Title: Welcome to the Soldier Side
Featuring: Starlight
Date: Today
Location: Fire World
Show: Evolution 60

The door opens to the kingdom, as the cameraman steps through.  He sees the trees lined with cages and skeletons hanging from them, The tree tops on fire, as he goes for the respirator sitting on the edge of the sign.  A cackle is loudly heard in the distance as there is a small head floating in the distance, as the cameraman pulls his respirator on. He makes his way over to her, as she turns around to him, the oracle smiles as she sees him once more.

The Oracle

Once the Ice Queen comes, you will no longer need that mask.  But as the fire queen lives, then the mask is necessary. The river runs red with their blood, and the blood of her enemies.  So the question is do you take the high road and face the Ice Queen in the temple, or do you stay below and face the fiery one, knowing your fate is sealed.

The head of the oracle vanishes within the smoke, as it englufs her.  The cameraman turns and sees the bridge has formed, as he makes his way across, the river of blood crashes up against it, he hears the cackle again, as a shield appears on his arm.  The blood soaked shield, he knew he must face the fiery one in order for this to make sense. He sees her doll sitting there against a tree, the smell of death and fire not helping him nearly gag into the respirator, he picked up the doll as it began laughing at him.  The cameraman held it as he began walking, it wiggled in his hand, he let it go, as it kicked him, he turned and punted it, as a large dark figure appeared behind him.  

The doll ran and ran as it hit the blood river, dropping in, almost afraid of the large shadow that had appeared.  The Shadow cackled as it pressed the cameraman up against the tree behind them, he barely had time as Starlight came into view, as she twisted her head looking at him.  She recognized him immediately, as she continued to hold him by his throat.

“The Queenslayer” Starlight

Someone has paid your toll to come here but yet, you come into our domain and take liberties with the toys, and those who only seek to guide you.  Truth be told, we have been expecting you, but not like this. We have come to give you the warning that, if you abuse our property once more, then you too will visit that blood, and your hands will no longer be innocent.

She cackles as she looked at him, she watched as he cowered in fear.  She let go of him, watching his pathetic body slide down the tree, as she drew her axe.  The gold lightning courses through it, and up her arm as she looked down upon him. She giggled as she takes a deep breath from her respirator, almost leaving a hissing sound coming from it.  Her eyes, almost match that of a snake, as she looked down at him, having him tilt his head up by the handle of her axe.

“The Queenslayer” Starlight

So this day, happens to provide us with an interesting chance to get the CWF World Championship in the Alpha and Omega tournament. Our first round match goes through someone we’ve faced in our far reaching past, someone who believes she can be the one to defeat us.  And that woman is Ariel Shadows, one of the original members of OCW, we may have lost the last time, but the little trickster had to cheat to win. But this time, we hope she’ll at least consider a clean fight, and then we will bring our best. We want to prove that we can be the best anywhere not just in one place.  The cure is spreading, and there has been those who are worthy. Ariel, you have proven in the past to be a worthy adversary, but this time to move forward we have to end the little flame of hope and then provide yourself with a dose.

She cackled as she made a flaming blade appear, throwing it into the shield.  The cameraman twitched as he looked up at her standing up. He followed her as he saw her down the path a bit, she giggled as she took a large swing, at one of the trees, the tree screamed in agony, as the cameraman fell back once more, watching the tree die of the lightning coursing through it, another fiery blade ended up in his shield.  He looked down as the fire queen had a smirk on her face.

“The Queenslayer” Starlight

We’ve only ever offered the truth for those who are willing to listen.  To those who deny that we are a multi-faced being, and that we are just a single entity, there is nothing wrong with it.  Ariel, we cannot bend we cannot break, hell we are just going to come and fight. But each tree in this forest has given something in return for the cause, what have you given?  There is nothing you have given for this place, and nothing you have given for CWF. We have bled, we have come in with the vengeance of a thousand suns. We can only go so far, to the point that even we will not return.  Come Tuesday night, take your broken corpse and sacrifice it, returning your soul to the river of blood where it will float for all time. You think you will go untested? We will be the ones to test you, and when the test is over, you will either pass and find the knowledge of knowing that you are a better person for it, or you will be broken, and then the measuring stick will show you the error of your ways.  

She giggled as she withdrew her axe from the tree, she watched as the lightning drained from it, and the tree died.  She said something in latin, before turning to the cameraman throwing another dagger into his shield. She walks along limping, showing the damage from over time, as she dragged the axe behind her creating somewhat of sparks.  The cameraman arises as she didn’t turn around for him, as she giggled. She picked up the axe swinging it just past him into the tree allowing the lightning to course through it, as she grabbed him pressing him up against the tree.

“The Queenslayer” Starlight

Our story is a long one, and one that will be told over time, the ignis world is not one that should be held lightly, and those who have sought it have died in peril.  Maybe it’ll be time for Ariel to do the same, die in the same peril that created this world, infernos are so much fun, especially when those who get burned don’t remember the pain that they suffered.  Ariel, you bring that, remember the pain you will suffer at the hands of the Queenslayer, and then you can tell the others why she is the dominant one. Why the cavern allows her to rise when the wars come, because they need a strong leader.  

She withdraws the axe from the tree as she looked at the cameraman with her snake eyes.  She grabs him by the back of his jacket dragging him towards the edge of the pit where she holds him down with one boot and looks around as the world begins to take form, the world of fire, created by the shadows and the blood, she cackles as she sees the pit of unbroken glass below.

“The Queenslayer” Starlight

Everyone who comes here knows there is a toll to pay, and the blood that you have split is enough.  Go home, take this with you remind those who have forgotten who we are, remind them, that no one is safe from us.  We are Legion, and we are the many who reside here.  

She cackles as she grabs him and flips him over the edge.  The door appears below him opening up, allowing him to cross the threshhold and crash back onto his bed as the portal closes.  He shivers and cries as he remembers everything.


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