Title: Focus
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Varies
Show: Evolution 61


Damn.. did he say one minute?

He sure did..

Just tap out man, live to fight another day.

Fuck that! Hold on for as long as you can!

What the fuck you think I'm doing!?

"Duce! Do you submit?" Trent Robbins asked as I continue to struggle against Danny B's kneebar.

I had never felt as much pain as I was currently feeling.

One minute you think you're a 100% and next thing you know.. this shit happens.

Shut the fuck up! I need to concentrate.

Yeah, that negative shit need to roll right now. Ain't to many people gonna say they tapped us out.

Fucking right… "AHHHH!!!" This shit can't be good. My knee don't feel like it's gonna hold up.

"Duce! Do you wanna submit?"

"Get tha fuck away from me!"

That's right, fight through the pain. The knee is gonna be fine.

No it's not! Tap! He's about to retear something!

You need to mute the negative energy and focus on surviving long enough to get the draw.

Draw? I can't go out like that!

Do you see any other option?

Ugh… you're right.

"Tap the fuck out!"

I don't think I can hold on.. I raise my hand in contemplation of submitting. 

Fuck it..

I go to slap my hand down





I made it..

The boos are almost deafening but I don't give the slightest fuck.. I'm just thankful that The Ripper has released my knee.. I couldn't have asked for any better relief.

Danny goes to argue with Trent. I roll out of the ring and limp my way to the back with the help of the barricade. I didn't have time for that bickering shit, I needed to get myself back to a hundred percent. 

That meant restrategizing.. switching things up a bit. Like this knee crazy offense that I adopted.. it's gotten me through the first leg of my career.. but if I wanted any type of longevity.. I had to become multi dimensional.

I chose to take the back way towards the backstage area because quite honestly, that ramp wasn't gonna do me any favors.

On hobbled knee, I made my way down the concourse, using the wall for support. Finally coming up to the small area where the wrestlers have been giving statements about the first night of Alpha & Omega action. 

I wanted to get things over with because I wanted to desperately wanted to get off of my knee and quickly get to rehabbing.

I took a seat in front of the white background as Tara stood at her point with microphone in hand.

"Duce.. How are you feeling after having just competed in a thirty minute marathon?"

She pushes the microphone close to my lips. The two cameras pointed directly at me. My breathing is still labored but I try my best to answer her question.

"I… I… I feel… like… I just… got my ass kicked.."

"Danny B did a serious number on your knee. Do you think you'll be able to continue on in the tournament?"

I wipe the sweat from my face with the sleeve on my left arm, a smile slowly creeps across my face.

"C'mon Tara.. y'kno' me betta' than dat. What Danny B… did ta my knee... was a small thang ta a giant!" I replied, lying through my shiny teeth.

"How do you feel about the draw between yourself and The Ripper?"

"I survived… dat's all... dat matta' ta me… I survived.. See… Danny talked…. all dat tough shit bout… how he was gonna beat me. But what… he didn't realize... was dat... he was... in tha rang wit... Tha Kid dat Neva Dies… It's hard… ta keep… somebody like me… down.."

"So do you feel that you will be able to go on next week to face Amy Jo Smyth?"

"No doubt.. Tara… y'kno' I'm not real big… on doin' interviews.. afta' a match.. if ya don't mind… I really need.. ta go holla… at Doc.. access.. summa tha damage.. Y'all have a nice evenin'.."

I give Tara a nod and rise up from the chair, the pain shooting through my knee was almost unbearable. "FUCK!" I screamed out, collapsing to the floor. Tara and a bunch of medics race over to my aid.

It's always something.. I told you to tap out!

That's not our style, we're not weak!

On the contrary, everyone is weak to a certain capacity. Even us but tonight we stood strong and next week we'll do the same.

"Fuck me….!"

"Just try to relax Duce.."

Tara's calming tone was enough to make my body relax. Ms. Robinson, one of the first employees to welcome me to Championship Wrestling Federation. A nice woman who at one point was taken by surprise by Byson. So complicated was probably the best way to describe our 'friendship'. However we always remained professional.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Memphis, Tennessee


I pulled into the parking lot of the Sunnie November Recreational Center, the location of my father's wrestling school but now the home headquarters for Honor-N-Mayhem Wrestling. It was an indy promotion that my family were trying to get up and running and with my last paycheck from OCW.. it was just the amount we needed up pull off a show.

Hopefully it goes better than the last show..

Can we just snuff him out? Dude is really killing my spirit..

Haha.. no you can not.. anyway, after shutting the car off, I exited the vehicle and made my way towards the front entrance. Opening one of the double doors, I step inside to another set of double doors. Opening that one as well, I step into the gym area where the first show for H-N-M was going to be held. 

In the center of the gym was a ring set up where eight of Pops students were inside, working on headlock techniques. Pops stands outside of the ring watching intently. I step up next to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"What's good Pop? I see ya took my advice an' got ya'self a Twitta…"

"Yeah I did.. the damn thing is still confusing.."

"You'll get tha hang'a it.. How's everythang movin' along?

"Slow so far, do you think you're gonna be ready to go for Monday night? I saw the number Danny did on you.."

"I thank I should be fine.. Amy Jo seems ta be goin' through a similar situation ta me an' Byson. She's not nearly as focused on dis tournament as she should be, I should be able ta handle her easily. I always wondered Pops.. if ya not in tha slightest interested bout what ya get ya'self inta.. why do it?"

"Majority of the time, it's an ego thing.. but I wanted to know if you wanted to commentate the first show with Jeff?"



"Anythang ta help Pops.. first I gotta introDuce Amy Jo ta how thangs work round here in CWF.."

Pops nods as he continues to watch the students work out. I stand there next to him watching the students do their thing. Time was becoming blurred, I felt I may have taken on too much onto my plate. But I still knew where my main focus was, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship.

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