Title: the Rise of the Storm
Featuring: Starlight
Date: 08/30/19
Location: Dark World
Show: Evolution 62


The cameraman arrived at the door looking at it sighing as he pulled the door open.  He saw the wetsuit and diving gear sitting by it. Usually when she had a plan he would heed the items that were sitting there.  He heard the familiar cackle, as he quickly put on the gear minus the breathing apparatus and goggles, as he pulled the door open.  It opened into where a dark lighthouse was set up shining a black light onto the sea where a white one would be. He saw the familiar set up but the river of souls was flowing into the ocean, which was more than curious for him.  He begins to follow the path carrying everything still with him, as she appeared behind him. She gave him a small shove, but as he turned around he saw her disappear. He makes his way to the bridge, but as he did the bridge submerged into the water, as the cameraman put on his aquatic gear.  He begins to go into the cold black water, as he looked at the souls floating around him. He saw the woman in white swimming next to him as she looked at him, waving. 


“The Sea Princess” Starlight

Have you once considered where the river of souls leads?  It leads to the ocean of black tears which empties out into the nothing.  This had been our home for sometime as most who dare not venture here know that we are the one waiting upon the world.  See CWF understands that we are a monster just waiting to show what we are capable of and the underwater paradise goes with it.  See we faced Ariel a couple weeks ago and she gave us a run for our money. In the end though, we were handed our victory and we ended up getting the two points.  See our opponent this week is Jay Mora, who also won his return match last week against his opponent, and gained his two points. What does the one thing that the people wonder about, swimming amongst the souls of the lost, the souls of those who have been damned.  Jay, once the victory is handed to me and you are just coming to grips with the death that you are handed then we will be the ones to carry your soul into this place where you will swim for all time.


She dusappears grabbing him before she did her hand disappearing through him as she appeared on the land soaking wet.  The souls motioned to him to surface as he began doing so. She stepped into the water pulling him up as he removed his apparatus throwing the tank onto the shore as he sees her.  He shivers as he comes up and appears on the shore.


“The Sea Princess” Starlight

You see we want to win, the goal to win the CWF world title means everything to me, See we may not have been here a long time, but we are still a ring veteran, we can see that Jay is the same way.  But you need to understand we are the one who took control, from the cavern, of those who reside down there. See Jay come tuesday night, in London, we will return and we will take the mantle we have been given.  Who will show up we do not know, we can only offer this simple advice to you. Come and test your hand, bring yourself, bring the army, hell bring a friend. They will bear witness to the cure that is being disturbed to a virus which the world has never seen before.  Do you understand there Jay? Do you have the feeling in your stomach that you can only tend to throw up but then find the water of the black ocean lurking within you?  


She giggled as she vanished then the cameraman goes over to the lighthouse hearing where the cackling is coming from.  He begins his ascent as he sees her sitting on the stairs making the stairs wet dripping water on them. She giggled as she looked at him.


“The Sea Princess” Starlight

The alpha and Omega tournament tends to make some strange bedfellows to meet.  We are not afraid of those who dare to step into the ring with us because we are the measuring stick.  We have been the measuring stick for sometime and hence we are comfortable showing you the truth. The truth shall be the thing that sets you free from here, as we cannot.  We’ve tried, the dark ocean does not allow those who come here to leave. It takes a piece of them, as we take a piece of our opponents from them and hope that they remember that when it comes to facing us, you either defeat us and learn that you are not any better than the rest of the people who have thought of coming and stepping up.


She giggles as she appears at the top of the stairs as she looked down at him.  He begins continuing to climb as she continued to cackle. She pushes the door open letting the cameraman go through it, as she followed him out.  She grabbed him by the collar pressing him up to the light.


“The Sea Princess” Starlight

Everything we have said will come to pass we hope.  You can never play with fate, she doesn’t have a fickle mistress, like we do, but we can make sure that she remains satisfied.  Come Tuesday night there Jay you will come to the truth. You are a poor unfortunate soul there that has no chance in hell. We are the disease, but we are the cure, we are the red death, but we are the salvation.  We are Legion for we are the many, but you won’t know the many until the time is too late. Good bye now Mr. Cameraman.


She throws him overboard as she looked down upon him, as he screamed.  The door appeared below him as it opened, and swallowed him, as he dropped out into his bed, where he curled up after he landed as the scene fades out. 

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