Title: The Hits Just Keep On Coming....
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: Varies
Location: Boston, MA/ Philadelphia, PA
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV

“Another day at the office is what it shudda been, having just beat Christian STARR.. Earning the fastest time in the Beat The Clock challenge, and also earning myself that coveted final spot in the Golden Intentions Rumble. Accomplishments that any man should be proud of… Ya know something I could leave with and have that momentum going into Philly. Something to just be proud about…”

“One moment of happiness if you will.”


“But, in line with the narrative of my life. What can go wrong will go wrong. I mean the shit never fails. One minute, I'm on top of the world.”


“The next.”


“I'm clawing and scratching at the bottom of the barrel. Fighting to see daylight. It's cool though, I've overcome worse situations.”


“I'm almost to a breaking point though.”


“First off, my father was declaring war against me for what happened to my sisters. Which was out of my control, but yet understandable.”


“I guess…”


“And the word surprised would be an understatement, when he revealed to me that we would now be working for the same company. Doesn't matter though, I'm a man before anything, and his constant threats and attacks will only lead to a beast being unleashed.”


“That's not all though, The Forsaken earned the right to face me and Freddie at Golden Intentions for the tag titles that we held on our possession. Talk about full plate.”


“But, the hits just keep on coming.”




June 7, 2018

Post Attack


The atrocious fumes of smelling salt, filled my nostrils as I awoke to a group of EMTs checking on my condition. How I got here was vague to my memory. The last thing I remember, was Pops standing right before my eyes. It had to be a dream right, I mean everything was so surreal. But it had to be real, or else I wouldn't have all these people in my face trying to get me together.


“I'm okay..” I stated to one of them, searching for the wall, trying to regain my bearings. Only to fall back to the floor. I hold my head in pain, this annoying ringing, sounding off between my ears.


“Just relax Duce..” One of them tells me as I try again to get upright.


“I'm fine!” I exclaimed, shoving myself to my feet. Fighting off the unbearable pain.


I stumbled a bit, but I was finally to my feet. Guess you can call me stubborn. Always have been if you ask my family. Even though I denied these guys help, I probably needed it. But, can't tell me nothing. Grabbing my tag strap off the ground, I stagger down the hallway towards my locker room. Feeling a bit lightheaded, I stumble again, this time Freddie is there to catch me.


“Damn Duce! What happened?”


“I think Pops knocked me the fuck out…”


“Funny, what really happened, who did this to you?”


“Pops..” I stated as I rubbed my head, searching for some comfort.


“Damn your old man?” Freddie questioned looking flabbergasted. “You can't be serious.”


Freddie helps me to our locker room, opening the for when we finally reach our destination. We both enter, after he opens the door, setting me down on a nearby bench.


“Man Duce, you good?”


“I'll live, you know can't shit keep me down..” I replied jokingly. “A couple nights rest, a few blunts, I'll be aight.”


“I already know, but at the rate you're going, you might retire before twenty five.”


This brought a smile through the pain as I replied back.


“Don't play me like that… No matter what I always bounce back. And that's why at G.I we not losing these belts.”


“Who said we were?”


“I'm just letting you know.. We got this mane. Besides those guys have been so focused on this ‘war’ that the haven't even giving us the slightest bit of acknowledgment.”


“Sounds about right.. At least they're fighting for the right cause.”


“It’s a good cause, I just feel it's a lost cause..” I say shaking my head.


“Either way, those Oreos bastards need to be set straight.” Freddie said sternly.


I laugh to myself.


“What was that?”






“Don't look at me man, I'm just going with the flow..”


“Well, all I know is, I got your back bruh. They can miss me with the extra shit right now.”


We both share another laugh, as he gets up to grab his bag, already dressed in his street clothes.


“I'm bout to head back to Georgia, you be careful man. Getting beat up by your daddy and shit. Fuck you think you are, Xander?”


“Mane, get the fuck outta here, I think I hear ya girl calling for ya.”


We laughed at each other's ribbing, one last time, shaking hands as Freddie exits the room. As the door closed, I just sat there, my gigantic migraine, now downgraded to mediocre. I slowly search through my bag, getting my clothes together, for a quick shower.


Feeling refreshed, ready to catch the rest of the show. I hadn't missed the main event yet, but I was just catching the end of the tag match.  Flair and Dane versus The Shadow and Revenant, watching on as the latter turns his back on the Weaver of Dreams. Chaos ensuing soon after, bodies flying everywhere,  fists being thrown. Intentions being made known as sides are chosen. Hmph. Chosen.


