Title: Video: Silas Addresses The Tag Match!
Featuring: Silas Artoria
Date: 27/08/19
Location: Tampa, Florida
Show: Evolution 61

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The video starts with a black, lightly glossy vehicle arriving at the Amalie Arena. The section is closed off to the public, to ensure the privacy of the wrestlers competing tonight. It didn’t stop the camera, boom microphone, and a remote light from standing by the passenger door, but at least it was CWF approved and trained.

Silas is quick to exit the vehicle and head towards the boot, containing his bags and a change of clothes.

TARA ROBINSON: Silas! Silas!

Silas looks towards the small group, and quickly finds the voice calling him. He shoots a smile to the CWF staple. She’s a lovely woman, regardless of all the garbage that has been flung at her throughout the years.

SILAS ARTORIA: Tara, how are you today?

TARA ROBINSON: A little tired.

SILAS ARTORIA: From the journey here presumably.

He grabs his bags and heads towards the arena entrance, leaving the boot open and the small production group following closely behind. The camera couldn’t get around Silas, and the result is that there's a long period of time where you could only see his back. Tara was much more successful.

TARA ROBINSON: You defeated Kyuseishu in the first round of the Omega block. Now that you’ve had time to rest, are there any other comments you would like to deliver regarding your victory.

They arrive at the entrance and Silas sets his bag down for inspection, as the camera finally gets around to framing both Silas and Tara together. 

SILAS ARTORIA: What is there to say? You have a hot headed man whom is blind to his own weaknesses strut into the ring, confident that he will win. Confidence is something to be admired, certainly, but in this case he blinded himself. I hope he learns to be humble.

TARA ROBINSON: Confidence would be underselling it.

Silas chuckles as the security guard continues going through his belongings. Clothes, water, orange juice, and an apple.

SILAS ARTORIA: Agreed, but I have the tiebreaker secured against him. One down, eight to go.

TARA ROBINSON: Tonight, you have a tag match against the team of Ataxia, Pandalike, and Sean Ful--

Silas quickly places his finger on her lips.

SILAS ARTORIA: Let me stop you there. I know what’s coming up, and on the one hand it’s exciting!

Baggage search completed. Silas grabs the bag and turns to Tara.

SILAS ARTORIA: Two new talents with completely different styles of thinking and combat being signed is exciting, and I eagerly look forward to meeting the two of them. Svenson reminds of me from my early months in his approach, wanting to break down what’s established and build something completely different in its place. My case was roster, and his is in terms of wrestling. He may not be in the Alpha and Omega tournament, but the next few weeks will be important for him regardless.

Tap on the shoulder. It’s Ito, having grabbed his bags from the boot and arriving at the same security checkpoint. Silas turns towards him.

HIDETAKA ITO: [[Silas..]]

SILAS ARTORIA: [[I’ll see you in the locker room. I’ll finish this up.]]

A few moments pass, before Ito smiles and nods politely. Silas also nods, before passing through the checkpoint alongside Tara. With his front now in frame instead of his back, the camera gets a good view of the canadian and interviewer conversing.

SILAS ARTORIA: My concern in regards to my team comes in the form of my last opponent. If his twitter is of any indication, it’s that he’s completely delusional to the fact that he lost! I think he’s going to try and get some retribution on me in this tag, but I’ll have to handle it myself when that time inevitably comes.

TARA ROBINSON: And your opponents?

Silas stops mid-walk, and pauses his speech as several thoughts flow through his head. He doesn’t look at Tara as he continues.

SILAS ARTORIA: Let’s start with Sean Fuller.
He walks towards a nearby enclave on the concourse and sets down his bag. He turns to Tara, smiles, then turns to look at the camera with a politeness and welcoming attitude.

SILAS ARTORIA: Sean, you seem like a good guy. I love people whom are not afraid to ditch explosive moves for something more simple, down-to-earth, and completely devastating. I went to Japan before I came here and learned firsthand that people like you could lay waste to half the roster if they are not careful. But this is the CWF. We’re not a run-of-the-mill promotion whom take in anyone just for the sake of it. They look at everyone’s individual talents, see how good they are, and if they reach that threshold, they are invited.

He points past Tara towards a hypothetical destination, solely to make a point.

SILAS ARTORIA: Everyone in the locker room has had to go through the same process, and in the process of continuous battling, have learned every trick and counter in the book. You’re not me, Sean. I know what is coming, and if you enter the ring with a head full of hot air and you’re overconfident, I’m going to have to deliver the bad news myself. We have too many egomaniacs here, and I’ll be damned if I encounter another one.

Silas smiles in satisfaction of his answer, but before be could continue, he freezes. There was something on his mind, but it was immediately lost. He looks at the floor in mild frustration, while clicking his fingers rapidly.

SILAS ARTORIA: Who else is in the match--Pandalike?


His hand stops clicking momentarily, before it simply wags while pointed. Silas keeps looking at the floor as he speaks with a more deliberate, lightly mocking undertone.

SILAS ARTORIA: Hard to get a grasp on him. Difficult. On one hand he is was you could call a CWF veteren. He was here before I was here, and he’s been in high profile battles that have gone on into the history books as some of the most spectacular matches in the promotion! That takes hard work and effort, and Pandalike has certainly proven that he belongs.

He pauses and finally raises his head to finally be level with Tara.


SILAS ARTORIA: But he is difficult to get a grasp of, because it sometimes feels like he doesn’t put in the effort. How many extended absences has been on since I’ve arrived? He comes and goes and the result is that his work ethic is questionable! Have I been absent? Sure, everyone takes a break every now and then when their bodies get battered, but Pandalike has taken what has felt like nine months off since I have arrived. I cannot praise someone who thinks that is acceptable! I admire work ethic above all, and in that regard, Panda is far below even the lowest threshold to gain any degree of respect from me.

A long pause. His face relaxes but now there was something darker. His flashness evaporated as he turned his attention to his final subject.


Where to start? Where could he start? His voice went deeper, and is now devoid with the grandiose joy that normally accompanied him.

SILAS ARTORIA: ...Ataxia has been around for a while. I’ve faced him before, and I’m going to face him again in our respective final matches of Omega block, but I cannot be complacent with this match. This is an opportunity to get a feel of him, find out what makes him tick and ultimately take advantage of that come December. Vice versa too, but I cannot dive too deep into what I’m hoping to get out of this match.

Deep breath, exhale. He uses his hand to show the numbers he uses.

SILAS ARTORIA: Three matches. One win, one loss, one no-contest. I’m not counting this match as one that will finally tip the balance, but I consider this match a prologue for what is to come.

He continues to look at Tara with the same worrisome doom, until he snaps back into his usual gear. The light jump from Tara made it all the more jarring, as she clearly wasn’t sure what to make of the attitude. Nearly two years with this athlete, and the longer she knows him, the less she understands.

Nonetheless, Silas grabs his bag with enthusiasm.

SILAS ARTORIA: If you excuse me, I’ve got to get ready. Catch you next week?

TARA ROBINSON: You’re main eventing next week, we won’t have time.

He lets out a grunt in frustration.

SILAS ARTORIA: Gah! I’ll see if I can catch you beforehand then. Have a good evening.

The Canadian pecks the reporter on the cheek, much to her surprise.


The reporter looks on confused, as the backstage video inevitably ends and starts recommending highlights of the week before.

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