Title: You are what you Believe
Featuring: Starlight
Date: 20-07-19
Location: My World

The door creaks open, and the cameraman afraid for his well being steps through the door way.  It quickly shuts behind him, as he turns around to try to go back to the real world. Several cackles are heard in the distance as the cameraman looks around, the sun had not set quite yet as the cameraman looked in the distance saw the lantern with her flame, and a shield there.  He also noticed in the distance there was a man sitting at the very beginning of the path. The cameraman had never seen someone else in the world usually it was him, the spirits and Starlight. The cameraman wondered curiously, as he made his way over to the man placing his hand on his shoulder, the man turned his head up to him, as the cameraman stumbled back, the man starts laughing as his eyes were sitting next to him.  the cameraman goes back over to him, as he kneeled before him…


The cameraman

Who did this to you…


The man laughed as he reached up putting his hand on the shoulder of the cameraman, then he pulled him close.  He didn’t need her hearing at the moment, as the wind began to pick up. The cameraman heard the man giggle at first, as he smelled cherry blossoms.


The deranged man

The Leviathan did this… You understand, you cannot trust her, she will do to you what she has done to me…


The man begins laughing loudly as he pushed him away.  He rocks himself back and forth as he continued to scream Leviathan as the cameraman got up and brushed himself off shivering from the fact of what he just saw.  He turned away putting up his shield, as he felt the eyes of the other spirits watching him. the woman in black followed him blood on her hands, as she began speaking softly.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

What happened to the man is unfortunate, unfortunately, the Leviathan was hungry and it was fed a soul.  Last week the Leviathan didn’t eat after it’s match, though it was not pinned. Now, I have a chance to make that right, I have the chance for it not to go hungry again, and the leviathan to be fed.  The curse that goes with being the lone leviathan, is the fact that it must be fed… It must eat in order to survive the plague that also ravages my body. 


The flame changes to gold, as the cameraman wondered where she would appear from first, as a lightning crack in the sky that matched the flame, dropped a weapon from the sky.  The woman with the bloody hands comes over and is infected with the gold lightning that comes off her naginata, she grins underneath her respirator as she cowls over at the cameraman.  She goes charging at him, as he puts the shield him with her dropping her weapon while she dropkicked him over. She climbed on top of the shield pounding on it, as some of the blood ran from her hands to the shield.  The cameraman feared as the shield began cracking underneath him. She looked at him.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

But you think that I could win to appease it.  No, instead I get thrown out of the ring and that little witch PJ Blake managed to steal my pinfall.  Nathan Paradine, though, will be sacrificed to the beast, and his record will become 5-8-1. People tend to forget what I bring to the table, and Nathan will just have to have a taste of what is to come. Nathan, you’ve had 12 matches since your career began in CWF.  I’ve had 2, and now I’m competing for a spot in a Ladder Match, something that is dangerous, something I’m home in my elements for. Nathan, I may be just a rookie here, but in 10 years I’ve done something that most people dream of becoming, and that is a Triple Crown Champion.  Sure it may not have been here in CWF, but I’ve done it. 


She smirks as she continued to wipe the blood on the shield looking down at the cameraman who is cowering underneath the shield, as she begins to write something on it in blood whispering to herself as she did.  She gets up pressing down on him, picking up her naginata, She slams it blade first into the ground in front of her allowing the lightning to spread to the other trees, as she laughed. The cameraman brushed himself off, as he slowly got up, seeing the name Leviathan written in blood on the shield as she turned to look at him with her gold eyes.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

This tuesday is all about qualifying for a match, that will take place in a month’s time.  For me that’s an eternity in here, and I only have to beat Nathan to qualify. I am not going to be the one to give him the winning record he craves, I am going to be one who clinches her spot, a chance to get a chance at a world title match.  That is what everyone truly aspires for, that is what the leviathan wants. Again the man at the beginning of our journey together was unfortunately just a soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nathan, I hope you learn that the cure isn't just something I say to get someone to follow it, I mean it as a truth.  All roads lead to the cure, just getting past the infection and the Leviathan, will be your test. If you succeed in your conquest, then you recieve the cure, and the ticket to get to the ladder match. If not then you become a member of the plague, and hence you’ll be wondering what does it take to get the cure from me…


She withdraws her Naginata from the ground the trees light on fire as the camerman begins coughing behind the shield as she looked back at him, she motioned for him to follow her as he found the smoke to be billowing, she disappeared in a thick cloud as the cameraman pushed through, seeing the trees as he continued to walk along, just continuing to burn, as she comes from beside him slamming him against the tree letting the infection grow closer to him.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

I want to be the one to rise, so I can say that I made a big show, I’ve headlined a few shows as well.  I’m used to the limelight and I’m not used to sharing with those who tend to waste my time. Nathan are you just wasting my time, or are you going to be a good opponent?  Time will tell that, your other opponents seem to think you were but you’ve only beaten five of them, but nothing like me. I am the one time forgot, and I am the one who will make sure your time is no more.


She cackles as she vanishes, heading towards the end of the path where she stands looking down pit of glass with the fire trapped beneath it.  The cameraman joins her as she trips him, letting his head land inches over the edge as she places her boot on his back holding her weapon to the back of his neck.


“the Mad Angel” Starlight

Do you understand now?  I am not just another drone who will fall in line when the company demands it.  I am a hardcore legend, I am an icon, and if they so desire the weapon of mass destruction that they seek.  Nathan, relish the time you have remaining because this will be the last day you draw breath for a long time.


She grabs the lantern throwing it over the edge setting the glass on fire, as she lifts the cameraman up.  She dropkicks him over the edge, while a portal opens just beneath him returning him to the real world as the end comes.

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