The madness soon calms down,  as the main event has to happen. Even though the audience at home may commercial breaks. CWF Officials were able to get everything under control. It was soon time, Caledonia versus Dorian Hawkhurst, The Forsaken Demon against the English Rose. Two people who I in particular have a close eye on. I had my reasons, Cali, current World Champ, able to become the first person to make me tap. She held a special place in my heart, whereas Dorian, he blindsided me and Freddie during the six person tag match. So they both personally made it onto the list.


I watched intently, every move, every technique from both athletes. Studying every inch of every maneuver. If another opportunity presented itself,  I'd be ready.


The match spectacular match finally coming to an end. I watch as bedlam happens once again.  As much as I’m against Ouroboros and where they stand in the CWF. This isn't my fight.




“When I hear The Shadow and Mia say we all would have to choose a side. I just couldn't bring myself to do that. Not because I don't agree with the cause. Because I do, Ouroborous is a deadly plague, infecting every inch of this company. But, just because you refuse to say their name, you think that takes from their power. I don't think so, I long for that moment when Elisha and his immoral cult are put to rest.”


“But this is Golden Intentions!”


“We are on the road to WrestleFest, and i plan on driving through every fork to get to that main event. You see for some it's about the World title, for others it's only about making themselves a name.”


“For me…”


“It's a bit personal.. There really shouldn't be any questions as to why. I'm usually the kinda guy, that hold no grudges… Unless.. You come for me.”


“And that's what I feel Amber Ryan did. The straight forward funny woman, who so call tells it like it is. But the only thing I've seen her do is ride the coattails of her past glory days. You may have been significant to CWF once upon a time, but these days you're really irrelevant.”


“Then there's Cali..”


“Don't get me wrong I have all the respect in the world for ya. But that Bed of Roses left a few thorns in my neck and back.”


“Fuck my side..”


“It's almost as if, in my eyes, the World title would be an added bonus. But being able to stand inside of the ring with either of you one-on-one, is a dream that I'm going to make a reality.”


“The first step into making that dream come into fruition is already taken care of, I mean after all I am the final entrant into this rumble. Which in hindsight gives me legitimately the best odds to win this thang.”


“While others have to fight and claw to make it to the end. I simply just have to bid my time, until that final buzzer sounds off. And when it does, it will only mean one thang.”


“Duce is on the Loose!”


“When I make my arrival, personal vendettas disappear, friendships will still be intact. But we all still know the significance and importance of what's at stake. The CWF World title, no matter who's holding it, whether it's Omega, Amber, or Cali. Main eventing the biggest show of them all. Having your name etched in stone for all eternity.”


“Since arriving here, I've accomplished multitudes of achievements, that seemingly go by the wayside. But the one thing no one can deny is that Duce Jones is someone that you shouldn't take lightly.”


“Many do though, which makes putting my knee through their faces, that much more special... Guess you could say, I love proving those naysayers wrong. Put them in their place if you will, and that's why at Golden Intention… When my number is called… And I slide into that ring with those men and women who've fought to the grueling end. All those ‘Smiling Faces’ who still take me as a joke…”


“Will Catch These Knees!”


“But first, there's a minor tag title situation to handle.”




June 8, 2018

12:23 am


To say Evolution was an eventful night, would be an understatement. The battle lines had been drawn, but Smokin’ Aces stance in this battle was still unclear, stuck in the mud, if you will.


Not only that, but Pops coming out of retirement, to sign with CWF was a monster within itself…. Maybe only in my eyes, his plans were really unclear to me. But one thing I did know, he was still upset about the kidnappings of my sisters. Obviously it was by no fault of my own, suffering from being possessed by a twin brother. Who I never knew existed until things were finally made clear.


I could blame him and my mother for the suffering I endure. The blackouts and lost memories of a sibling, who just wanted to experience life. Life that was taken from him before it ever really began. Somehow though, this was my fault.


Which is ironic to me as Pops taught me, a man takes responsibilities for their actions. And I've always been cool with that, but when the action doesn't justify the means. That's where I have a problem.


The parking lot of the TD Banknorth Garden was deserted. Another successful night of Evolution in the books. I sat there inside of my rental, enjoying the spoils of my solo victory. Earning the right to enter last. And what better way to celebrate, than with a close friend of mine.




Oh sweet Mary Jane, she'd never forsake me.


