Title: I'm back and better than ever
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Nope
Location: Here
Show: Evolution 60


Autumn leans back on her hands on the beach towel she’s sitting on, waving her freshly painted toes back and forth as she watches the stars twinkle in the sky.  She was pretty much alone on the beach here in South Carolina, save for the random background noises or bugs that would crawl over the sand. People seemed to avoid this place after dark, or so she thought.  Either way she was just glad for the privacy and the peacefull-ness of the area. CWF was back in full swing, and she was looking forward to getting back into that squared circle once more.


Things had been quiet since the place went on a small hiatus.  No real reason was given, just a simple text telling them to take time off and that CWF was going on a small hiatus.  There would be another text to follow when things picked up again. She never questioned it, only saw it as a chance to go home again and stay with family.  Rest up and make sure she was ready to go when that message came through again. Not too long ago, it had, and she had the opportunity to jump into the tournament that was taking place.  Whatever got her closer to her goals again, that’s all that mattered to her.


“It’s been an interesting few weeks since we’ve all had this time off.  Gave those of us time to heal, to think, and to plan what they were planning to do when and if the business came back to us.  I went home. That’s what I did. That was my drug, my fix. To be amongst my own, and everything. That was it for me. All I needed was that message that things were back on, and I would be on the first flight out to wherever we were needed.”


The waves rolled in and out in perfect rhythm with the night, and she watched it for a while.


“I had my ups and downs here, but I think I learned from every single bad thing that happened to me and managed to make it out a total bad ass if I do say so myself.  I stepped out of the shadows and into the light, I rose up from the ashes and kept on knocking doors down...and people. The end of that came when I won my first gold here, that Impact title.  What a glorious time for me. I had this belt in my hand, put the haters to rest ages ago, and I was on my way to big and cooler things. Dunno what they will be, but I know they are out there and I can’t wait to find them.”


She laid all the way back on the towel, staring at the sky, watching a plane make its way through the air, heading on to its destination.


“This tournament is my chance to work my way back to that spot where I’m in contention for a title shot, whatever it may be.  Doesn’t matter what belt it is, I’ll fight for it with everything I’ve got and if that’s a problem with anyone listening, I really don’t care.  I want this top spot in the tournament with everything that I believe in. Everyone in this tourny is great at what they do, and has their reasons...while I have mine.  I wanna face the best, because I like to test myself. If I lose, so be it. I learn, and I move on. It’s not the end of the journey to the gold, I’m just gonna have to take a different path to get there.”


She sighed softly.


“Generic?  Hah, hardly.  I consider myself unique and cut from a different part of the cloth than the rest of the crowd.  I don’t want to be the same as everything and everyone else.  I want to be me and that’s all I care about.  You don’t really need to do anymore research, or hammer your point home with me dude.  Anything you want to know or see is out there in the archives, just get off your ass and go look.  Watch what I did to Silas at Frozen Over, or all the bodies I knocked over to get that Impact title in my hands.  Pick and choose whatever you want. It’s all the same, just the path to get to the ending changed each time.”


She smirked, staring at the sky as if it had all the answers in the world.


“Does it bother you that I said I was back?  That I was back to jump into this tournament to climb to the top again?  That’s the whole purpose of the interview, to announce that I was going to be a part of it and that everyone was getting their fair warning ahead of time that this Beautiful Psychopath was ready to go.  I know nothing of psychosis, but I know I enjoy throwing people through tables, busting people’s skulls open, and watching people fall to the floor when I kick them in the face.  That is music to my ears. I know when someone’s sore that I am who I am, and I don’t go with the grain so to speak. So no, fuck you dude. Fuck you for assuming you know who I am.  You don’t know shit about me, and that’s the way I want it. Makes it easier for me to claw your eyes out. I’ll be the one waving my shirts around at shows, and you’ll be drooling in the corner of some room wishing you’d have listened to your doctor a lot sooner.  Do the voices tell you what an idiot you are?


They should.  Seriously. You are one messed up dude.


Which means I will have no problem wading through the muck that is you, and slapping that stupid look off your face...before I kick you back into the stone ages.  Yeah, you heard me. You wanna see real insanity? Push me to the brink, push me into the corner, make me hurt. Make me bleed, and then you’ll see why they call me what they do.


Game on fucker.”

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