. 

“What Phoenix LeStrange? The most interesting thing about her is her name. No one knows fuck all…” more looks of derision from passing people “about her! All we know is she thinks she’s this mysterious and curious woman who steps into a ring, gets her ass whooped and then leaves without even an inkling of what her personality is like. Quite honestly, if I can’t win this one, I might as well pissing quit, because there will never be any coming back from that. 

Frankly, my chances in this tournament have slipped dramatically, and without winning the damn thing, I see no reason to even stick around. Luckily for Rishel, I keep my promises, but considering he is half as competent as his father was, I imagine he hasn’t read every clause in my contract, and that’s to his detriment. 


So yeah, I’ll walk into the building this week, grab a few more points, and walk out again without a care in the world.”

“Hmmm, I believe father may be right. Shall we order another round?”

Danny agreed, and the two of them spoke and drank for many hours into the night, Danny being very cautious not to say anything further about wrestling. Mainly because in his mind, he knew that Alcis and his father was right. He needed help to get back to his winning ways. He knew it was time to strip everything back to basics. Quote The Ripper, the time is coming.

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