Haha see what I did there.


During these trying times, she had become the love I’d always been looking for. Never judging. Always listening.


Having just finished the last of my blunt. I proceeded to make my journey to Rhode Island for the next Evolution. These road trips always felt like the right thing to do. Besides my fear of airplanes wasn't a secret. I guess I can thank Byson for getting me through the Asia tour, because if it were left up to me. Duce would still have been in the states.


Pulling out of the parking lot of the Garden,  I began to make my way towards Rhode Island. After I was on my way,  things began to become more clearer for me. Realizing that the match between Cali and Dorian had yet to happen. That was on the card for next week, but how was i able to sit in the locker room and watch it?


Pops must've kicked me pretty hard, that I somehow imagined I was a week ahead.


Confusion started to set in as a throbbing pain began to surface in my head.  Almost losing consciousness, I swerve after regaining my bearings, almost hitting a pole. I straighten up, tryna get my shit together.


To little. To late.


The sounds of sirens ring off behind me as the familiar blue lights of a police vehicle in my rearview.




I pull over, even though something in the back of my mind said, what's a five star wanted level. Heh. Maybe I should stop playing Grand Theft Auto.


Then again I probably should have went with my first mind.


Letting my window down I waited patiently as the officer exited his vehicle. My heart sunk đeep in my chest, not knowing what to really expect from the encounter. Besides let's be honest, my skin tone probably wasn't about to do me any favors either. Trying my best to not make any sudden moves the office finally reached my window.


“License and registration please.”


I obliged him, giving the officer my information.


“The reason I stopped ya, was ‘cause I saw ya swerving back there. Everything alright tonight?” The officer questioned.


“Everything fine, just a bit tired.” I stated in my least threatening tone of voice.


“Your license say you're from Arkansas. You a long ways from home..  What you doing in Boston?”


“I'm only here for work, I'm headed off to my destination as a matter of fact.”


“Is that right? Where ya headed?”


“Rhode Island.”


“What kind of work you say you do?”


“I'm a professional wrestler.”


“Wrestler? You?”


Unbeknownst to me, he wasn't alone, as his partner crept up on the other side of my rental.


“Ok, you mind stepping out the car for me?”


“Is everything okay?” I questioned.


“Just step outta the car please.”


Yep, usually when they ask that, the situation normally doesn't end well. I open the door, taking my seatbelt off and exiting the car.


“Can you step back here, my partner is going to search your car. I smelled marijuana when I approached your vehicle.”


“Isn't marijuana legal here?” I asked as their motives became fairly suspicious.


“Just shut up and put your hands behind your back!” The office said with a stern voice.


“I'm sorry but I don't see no need for that. I know my rights.”


The other officer searched furiously through my car. Throwing what few belongings I did have out of the car. The officer standing with me, approaching with his cuffs out.




Trying not the incite any malice from the officer, I do as instructed. He forcefully places the cuffs on my wrists, borderline cutting off the circulation. He searches through my pockets, pulling my phone and wallet out placing them on the hood. After his search he places has me sit down on the curb. The blue lights steady flashing, hurting my vision as I here the other officer yell from my car.




My head instantly whips in his direction, curious as to what exactly he's found. He walks towards the patrol car, arm outstretched, a small baggie containing a white substance.


“The fuck is that shit!?” I question with surprise, having never seen the bullshit.


“Marijuana may be legal Mr. Jones but cocaine isn't, get up!”


“Whoa. Whoa! WHOA! Hold up! What the fuck is going on here. Y'all know that shit wasn't in there!”


“Shut the fuck up, ya nigga.. Professional wrestler my ass.. You's a regular old crackhead..”


“Fuck you! You muthafuckas can't do this shit!”


Through all the excitement that was going on! I failed to see the other office again, as he crept up behind me, clocking me upside the head with his nightstick! I instantly lose consciousness.


To Be Continued.




June 18, 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The scene fades into the intersection  of  Aramingo Avenue and Tioga Street, as we pan out we see that our location is the Budd Plant in North Philly. Vandalism apparent as spray painted windows adorn the outside, joined with some that are broken out. We spot a set of windows, the whole panel completely missing. Making our way up and through the panel we see that the plant is completely empty. Scanning around, the only things visible are broken pipes hanging from the ceiling. Along with plastic tarps, where insulation had been ripped out.


