Title: Facing a regular CWF wrestler
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 25/8/2019
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Show: Evolution 61


A company is returning from hiatus and opponent/tournament discussions. Chicago, Illinois. Saturday 24th August. (Off-Camera)

This time, although Konrad had Fizz around him, however, it was his mental trainer Jerry Flack who hadn't really seen much of Konrad since he's not required lately, but he knew with Konrad's mind being so focused on the Chaos title match coming up in UGWC, he had to make sure Konrad doesn't lose focus. They were in the living room inside of Konrad's small Chicago apartment. Fizz has never seen his Chicago apartment before, until today.

The apartment wasn't anywhere near as big as their one in California, although they'll likely move out of it soon, especially when Konrad found out the name of the other friend and what he looks like lately from information his doctor gave him. It hadn't come across with Konrad and Jerry who was sitting on the sofa with Konrad and Fizz speaks.

Jerry Flack: "Fizz, is it alright if me and Konrad talk alone?"

Fizz nods as she went into Konrad's bedroom and closes the door while listening to music from her mobile phone. Jerry sees the focus on Konrad being more on the Chaos title than the tournament, and he goes into more detail about it.

Jerry Flack: "Konrad, I know and understand your focus is on the Chaos title, but I saw you speaking more about that than about Jeff Jackson as a wrestler and what he's done."

Konrad Raab: "Problem was there was no information out there at all. I've even looked everywhere to see if there were videos about him, but there wasn't a single thing on the internet. Plus he was a hardcore wrestler, of course, I'm gonna connect the dots."

Jerry Flack: "Fair play to you on looking everywhere online for Jeff's videos, but you nearly lost sight on the Alpha and Omega tournament. You have to wake up to that. You have to stop comparing a hardcore opponent to Chaos wrestling."

Jerry was right, Konrad did a lot of comparing last time around about the chaos wrestling and Jeff's skills as a hardcore wrestler, but he won the match, and he couldn't help, but get excited about the opportunity for the belt, and he says this.

Konrad Raab: "Well, at least Nathan Paradine is a lot easier to research. He's been apart of CWF for a long time, and he's submissions based wrestler which could be deadly if he gets me in a chokehold, after my ribs suffered a bit of damage from Damian Angel."

Jerry Flack: "Wait, are you telling me that Supreme Championship Wrestling is returning from a hiatus?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes, this Wednesday. I do see your point though on me not focusing enough on the tournament, but it was difficult to when my last opponent videos were not found anywhere online. Of course, now, this week is different as Nathan is one of the regulars in CWF and I respect him. I respect he had foster parents and not take any drugs or drink alcohol when he was in an orphanage."

Jerry Flack: "No, that can't be easy for anyone to be in the streets near enough like that. Luckily for him, he had foster parents. Now isn't that something you have going on with Sebastian?"

Konrad nodded, he had been spending a lot of time with Sebastian as of late, getting used to him and especially, get him off his addiction to cocaine. Of course, he was the oldest child in the household of Raab's, and it all reminded him of Sebastian, and he knew the kind of wrestler Nathan is, he saw his match with Zolton the other week and he speaks again with him dropping his face on the floor, trying everything to sort it out.

Konrad Raab: "Sebastian wants to be a good kid, just went down the wrong path, and I want to be a good foster parent to him, just like Nathan's parents were to him. Nathan, of course, is a threat to me. Even though he's lost to Zolton the other day which is something we have in common, he still can pull a win out of me."

Jerry Flack: "Indeed, but I know at the same time, you need to talk more about the tournament and what it truly means to you and how you will do anything possible to beat everyone and go for the CWF title."

Konrad Raab: "I know, but the thing is with me, I don't like to boast and brag about that when I prefer to let people see me do so with my actions in the ring.

Jerry Flack: "I know what you mean, but you still have to state it so people can hear you as well as proving it with your actions. The guy knows submissions and won a few matches in his career. I do think you can defeat him."

