Title: Preparing for a battle on Konrad's hands.
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 17/8/2019
Location: Anaheim, California and North Charleston, South Carolina
Show: Evolution 60


Two days after earning a Chaos title match/Alpha and Omega tournament discussions. Anaheim, California. Wednesday, 14th August. (Off Camera)

It's been a while since Konrad last discussed anything wrestling wise to his wife, especially when the main focus has been mostly on spending time with the kids as much as they could, especially Sebastian they've adopted from Germany after being approached by Sebastian to ask Konrad to adopt him. After going through court debates for a year, they won their case to keep him in their family for the rest of their lives.

Although they had to go all the way to Seattle, Washington to see them for protection, considering a school enemy of Konrad's friend was still out there, wanting to kill Fizz. They are sitting in the living room, looking around on pictures of their family, although it needed updating with Sebastian added to the family. Konrad looks down on the wooden floor, closing his eyes in confusion, placing his hands on his head as Fizz rubs his back and says this.

Fizz Raab: "At least Luca is in prison now."

Konrad Raab: "Maybe so, but Luca's friend is still out there. I don't know what he looks like or knowing his name, but it's not over Fizz, far from it."

Fizz Raab: "I know, but that's why I aim to travel with you, so you know I'm safe and secure, even with you hiring a security guard outside of my hotel room, while you're out wrestling."

Konrad Raab: "Yeah, I just want to make sure you're safe, especially right now with what you're carrying in your stomach."

Recently in the last few days, Fizz had been discovering some symptoms with being sick a lot, changing her mood swings, needing the toilet a lot and even missing her menstrual cycle. Last week, she took a test and was positive she was pregnant. It was going to be hard for Konrad to protect Fizz, especially in the third trimester where Fizz wouldn't be able to travel to wrestling venues.

Fizz Raab: "It's going to be fine. I know I can trust you to protect and save me from being hurt."

Konrad Raab: "Right now, it's fine, but what happens when I have to leave you at home? That scares me right now. I've been scared to wrestle without you just down to fear of you being attacked. If Luca nearly killed me at Taking Hold Of The Flame PPV, god knows what he'd do to you."

Fizz Raab: "But regarding him, he's inside for life so no more, do you have to worry about him coming to hurt you or me, but you need to take that off your mind, especially with your Chaos title match coming up."

Konrad Raab: "Well, that's not the only match I have coming up."

Now Fizz places her hands over her head, looking shocked as she shrugged her shoulders. Then she remembers about a particular match he has to do."

Fizz Raab: "The Chill match against Ace Sky?"

Konrad Raab: "That and there's another match I'm doing this week as well. A match that's taking place in Championship Wrestling Federation."

Fizz Raab: "Oh, great, that place where they got me naked and forced me to retire from wrestling for life?"

Konrad Raab: "Oh, god no. I wouldn't ever disrespect you like that by wrestling for that place, and I don't even think it's around anymore. It's another place where a tournament you get placed into two different blocks on Alpha or Omega sides. Somehow, I'm in the Alpha group of the tournament."

Fizz Raab: "Babe, why did you sign up for the tournament when you got a title match coming up?"

Konrad sees the concern of Fizz's face, looking worried that Konrad could get hurt a lot before facing Roxy Cotton for the Chaos title in UGWC in the next few weeks. Konrad nods, and he does everything, especially the state Fizz was with her pregnancy as he rubs her on her back and he says this.

Konrad Raab: "I want to promote and represent both UGWC and especially Supreme Championship Wrestling to its full extent. Those companies needed me in the tournament and for the world to know who those companies are. However, I realise the opponent I'm facing in the tournament for my first match, well let's say it prepares me for that Chaos title match too."

Fizz Raab: "I understand how much you love promoting and representing companies; it's always something you love to do. I'm concerned about you getting hurt more than usual, that's all."

Konrad Raab: "I will have to get used to it, especially if I somehow become Chaos champion and have to deal with getting hurt. You know how much I still fear the idea of wrestling hardcore matches. More so the fear continues with Jeff Jackson, the guy who loves to wrestle hardcore matches."

Fizz Raab: "That's not a bad thing at all. It's always good to face someone like Jeff who loves to wrestle hardcore wrestling when you're potentially going to wrestle in a hardcore match for the Chaos title soon."

Konrad nodded, it was vital for him to be extra prepared for a match he could be in the future, however, the problem was he didn't have much if any information on Jeff Jackson as he wasn't a regular member on the CWF roster.

Konrad Raab: "Downside is although I know he's won titles and being a technical, submission kind of wrestler, I don't know much about him. I can't visualise what he'll say to me as I don't know the type of videos he does. I've tried looking for some online, and I can't find one."

