Title: He stepped into unknown Ground... Stood Fast... Proved to be the ALPHA!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: Aug. 21, 2019
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Show: Evolution 61

”One challenge.
Second challenge.
Then no challenge.
An appearance.
No evidence.
He is Alpha.
Next foe is unknown.
Name strange.
He isn’t stopping.
Not just showing his face.
Here to dominate.
A Savior? No. ELIMINATED!!”


He stepped foot in Unknown Grounds… Stood fast… Proved to be the ALPHA!!!



This past tuesday night we witnessed the rise of the man of Chaos, Zolton. He stepped foot inside the Championship Wrestling Federation’s ring and took on a veteran of this sport. Even a former champion of sorts. Zolton defeated the Australian Submission Machine, Nathan Paradine. It was a battle, Zolton acknowledges that. But he knew full well that he was going to get in that ring and come out as the victor. The Alpha and Omega tournament kicked off with a bang. Zolton did what he said he was going to do. Made a veteran of this business. One that has similar attributes as he does, fall. Paradine was a test for Zolton. He took it on, head on, and came out with the victory. Where will the man of Chaos go from here? The answer to this question is quite simple. He is moving forward in this round robin tournament. In the Alpha and Omega tournament. One where he fares well in. He is already involved in another tournament of the same rule set. Points earned for victories. Top point owners of each block battle, the winners then battle it out to bring forth the ultimate winner of the tournament. Zolton has been in this type of tournament before. He has experience with things like this. Will he be resting on this? Will he stand at the top of the mountain and scream that he is the unbeatable man? All signs point to yes he will. Considering his past. But for this instance, he rather let the actions inside the wrestling ring do the real and truthful talking. Evolution Sixty was a resounding success for the man of Chaos. Will Evolution Sixty One be just a successful? Time will tell the tale. For now. Rest. Relax. Use this time to enjoy what you witnessed.


++--LOCATION: Yokohama, Japan--++
++--DATE: August 22nd, 2019--++
++--WHY?: It is NEEDED!!--++

*The scene reveals itself atop the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium. A place no normal human being should ever be just hanging out. Nonetheless, the sun is settling into its resting place for the night, giving way to the moon. What is seen standing along the handrail not something at all, it is the man of Chaos Zolton. He stands shirtless. The breeze wafts his long wavy hair behind his shoulders as he glares into a drone. It is assumed to have a camera, then suddenly the point of view switches to that drone camera.*

Yokohama Japan is where he stands now, but will be in Tampa Florida on August twenty seventh. This evening though, the man of Chaos has chosen to say a few poignant words of discouragement to who he will be going against on the next Evolution show for Championship Wrestling Federation. He has a battle tonight, as a matter of fact, it is a matter of hours from now. But in this moment in time. This very moment as the sun settles beyond the horizon for the night. He stands here ready to tell all you parasitic organisms dipping your fat fingers in the cheetos bags each and every night, that he is going to once again gain points in the Alpha and Omega tournament. Pay attention Phoenix LeStrange. These words are for you. Not for them. You.

*The soft raspy female voice is heard, yet again not seen as Zolton leans against the railing with a sly grin on his face. His piercing blue eyes locked onto the drone camera. He raises his right hand up and combs it through his hair before returning it to the railing. His voice comes across with a level tone. Some venom laced behind some syllables he speaks.*

“Welcome to Yokohama. This is where I am residing for tonight. As a matter of fact I am stepping foot in a different organization. That doesn’t mean anything right now though. No what matters is what I was able to accomplish my debut night inside the Championship Wrestling Federation ring. Against the self proclaimed Australian Submission Machine. This next episode of Evolution I have a battle against a woman that debuted, well kind of debuted on the last episode. Her name is Phoenix LeStrange. Who is she? A savior? A hero? Honestly, I don’t think she has a clue on who she really is. A woman that carries herself with confidence due to her look. Having that air of confidence because she looks like she does. Guess what Miss LeStrange, your look isn’t going to do anything to me or for me. Why? Because of course I am not entering that ring for a date. I already have a beautiful and outrageously sexy girlfriend. My Demoness. You don’t even come close to what she looks like or what she brings to me. So you are going to have to come at me with something a little more concrete than your looks. Phoenix, have you risen from the ashes of the folks you tortured in your past? I guess that is a question that will be answered in time. You introduced yourself at Evolution Sixty. An intriguing introduction. Ominous. With the cages behind you. Symbolic almost. Look. Let me be straight with you Miss LeStrange, wanting to save folks isn’t what you need to waste your breath on. Your actions on. I traveled down that road awhile ago. It is useless. It is fruitless. Pointless. You coming to this company and wanting to save those that wish to be saved is only going to get you an army of mindless drones. Kind of like what I am looking at right now. Wait.”

*Zolton pauses and looks away from the hovering drone for a moment. Shaking his head with soft chuckle. His piercing gaze returns to the drone with a crooked grin. As he begins speaking again, his tone is a little more jovial. Still level but has a hint of stern warning behind it.*

“I get your plight Phoenix. I understand your want and drive to bring a safe haven to those that need it. But a piece of advice, you cannot help these parasites out here unless they want to be saved or helped. You aren’t going to do any of what you said on the last show. You are simply a pawn in a game that you don’t understand. Do not fret Miss LeStrange, I am here to guide you. I am going to guide you right into the river of pain. Anguish. Suffering. You may be a stand in when it comes to this Alpha and Omega Tournament. But when the dust settles. The smoke clears on the next show, you won’t be standing. You will be lying in a pool of your own blood. Whether that pool is literal or figurative. There will be no standing once the bell rings at the conclusion of our match next Tuesday night. I am not here to make friends. I am not in this company to save the roster from itself. I am not in Championship Wrestling Federation to make a good photograph opportunity for this company and disappear. No I am here to accomplish something worthwhile. And that worthwhile accomplishment will be winning this tournament. Unfortunately for you and your little want and plight, you are running into chaos. You are running into me and the end result will not be pretty for you or who might want to be locked in those rickety looking cages.”

*A soft yet maniacal laugh comes from Zolton now. The hovering drone camera moves out and away from the catwalk where he is standing. Especially now that he is taking a step to the other side of it, placing his hands on the other railing. He leans over it slightly, tilting his head, his piercing blue eyes glow brightly. Almost in a creepy, demonic way. The next words out of his mouth are in a tone of pure hatred, slathered in venom.*

“Tuesday night. August twenty seventh. The night of a reckoning. The night where the Phoenix is sacrificed. Call it some kind of religious mission. But the reality is, Miss LeStrange, the ashes you will find yourself in, at my feet. You will not be able to revive yourself from. Evolution Sixty One is the night you step foot in the ring against me. I am the man of Chaos. You are just a bird without a home. Rest well. Take the supplements and other things you think you’ll need. But it will be to no avail. I am Zolton. I am the man of Chaos. I am the Alpha.”

*As he finishes, he tilts his head to the other side, as he does, the drone suddenly falls out of the sky. Hitting the roof of the gymnasium and tumbles down to the street below. Zolton however turns and walks back into the door at the end of the catwalk. He does say something else to nobody in particular.*

“I wonder if Melissa likes roasted Phoenix?”

*The door shuts behind him as the scene swirls into darkness.*

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