Title: BFord is BFucked
Featuring: The Marksman
Date: 08/15/19
Location: SC
Show: Evolution 60

The shirt irritated his neck. He hated when she would pack this shirt for him but she loved when he wore red. Still, it irritated his neck especially when he was freshly shaved. Jay wheeled his back through the airport like every other jamoke that was there. He had sold his private jet on the recommendation from Evangeline. He had gotten rid of all the pomp and circumstance that surrounded his life. 

“Now boarding our first class passengers,” the flight attendant called out as Jay just reached the gate.


There are some things he couldn’t do without. He wasn’t about to fly coach if he had to fly on a real airline. His Carrerra sunglasses covered his eyes as he flashed his coy smile to the flight attendant who blushed a bit and smiled back. The day was almost here. 




“There’s been a lot that has gone wrong for me in this company and yet I keep getting asked back. Hey Jay, there is this event and we would love if you would be apart of it. Hey Jay there is this tournament and you should really join it. Hey Jay we are switching things up and we think you should be there. You see while all the rug munchers like Amy Jo and weird fucks like Ataxia and emo kids like MJF believe they belong here its me that is recruited. The old fucks like Jack will flock to this place because they believe that there is something to be conquered here. They see the names and just think CWF is automatic. Easy. Just another accomplishment to add to the list. 


I’ve been here before though. I’ve been here a few times. This is anything but easy and the Alpha Omega tournament? It will be the most difficult thing that any CWF talent goes through. Sure, there is a guy named Zolton in the tournament which is nothing but a reminder of Dude Where’s my Car but who cares? If that motherfucker can wrestle he will be given every opportunity to succeed here. It’s not about Alpha and Omega though. It’s about the one. It’s about being bigger than Alpha and Omega. In order to win this...it’s about becoming the Gamma.”




South Carolina was absolutely one of Jay’s least favorite places to visit. The airport sucked. The air smelled like dead fish. There was nothing to do. Myrtle beach had become over crowded and there was one place to get some decent food. 


Evangeline, the beautiful woman she is, picked Jay up at Terminal 2 in a blue convertible Porsche. Jay couldn’t hide the smile, this was going to be the best part of South Carolina, other than winning his first match. Jay popped his carry on bag into the small trunk and hopped in the passenger seat. With a quick, tongue filled kiss, the two were off to the hotel.




“Omega block. Bryan Ford. Multi-fed star they call him. Multi-fed star just means multi-fed whore. In our current environment, nobody can focus on one thing anymore. No one can go and make one company better. Everyone has to have their face everywhere. You know where I’m at now Bryan? Im at C. W. F. and that means you are completely fucked. Liberty Pro? Come on. Carnage? The place you couldn’t do a fucking thing to stop Jackoff Michaels from becoming even more  of a dick than he is. Carnage is a fucking joke just like you. Jack had to convince his daughter to show her tits off the night I wrestled him so that I could get distracted for him to win. 


You know what? I don’t even remember hearing your name while I was in Carnage. Just the fucking pissboy who is banging some fat chick with silver hair. I don’t compete in places like Carnage or Liberty Pro anymore because they do nothing for me. I was a 4CW guy. I wanted to compete with the best of the fucking best and that place chewed me up and spit me out and you know what? I’m better for it. Better than you. Better than Jackoff. Better than MJF. Better than atoria. I’m fucking better than I was two years ago. I am the best thing going in this tournament and you and the whole world will find that out in a few short days.”




Fuck. The lobby was filled with fans. Their hands were full of pictures for any wrestler to sign and they were their stupid cameras around their fat no necks. Jay popped out of the car and Evangeline led the way. Jay ignored every single fan except for one. There was a five year old boy wearing a Marksman tshirt. Jay got down on one knee and took his picture. 


“Nice shirt kid.” Jay smirked. 


The kid’s smile was from ear to ear. His father’s hand was on his shoulder. “You’re my favorite! I hope you beat Bryan but I want to ask you a question if that’s ok?”


Jay wanted to give a smart answer of you just did but he refrained. Jay just nodded his head as he handed the child’s now signed photo back to him. 


“Why are you so mean sometimes?” the kid asked innocently. 


Evangeline had to fight the laugh as Jay shot her a look but he smiled at the little boy and replied, “I’m only mean to those that deserve it.” He patted the child on the head and stood up “now you make sure you listen to your dad and be a good kid.”


Evangeline and Jay waded their way through the crowd with that last remark and disappeared into the elevator.”




“Honestly, your fucking twitter account is like a scroll bar advertising your failures. King’s road failure. New Frontier failure. Progress failure. If you’re not advertising for every fed that everyone needs to come watch you lose in you’re “showing off” that mut you call your reason to live. I thought there was a time that I could have used you. I thought there was a time that you and I could have been the start of something to take down Paragon but then I watched you. I watched you shit your pants everytime you were put under pressure. I watched you be given chances to become THE guy and piss your diaper when that moment got to big. Omega block one...you’re not just fucked Bryan...you’re marked. 


I’m not missing.”

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