Konrad Raab: "I also know at the same time, I need to study more about him and his matches he's had in CWF as well. I'm going to start doing that right now since I have time to do it today, before talking about the match with him. I'm concerned about my ribs still badly damaged if he gets me in a chokehold, but I will find a way to beat him and win the match."

Jerry nods, agreeing with everything Konrad said about the upcoming match and Konrad lets out a sigh before he stands up and goes over to his computer. When he was logged into the internet and going on a web page, he had a lot of videos to watch, but he focuses on the recent ones, including the Zolton match which he nods his head about, being impressed how effective some of his submissions could affect Konrad's breathing. He studies for a while as Fizz came out and sees Konrad working.

Fizz Raab: "That's what he always does, finding videos and watches his opponents matches."

Jerry Flack: "Oh, I know. He's always hard at work. It's best to leave him and let him get the information he needs on Nathan Paradine. I think it'll be a great match between the two of them, considering Konrad isn't that bad at submissions either."

Fizz Raab: "Not at all, but then again, you can pretty much say everything about his in-ring style, although he had admitted to me he still needs to work on his high flying skills. Maybe after he studies, we'll put him in an ice bath in a gym nearby."

Jerry Flack: "That's a good idea."

They waited a long while for Konrad to finish studying Nathan and after he overheard Fizz and Jerry talking about placing him in an ice bath, he addresses it, while pausing the video on Nathan Paradine match.

Konrad Raab: "I haven't been in an ice bath for ages. Let's go and do that. Give me a few more minutes before we go to the gym."

Both Fizz and Jerry nodded at Konrad's request as he watches a few more of Nathan's matches. After he's finished that, he turns the computer off and stands up to walk to Fizz and kisses her cheek before he gets his things together and they head off to the gym for Konrad after he did two hours of gym work to get his well-deserved ice bath to relax after a hard day's work with sweat dripping from Konrad's forehead and the gym is so packed that he couldn't do more than two hours. They went back to Konrad's Chicago apartment and spent time watching movies all night before heading off to sleep in their rooms.
Round two of the tournament youtube.com shoot (On-Camera)

"Nathan Pardine. It seems like the guy got dominated in the last match against Zolton. I'll say that Zolton is going to be a tough guy to beat if he dominated Nathan like that. I don't think to be honest I will talk much more of that because truth is, I feel sorry that Nathan struggled to get a shot in on his opponent, but that still doesn't mean I'll count him out as a threat because anything can happen in this Alpha and Omega tournament.

I respect the fact you kept fighting and got some moves done on Zolton, much like recognizing you never did drugs in your time as an orphan. Your parents did a kind thing to take you in as they did. I even respect you running a wrestling school to teach students about getting into the business. I love guys like you that care about the future of the wrestling business. Once again, like last week, I won't trash on you when I have no reason to. I know for a fact, even if I struggled viewing the history of champions page you've won titles in your career.

Then I saw another match of yours facing against Silas Artoria as well. The thing is the other wrestlers might somewhat dominate you, but at least you aren't like some wrestlers who quit after taking a ton of losses. You still keep on fighting and proving you want to be in this business, proving that you still have a chance to win the tournament and I believe you do, but you got to improve on being aggressive.

Although you did win a PPV match recently against Benji so I can see that you do fight for everything in the business and I can see you getting your first win in the tournament. Unfortunately for you, it won't be when we face off. You have the talent, and you have a ton of submissions up your sleeve. I even think you can take advantage of my ribs after the beating I got from Damian Angel from Rise To Greatness which I've done pretty well to hide the pain I'm going through with that.

However, I will show how much I want to win this tournament and how much I want a shot for the CWF title which I believe is vacant which I didn't even know about until you've mentioned it. I can't wait to see how you perform, but just because I haven't trashed you, doesn't mean I believe in myself to win to get another two points on the board and defeat you fair and square.

I believe we'll tear the house down with our performance in the ring, but I will be doing everything to get that pinfall on you. I can't wait to face a CWF regular and see how much aggression and how much you can do damage on me, but it won't be enough to keep me down. Tomorrow night Nathan, Prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman."

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