Title: Hunger
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 8/16
Location: Unknown gym
Show: Evolution 60

5...6...7...8....goes the leg press as Freddie pushes hard, knowing the first rule of being THE champion
”It’s twice as hard to defend than it is to win” is ever present in his mind. The Alpha/Omega begins at Evolution, and the war for the future direction of the company has begun...as he works out further 


...the nerve of that fool. Did he really think
REALLY THINK....that I’’d dignify his little plea with a response in private? That fool is more desperate than these fools with no chance in this thinking they are championship worthy. I have the bloodline and the pedigree, and have taken it further in this company than my more famous uncle. I can throw down in any match situation. You wanna keep it simple, mano e mano
I’ll beat you. You wanna get ultraviolent; I’ll beat you and leave you a bloody mess with a smile on my face. Ain’t no bitch in me, because I’m a champion that thrives in any situation. Hand to hand, tables, ladders, chairs, cages, fists dipped with glass
they’re all just a tool for me to whip that ass. 


It’s time

It’s time


Time for me to strengthen the foundation of my throne. You're coming up on uncharted territory, Tom. I don't care what you throw at me Tom...bring it all. You could baptize me in your dark fires and I’d still stand up, smack you in your face and ask you for that Ankle Bit. I’d take that Bit and rise again, and ask you what you have left, and I’’d know the answer would be nothing. I do commend you for getting here, but getting here is the best you can do. 


The hustler...priding hisself on the very things they hate him for 


You lack the necessary fire to take the next step, Tom. You get here, and you have to look here, there and everywhere for that extra added motivation. How far will your master have to push you to find that streak to properly face me? 


Made it in a shady business that’ll make you war with your own patience of the very neighbors you made your boys before the race to greatness caved it in 


That's right. I didn't have the will of the people. I didn't have nor did I need favor to get to this point. I know how to get this gold. I don’t care the stipulation, I’ll step in and show you all why I’m the best thing going in CWF. I’ve broken people before, and have no qualms of doing it again to advance in this tournament. I’ll make that ring my playpen, and Tom Marrow will be my personal playtoy. 


The talented...can’t stay happy at the present time because the present of his time is the only presence he keeps close to him. 


Yall tried to turn me into some caricature...throw a striped shirt on me thinking y’all could break me...but I'm not your pawn. I'm Freddie Styles. I’m un-fucking-breakable. Honestly, all this time wasted with all this bullshit has only made me hungrier. Depriving me of what should be mine is only feeding the anger of the wolf within. I'm ready to feast Tom...and there's no one that can reach you or help you once that bell rings. 


And truth be told, time is the true price paid when you on your way from going from renting to owning shit, Dig it? 


My time is precious...and I'm tired of wasting it. Tired of wasting time as the sideshow to old men and their pissing contests. Tired of having my shine split in half by pretenders to the throne that can’t win a title the legit way and those who lean on their history like it’s the end all, be all, trying to use it for fuel for one last shot at glory.


The gifted, Aren't we all? 

I said, Aren't we all? 


Yes I am. Whether you are or not this time around Tom, remains to be seen. 


But who has the gall to prove to the blind that they can’t see as far as the sighted

May we all live level headed and dream even higher And when them fools naysayin and doubtin...think about it, and dream even higher 


Evolution will be my proving ground Tom...where I show you that your world title dreams are just illusions, where I break you down once again into bits of nothing and confusion. You’ve climbed up the mountain, only to find that the same king still reigns, and he’s only getting better with every passing day. You won't walk out with these points Tom. I'm only confirming in this day what has been known for a long time. 


Freeing your monster within may be a beautiful thing, but there’s nothing like that ol.....BALLGAME!

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