Title: Early days
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: there
Show: Evolution 62


“It's a hard way out of hell

And I did it to myself

I'm at the point of no return


Where do I go, go from here

Hold my ground, I'll disappear

Nowhere to run, nowhere to run, oh

Now that I'm all out of time

One last stand to make it right

Nowhere to run, nowhere to run

Nowhere to run…”


The hard drumming lyrics of Fozzy’s “Nowhere to Run” set the scene that is unfolding before everyone.  Dressed in a pair of jean shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt that’s completely black, splashed across the front with angry orange lettering reading ‘Unscripted Violence’ along with a familiar name and a grenade on it is Autumn Raven herself leaning over the railing somewhere in Santa Monica at the present time.  The familiar backdrop of the area is behind her, people walk up and down the pier chit chatting amongst themselves with food or gifts in their hand. Other guests are situated along the same railing though not as close to her, pointing out the birds flying in the sky or admiring the ocean waves rolling back and forth in the distance.  They eye Autumn curiously, and she turns her head, waving at them. They return the favor and go back to the view before them. Autumn glances down at her open palms as if expecting them to be holding something, but there’s nothing there and she closes her hands tightly again for a few seconds before relaxing them. Memories like the passing of the seasons float through her head as she continues to stare at the scenery before her.


A couple of autographs are signed from a pair of enthusiastic fans, and she turns back to the ocean view that had her attention.


“You tear yourself away from something, something so dark and consuming just to gain your own freedom that you expect to leave it behind and never have to encounter it again.  But sometimes, as far as you can run, that same darkness can creep up on you and tease you with the memories that once darkened your days and nights. I ran away from that darkness long ago because I had to.  In order to gain my own freedom and stability, I had to get away, far away. Now it’s back, crawling up my porch and knocking on my front door so to speak.”


She lets out a sigh, the smell of tasty food floats into her nostrils, making her stomach rumble for the taste of whatever the Pier has to offer her.  People continue to walk and enjoy their time behind her, still not paying much attention to the dark haired woman spilling her woes to the view before her.  She hums a few bars of Fozzy’s ‘Nowhere to run’ before continuing to speak.


“”I’ve been doing a good job continuing my success and my showcase of my skills out there in the ring.  I’ve been free of what held me down and it’s felt really good. People are talking about me, the fans can’t get enough of me, and I’ve managed to win a title along the way.  I don’t think I would have been able to do that attached to the darkness, not at all. The chess game towards my own goals would have ended long before that. Fate had different plans for me at that point.  Or maybe this was the idea all along. Was I supposed to learn something from it? Maybe. Maybe the lesson to be learned was, never trust the darkness. Never trust something that promises you everything and delivers nothing.  You’re better off playing the game on your own.”


She shifted on her feet, continuing the humming of the song that she had been singing earlier.  A couple more people came up to her and asked for a picture, to which she eagerly gave to them, telling them about the next Evo show and to watch it.  She watched them walk away, scanning her gaze up and down the Pier again. There was plenty to do and see here before she had to depart.


Eyes shut briefly, before she opens her eyes.


“Hello darkness my old friend.  I’ve come to talk with you again.  So the song says. We really need to stop this whole running into each other thing, honestly because it’s getting old.  It really is. Somehow we seem to come back together like moths to a flame, magnets. We want to mix, but we just don’t.  It’s a cycle that we’re tied to, no matter how hard we try to get away from it.”


She shook her head, silently echoing Silas’s silent thought.  It was going to continue, no matter how bad they wanted it to end.


“I’ve done things since our parting that would make you gasp in surprise.  I’ve gained my footing finally in CWF, and the support of the stars backstage, along with the fans that loyally follow our brand.  Matches with all kinds of stipulations, much like yours. I’ve went through each and everyone of them without blinking an eye, digging deep, going to a dark place that no human should ever go sometimes.  I won a title even, chasing out that stupid Carnage Wrestling reject. I don’t let anyone step in my yard, in my house, and disrespect things like that. They get dealt with. You, above all people, should know that.  You got your ass beat, several times, by me.”


A pause.


“”I’m not better in the ring than you, you’re right ya smart ass.  No I’m the only one who can kill you and put you out of your misery for good.  I nearly did it at Frozen Over, but that didn’t finish the job. It just send you packing back to your dirty little hole for a few months.  I was pretty satisfied with myself, but when you came back and started up again, I didn’t pay much attention to it.”


A pause.


“”There ain’t gonna be no match fixing or bullshit like that.  This is just gonna be a flat out war between two like minded individuals who are gonna beat the shit out of one another until someone walks out of there alive and well.  Trust me, what your other opponents did to you before and after me, are going to pale in comparison to what I will do to you now out there in that ring. The fans will cheer as you get thrown around in that ring, your head banging off of my knee and my foot.  I will give you my everything. I will end you one way or another, or fall over trying. I don’t care what I have to do. You are a blight, a stain upon myself.


You may have had a hand in helping me, sad as it is to say, but you won’t have anything to help me with when I tear off your arms, beat you with them, then walk away with a grin.  I don’t care, I’m gonna send you to hell and laugh every step of the way while doing it.


I will unmake your very existance.  This war isn’t over."

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