Title: Bad Intentions
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: June 12/18
Location: Philadelphia
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV

Xander rolls out of the ring after his match with Clark Steele walking up the ramp grabbing his head in disbelief he also begins to talk to himself.

" No no no no no no no no."

getting louder and louder as he walks further up the ramp than in a white-hot rage he begins tearing apart some of the set designs. As Xander makes his way backstage he still seems to be in this uncontrollable rage tearing light and sound equipment off tables and the wall. Pushing CWF officials out of his way and into the wall one even smashing his head against the concrete wall. Knocking him out cold as Xander pushes him aside not even looking back to see what he had done but continued walking away in this enraged state continuing to talk to himself.

" Fuck fuck no it wasn't supposed to be like this I was supposed to be his kryptonite his fucking kryptonite. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they are all my stones I want it I need it."

As Xander talks to himself he is also slapping himself in the face until his face is beet red he then looks down at his right arm. 

" This is all your fault why can't you just work?"

Xander then finds a steel door and in an absurd action begins slamming his right arm in between the door and the door frame repeatedly.


A tear comes to Xander's eye not do to any pain as his right arm has very dull nerve endings but because vast amount of emotion flowing out of him at the moment. He stops immediately as he sees the EMS run past him in curiosity he follows them back to the CWF official who he earlier knocked out he sees the damage that he has inflicted. He begins to show more emotion but now it is that sick sadistic smile as he watches the official being carried out on a stretcher. One of the paramedics approaches Xander putting on latex gloves points towards his right arm.

" Do you want me to take a look at that?"

Xander with the smile still on his face looks down at his right arm there is an open gash with blood spilling out.

" No, get the fuck out of my way."

He pushes the paramedic out of his way and walks out of the arena gets into his car and drives off into the distance. 30 mins later Xander was in his hotel room packing his bags with the tv playing in the background. Almost ready to get to Philadelphia for Golden Intentions when he hears the news on the tv the headline was CWF wrestlers survives drug overdose while admitted into a  Philadelphia hospital. Xander sits down in front of the tv angered by each word that was coming out of the news reporter mouth.

" Current CWF wrestler Zachary Vaughn who was already admitted into a Philadelphia hospital was drugged by an unknown attacker is finally starting to recover. Now still has to recover from being admitted into the hospital originally."

Xander begins to seethe with anger he stands up out of the chair and begins screaming at the tv.


Xander consumed with anger kicks the tv knocking it off the stand it hits the floor the screen smashes, sparks start to fly out of whats left of the tv. 

" I'll have to finish the job."

Xander finishes packing his bags and speeds away from the hotel without paying his bill begins to make the long drive to Philadelphia. 4 and half hours later he finally arrives in Philly instead of checking in to a hotel or maybe getting something to eat he heads right to the hospital where Zach is admitted where he tried to take his life. Xander arrives at the hospital rushing his way through the hallways that sick smile starts to glimmer on his face as he thinks about what he is going to do to Zach. He finally gets to Zach's room he finds his unconscious body lying in a hospital bed he laughs again at how bad this hospital's security still is after he just tried to murder someone in it no one around to even ask him who he is. Xander picks up a pillow that was sitting on a nearby chair in the room he then decides to put it over Zach's face and begins to apply pressure.

"I am going to end you."

 A crazed look overcomes he face and Zach's unconscious body begins to twitch due to the loss of oxygen the heart monitor starts to beep faster and faster as if it was counting down the seconds that this lifeless body has left. Then just as it looks as there is nothing left of Zach Xander in an unforeseeable move releases the pressure that he had on the pillow and throws the pillow to the ground.

"No... no... no... not yet not this way."

Xander pulls a chair up to Zach's unconscious body bedside and leans in close.

" I sure hope you can hear me you dumb fuck I want you to know that I could end you right here and now or any time I want too really. I chose to spare you tonight because I want you to witness not only the greatest moment of my life when my arm is raised in victory at Gloden Intentions. At the same time, I will embarrass and destroy everyone who is doomed to face me I will crush their hopes and dreams. To be honest that sounds a little sweeter than the actual victory. The only thing that could make it anymore sweet if you show your ugly face and I really hope you show up. Not only will I destroy you like all those other nonfactors that aren't even worth my time to mention by name but with you, I will take my sweet time. I"ll let you watch my dominance before I put whatever is left of your rotting corpse out of its misery. I will prove That every CWF so-called superstar including you are nothing but what I have been saying you are all just stepping stones for me to smash on the way to the top. Oh, Zach, I don't know if you know this Caledonia one but if she wins at Golden intentions which she most likely won't but in the small chance she does I want you to tell her that she's gonna be my bitch."

Xander's face is cover in an evil smile.

"And I like to get kinky."

Xander backhands Zach in the face.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP I knew you were weak but I thought you would have the balls to face me like a man. I hope you are able to find your balls in time for the show because it just wouldn't be the same without you. Well, fucktard if you're not gonna wake the fuck up I got to go I hope you make it back in time to see me take over the whole fucking industry.

Xander stands up out of the chair and in one last sign of disrespect spits in Zach's face. Then leaves the room and the hospital without being stopped asked any questions by a single person.

Fade to Black





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