The setting of the sun, casts an eerie glow inside of the building. Footsteps can be heard off in the distance, causing our focus to shift. The gleam of gold can be seen as they occupy the shoulders of two men. As they draw near, we now recognize them to be the CWF World Tag Team Champions, Smokin’ Aces! They come to a stop between two barrels, that have fire blazing within them. Smoke flows from the nose of Duce, emanating that of a dragon, from his trusty blunt companion that seems to have become a staple.


“Say Freddie.. You know word going around we've already lost.”


Freddie laughs at the comment before responding.




“It seems that time and time again, folks count us out. Yet they know what we're are capable of.”


“We are the champs right? That should come with some type of respect.”


“You would think.. While the Forsaken have been playing North Korea and United States with Elisha and his cult.  They fail to take us as a legitimate threat, already writing themselves off as tag champs. Sure they've given us compliments. But they truly just view us as placeholder champs. Ready to just hand these belts over to them. But I think it's time to put this whole company on notice. Freddie and me are not to be taken lightly. Mia.. Shadow… At Golden Intentions, we are going to bring a fight to y'all so vicious, that y'all are going to forget who Ouroborus even are!”


“Exactly.  Me and Duce here...we from the same mud.  We know how to thrive within and fight out of shadows.  We done lived with crazy, dark and deranged folks our whole lives. We’re not new to this.  We’re not new to each other either.  This right here is a bond forged in competition, fueled by the shared desire to be the fucking best in the world at what we do.  This is my brother.  I am his keeper, just as well as he is mine.  This ain’t some fly by night pairing that will fade to dust at the first sign of trouble, like the completely lost boys, or those weak Andersons.  We’re built for the long haul, just like yall say you are.”


“Come Golden Intentions.. The Forsaken step up against a force that they have yet to see. But Freddie you know what's crazy to me? Is the fact that everyone foresaw this combination. They say that we were predestined to become a team. But the only thing that shudda been predictable is this ass whooping that we are gonna put on them. Me and Freddie didn't join together for temporary success. We in this shit for the long haul. And you two are just the next victims on a long list of teams that we plan to tear through.”


“Whether it be you two Forsakers, Oreos, new friends, old enemies, new enemies or old friends….we’re gonna protect what is ours.  These belts right here...ain’t going no damn where, except back to Memphis and Atlanta.  Yall are great, and kudos to this war yall are fighting against the Oreos, but our championship story doesn’t end with you at Golden Intentions.  As great as you think that you are, and as much of a “family” you want to call yourself...we’re just that much better, and that much closer.  Chopped, screwed and smokin...that’s how we’re leaving you in Philly...but hey...this was the destiny everybody said we were supposed to have...right?”


“And that destiny will be fulfilled. One excruciating knee at a time. Don't get me wrong though, me and Freddie here are always about that fair fight. And Mia, we will be out there to make sure that you are in tip top shape to compete against us. Cause we don't wanna hear excuses. We don't wanna hear that we didn't get the Forsaken at their best. Cause when the bell rings and our hands are held up in victory.. Just know that Smokin' Aces made sure everything stayed on a level playing field. So bring your tricks, and your games, but the results will be the same!”


“Knee to face, foot to head, head to canvas.”


“Aces up.”


“Forsaken down.”


Both men laugh, displaying their titles for the viewers to see. The flames illuminating off the gold straps. Duce tosses his blunt roach into one of the barrels. They both turn and walk off into the distance, the night sky soon making them disappear into the darkness.




June 8, 2018

10:24 am


Growing up, you never expect to be a victim of police brutality. You never expect the people who are assigned the job of protecting and serving the very people, which you help pay their salary by the way. Would violate their own code to hurt people. Only based off skin tone, shit crazy to me, but you can't negate the stupidity that floats on nowadays through society.


I'm just thankful they bopped me upside the head, instead of shooting me. Guess we all can't be so lucky though, right. I was always taught to treat everyone like I wanted to be treated, but that message doesn't usually resonate with the masses.


Good thing I only hold grudges against those who disrespect me. And Officers Jeffrey McNully and Philip Brewer, chose the wrong night… To fuck with the right one… I'm not an evil man, truly I'm not, but sometimes, you have to make a few examples..


When I awoke, a jailer lead me to where I was seemingly being released. They return my things to me, pointing me in the direction of a bathroom. Leading up to now, I really can't recall what happen. But once I was fully dressed, and lead out of the building. I would never think to see my father sitting there. Patiently waiting, his head hung low, but rising at my arrival. I was lost for words, not knowing what to really say.


“C’mon son, let's go…



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