Title: Respect
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: now
Location: Amsterdam
Show: Evolution 64


“I've always been my own person. Everything I've ever done in my life I did the hard way.”


Autumn had been spending the past couple of weeks hiding within the busy confines of her own hometown, drowning her sorrows and her anger in beer and cheesy horror movies.  People had been texting her phone back and forth, day in and day out, wondering if she was doing alright. Her reasoning for being here and not wanting to have any real contact with anyone was she ‘needed her space’.


This week, however, she was scheduled in another block of the Alpha and Omega tournament in the bustling city of Amsterdam.  The idea of having to hop a plane and sit for god knows how long made her shiver. Plane food wasn’t all that great, and usually if there was an in-flight movie, it wasn’t anything she was interested in at all.  But with her 2 week sabbatical over, she hopped a plane and scooted off to the city of Amsterdam.


She was sitting outside of the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum, watching the locals come and go, excitedly whispering in german most likely about what they had seen within the building.  There was a building just like this in Hollywood that she had seen a couple of times, so she was curious as to what was inside of this one that was so different than the others. She sighed and popped a chip into her mouth, lightly kicking her legs against the stone circular wall she was sitting on.


People would glance at her, but that was all.  She was a foreigner, a small fry in this big place.  She was like all of the other foreign tourists here most likely.  All wide-eyed and curious at the world around them. This was her in a nut-shell.  This was her first time in Germany, nee Amsterdam in general. Everything was new and different, the food was tasty and exciting, and the entertainment was interesting to say the least.


Once the madness had died down, she stood up, shoving the bag of half-finished dill chips into her pocket and walked forward towards the entrance, paying her way inside and finally getting a good look at what was indoors in all of its glory and colored might.  It was a much different scene than what she had already seen. Off to her left was a wax statue of Daniel Craig, best known as the current James Bond incarnation. She grinned and trotted over, looking up into that near-realistic face, running a careful hand over the front of the suit he was carved into.


Perfect picture opportunity.


She held it up much like she was taking a selfie, and hit the button on her phone, grinning softly into the lens.  A tourist with a thick Aussie accent walking by, offered to take a picture of her posing with the gorgeous wax Brit statue and she agreed, leaning against him carefully as if they were a couple.  She thanked her and chit chatted for a brief moment before waving her good bye as she continued on, making sure to hit the record button on her phone so she was broadcasting live


Autumn:  Well hello there PJ, it’s been a long long time since you and I have seen one another hasn’t it?  Finally, since that match in Jamaica, we are getting back in the ring and are going to tear down the house and do what it is that both of us do best out there.  The difference between this match and the last one is there’s going to be a clear cut winner instead of a rude interruption and someone sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.  This is gonna be called the right way this time, like it should have been. I think Lady Luck decided to give us both another shot at figuring out who the best is at Evolution 64. Sauron would just be screaming he lost a contact lense or something, let’s be honest here.  This time I want to have a victory over you, and not a loss that could have been prevented had Brandon not done what he did.


I learn and adapt with every match I have.  Each loss is a lesson learned, each win is a great feeling but another lesson tucked into the back pocket.  I don’t fit the typical mold of what you expect of someone like me. I march to my own drum and that’s pretty much it.  If you didn’t follow my removal from Silas’s shadow, then you wouldn’t quite get that point but I hope you do. When I look at you, PJ, I see a brash, hard as hell person who does what she has to to get a win.  Naive...maybe. Trusting people who claim to have your best interests in mind is a dangerous thing. I know this first hand. The second you think you have that protection and that ‘security’, poof it’s gone and your on the shelf with a black eye and a bum leg.  I think you catch my drift on that.


What do you see in me?  A former champion, Silas’s former lackey, fighting hero, never back down, never give up mentality?  Or do you see the Autumn that you encountered back in Jamaica? Distracted, not focused, losing her touch and her self control because of a simple distraction.  Maybe this is the bait I throw out there for you PJ.  To lure you into my trap, making you think I’m just some innocent little soul with same mentality as all these other cookie cutter clowns out there.


Good, you’re happy.  Way to go, good for you.  Cling to that, however you have to girl.  But even happy moments like that can be dashed to pieces in moments.  Of course I realize you’re being stalked. Every stupid leech who knows you or has had contact with you wants to ride ya damn coattails to the top.  Why care about them anyway? All you have to worry about is youYou and me.  There’s a match we have where we will stand at the top of that mountain and show off for them...for all those fans out there...because this is our life...our blood...our dreams come to life!


I’ll be bringing my A-game, my best, and I hope...no...I know you’ll be bringing yours.  We’re going to make this match shine and be the talk of everyone after tonight’s done.  I don’t have a problem with your little protection, but if they get caught trying anything fishy...it’s over...for you and for them.  I don’t care, i want this clean cut match just as bad as you do and to see it end like it did in Jamaica will be a sad day indeed.


All in all, good luck PJ.  Whoever wins in this match will move on in the tournament with two points so desperately needed.  I dare say, after this match, you’ll get that respect in turn PJ...win or lose.

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