Title: Willpower and sunlight
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Old town road

What does one do after something like that?  Do you crawl into bed, pull the covers over yourself and shut your eyes to the world?  Do you let the monsters win, the hate, the negativity? Become something of a ghost, a whisper, forgotten to the sands of time?  You can do that if you want to, just to get away, to run away from your problems and troubles. But me? I can’t do that. I can’t run away and never return.  I may have lost my title to Brandon Youngblood, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up and not chase after that title again. Or any other title for that matter.  I lost that championship...my championship...but I haven’t lost my heart or my will to continue on and fight like I always have.



Autumn laid back on her beach towel with a sigh, eyes staring up at the blue sky above her as the random patrons on the beach did their own thing and continued on with their own conversations.  Kids would run by giggling and laughing, or wanting to go home or something like that. Music from someone's boombox was playing several feet away, and Autumn was straining her ears to figure out what the name of the song was.  It was starting to make her head hurt to be honest and if it weren't for the lone plane flying overhead catching her attention she would have kept trying to figure it out. She was back home again, surrounded by friends who wanted to have this little get together at the beach.  It wasn't so much of a get together as a way to make her feel better. She had been a bit down since loosing her title, and she needed a little boost in her mood.


She watched the plane fly out of sight, then let out a sigh, shaking her head.  A hand waved in front of her face to see if she was awake at all.


"I'm awake ya know.  Just deep in thought is all."


"Well get out of those and sit up for a while.  Drinks are here. What do ya want. Coolers full of stuff.  Name your poison."


"Sprite please." Autumn muttered, rubbing her forehead a bit.


I gotta quit spacing out so much.


A cold bottle was thrust into her hand and Autumn quickly cracked open the top, taking a long swig of the drink.  She dropped her hand and burped softly, earning a chuckle from her friend. 


"Bet that tasted good."


"Duh.  My mouth was starting to taste like cotton.  Thanks."


"Don't mention it.  Whens your flight heading out?"


"Eager to be rid of me already?  Day after tomorrow. I'll get into town day of the event.  Plenty of time to do my thing, hit the gym, all that good stuff."


"Ahh ok.  Did you bring your parents goodies from Cancun?"


"Course I did.  I made a promise to bring them gifts.  They were pretty stoked about what I brought for them."


Wish I could have brought something else but that's besides the point.


"Good.  Good to hear.  Ya know Zach had to call the cops at his work the other day.  These stupid kids got into a fight outside. It was crazy."


"No kidding.  Where's the goof anyway?"


A shrug. 


"Out with his parents I think.  They're going out of town for a while so he's catching up with them while he has the time."


"I see."


"Chin up girlie, things are gonna turn out alright.  You'll see, have some faith."


Yeah, gotta have faith.




"I'm disappointed in myself for losing that belt.  Disappointed because I lost it to a man who doesn't even give a damn about it.  Seriously did you see the way he took that belt out of the ring? Dragged it like it was nothing.  Didn't even bother to pick it up. This asshole is the new Impact champ? I can't even right now, I really can't.  The more i think about that guy with his hands on my belt, the more pissed off I get. The more I want to win this golden ticket match and get it back.  Or maybe I'll go after the world championship belt. Who knows right? I can do anything..anything I set my mind to.


I dont regret that cage match one bit.  I did it with every intention of walking out as champ.  Now I'm gonna fight my way back to that place again and this match here is a great start to do so.  PJ Blake and I will meet again in that ring to see who will get that glorious golden ticket.


To answer your question, I came up with my name on a random thought.  The Raven was just something I tacked on at the end because it sounded a whole lot cooler that using my real last name.  I can see your point there.


But let me put this whole thing to you straight girlie.  I wish I could have come to you as the Impact Champion, I do but I cant.  I'm coming to you as just Autumn Raven, Beautiful Psychopath, former champion, and future golden ticket winner.  Just like you I have a goal in mind. To get that ticket and make a decision where i want to take it. With that ticket i can do anything, and with victory that will happen.  Consider this your formal intro,..or reintroduction from the last time. But unlike last time, there won't be any interruptions, only cheers as they raise my hand in victory and I take my first steps towards redemption.  


Quote the Raven, forever more."

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