Fizz Raab: "That's not important, the important thing is you're preparing yourself for a war that could be broken out, and you need to prepare for it. Also, I do think it's time you hide your fears and stop hesitating on things."

Konrad Raab: "I'm not going to pretend how I feel; it's me. I see what you mean so my opponent can't see how I feel and things."

Fizz sees the look of nerves on Konrad's face, knowing how much it still holds him back for hesitating in his hardcore matches as of late, but she says this with Konrad being quite shaky.

Fizz Raab: "That's what I want you to hide, the shaking and the look of like you can't do it. You can't show that to Jeff; otherwise, he'll exploit you. He's also a wrestler who uses technical and submissions too. I don't think he'll use weapons against you, but you better prepare for it if he does."

Konrad Raab: "I will be, but he's doing a lot of suplexes too. I can do all of those things to him in the ring, apart from one thing I've noticed he can't do and I can, high flying moves. I can use that to my advantage in this match, even if I will show him some German suplexes of my own. If I win this tournament, I get a shot for the CWF World Title."

Fizz Raab: "It's a tough task, but like this hardcore task hasn't been tough already, this is even tougher."

Konrad Raab: "But as I have with the hardcore tasks, I'll bust my ass and show the world who The Iceman is and by the end of the night, they will hear of UGWC and Supreme Championship Wrestling companies because of me promoting and representing the companies they deserve to be known to the world."

Fizz sees Konrad smiling, most likely for the first time since he came home last week. Sure he plays soccer for LA Galaxy reserves team from time to time as well, especially scoring for the team, but had been stressed after that game because of the title contention match at the time, now he's won that and moving on with Jeff Jackson this week as his first of many opponents in the tournament. Once he arrives in Connecticut for a commercial and a match on Monday, he goes on camera on Sunday afternoon and speaks to millions on youtube.


Making an impact in a CWF tournament youtube.com shoot. (On camera)

"It's been a while since I wrestled in a company I've not been apart of before. Since only one person knows me, which is Zolton from WWH days, I'll introduce myself to everyone else. I'm The Iceman Konrad Raab, and I happen to wrestle for UGWC and Supreme Championship Wrestling companies. I've won ten titles with Rebellion Pro Ballroom and Supreme Championship Wrestling TV title I've held twice in my career. Last Monday, I became a UGWC Chaos title contender after winning the triple threat match at UGWC's Grand Slam PPV.

Why am I talking about this? It's because it all relates to my opponent, Jeff Jackson. I hear the guy has won a few titles in his career from many companies which is impressive in itself. I know the guy knows a lot of submissions and suplex wrestling moves, that's attention I'm aware of when it comes to Jeff Jackson. However, I especially pay extra attention to something I'm currently preparing for at this moment in time, hardcore wrestling.

Currently, I've been in hardcore matches non stop these last two months, and it's what I've been working to improve on. Until now, I've not been in many hardcore matches, which isn't something I like I have to say. If you want to go and hurt me, go right ahead Jeff because you're only helping me prepare for the Chaos title match in the next few weeks.

Another thing I aim to take advantage of is using my high flying moves. From what I recall, you don't seem to be very strong in that area, and that's where an all-rounded wrestler comes in. I've learnt how to be a high flyer to expose the weaknesses of powerhouse wrestlers, also improving myself as a wrestler as well.

I'm not going to trash you Jeff as I don't talk trash to people I don't know, and I respect your wrestling abilities in the ring from what I've read. I couldn't find any of your matches to watch or your videos of you speaking about your matches against opponents.

I know you'll likely trash me, but I view every single wrestler a threat, especially in hardcore matches whereas right now, it's not my strongest point of my wrestling, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do in the ring against me because I will do anything it takes to not only represent and promote UGWC and Supreme Championship Wrestling that don't get enough attention both companies deserve.

I'm going to bring everything I have against my opponents, tearing the house down which is what these CWF fans came to see. It's an honour to be in this tournament and do anything it takes to win every match to get the CWF title shot.

I know it's going to be extremely tough to win, but if I can overcome the challenges I have against me with hardcore wrestling, I know I can with this and Jeff, I hope you're able to study everything about me because you'll be caught off guard if you overlook me. I won't be because I know if I do, I'll lose focus. That's something I can't afford to do.

Do anything it takes to hurt me and use weapons, but I won't be because I'm about pure skill, winning matches fair and square without cheating or using cheap tactics. I need to win this match and the Alpha and Omega tournament to earn a shot for the CWF World title and I got to pin or submit you, most likely pin you in this case with my high flying moves to have my hand raised as the winner of the match because I'm bloody confident of winning this match. On Tuesday night in North Charleston, South Carolina, you'll prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman."

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