Title: Tom 9 - Forced Compliance
Featuring: Tom Marrow
Date: 7-18-19
Location: Dog House

Amanda is sitting on a large ornate chair, at one end of a large banquet room.  She is in her full Game Warden outfit.  

“Amanda, what’s up?  You wanted to see me?  Are we doing a promo in here? If so, I need to get into costume.”

“No, no dear.  You don’t need to change.  Your jeans and t-shirt are just fine.  I just wanted to have a talk.  Please come and sit so we aren’t yelling across the hall”

Tom continues to close the distance between them as he continues to try and figure out what is going on.

“What are we doing in this place?  If you just wanted to  talk, this seems like overkill.  Unless you have a vision for us and want the space to help me see your vision as you do.”

“It is something like that.  You and I have different visions, and I thought we could talk about getting on the same page.  Well, we need to get on the same page.  It is hard enough to succeed here without us having to fight one another to get things accomplished.”

“I don’t think we’ve been having difficulty about getting on the same page. “

Tom reaches Amanda and looks around for a chair to sit in

“Please sit.”

“Where, there are no other chairs”

“I am aware.  Please sit on your heels, there in front of me.  It is part of the vision I want to share with you.”

“Ok, but I am a little sore.  I might need some help getting back up.”

“Oh, don’t you worry.  You will get all the help you need.”

“From who?  Don’t take this the wrong way, but in your current condition, I am not sure if you have the strength or the ability to help me up”

“Shh, my pet.   It is time to listen”

“Ok, so what’s up?”

“Well, first I wanted to talk about our relationship.”

“Are you leaving me?”

Amanda stands up, pulls out a whip and with one fluid motion flings the whip out, having it snap just inches away from Tom’s ear.

“What the…..”

“Silence.  You will only speak when spoken to directly.  Do you understand?”

“Not really, but please continue, maybe it will become clearer as you explain yourself.”

Amanda seems to accept this response, even though it wasn’t what she wanted but it would do for now.

“Benji, we have been pulling ourselves in different directions lately, with me focusing on the showmanship and you on the technical side.  That worked decently up until this point.  In order for us to find the success we need, the success we deserve, we can not continue with the status quo.  A change has to be made, and I have decided what that change will be.”

“But I thought we were a team”

Amanda pulls out the whip again and is able to connect with lightly with Tom’s shoulder, leaving a small tear in the fabric.

“Ow, stop that”

“Listen my pet.  This is the change.  After the run with Paradine at Evo 57, and our subsequent disagreement about how that was handled, I decided it was time for a change.  Someone saw in us, personality traits that would be complemented and enhanced by these characters.  They saw something in our relationship, that we couldn’t see, and decided to use that to their advantage.  They saw in us, the ability for a dom/sub relationship, and one that would not only work well, but one that we could be successful.  So that is what we are going to do.  Both in the ring and out, we are going to live these lives as one and the same.  No more Tom and Amanda outside the ring.  Now it will only be the Game Warden and Benji. “

“I don’t think so.  I am not comfortable with that decision, or that life style.  It is fine for some, just not for me or for us.”

“I was afraid you would think that way.  I hate having to do this, but I had a feeling you wouldn’t see things my way.”

“What do you mean?  You aren’t going to use that whip on me until I agree. I don’t think you have thought that through.”

“Oh dear Benji.  You yet again underestimate me and my visions.  You have failed to have faith in me and what I can accomplish when I put my all into it.  When I don’t have people causing me to doubt myself, or people waiting for me to fail.  No more.  We have tried this your way and have not gotten the success that we deserve.  It is time for a change.”

“No it isn’t.  We are improving each and every week.  My abilities are getting better.  Our promos are getting better.  Unfortunately, as we keep improving, they keep scheduling us for tougher and tougher opponents, so that it doesn’t appear that we aren’t getting any better.  But since we continue to have amazing matches against harder and harder talent, so we can compete.”

“I am done competing.  I am done with the losing.  That is all we have ever been and all we’ve ever done.  No more.  This was supposed to be our chance, our opportunity to finally succeed.  To get what we should have had all along.  I am tired of waiting for it to come to us.  It is time for us to take it, and I don’t think you have what it takes, on your own to go and get it.  You don’t have the balls to get it done, you don’t have the brains to develop the plans that will enable us take what is ours.”

“That isn’t the way to success, not to long term sustainable success.”

“My dear Benji, that is where I disagree.  That is why we need one voice leading this team, guiding us to success.”

“Stop calling me Benji.  You know that’s not my name.  Clearly, we can’t have a reasonable conversation about this when you are in this mood.”

Tom rises and turn to leave.

“Benji, sit.  Benji, stay.”

Tom ignores that commands that Amanda is giving, refusing to allow her to demean and humiliate him with this act.  As he takes a second step, confirming that he isn’t going to listen to orders given.  Amanda pulls a dog whistle from around her neck and blows into it.  At the sound, approximately 30 men in leather pants and body harness, enter the room from the service doors from behind the throne, surrounding Tom, wearing leather masks, hiding identities and motives.  

“What is this?”

“These are pets of others that I have borrowed.  They are here to do my bidding.  So, are we going to give my plan a try? No, excuse me.  We are going to follow my plan.  The question is, how are you going to be convinced to provide your unwavering support and compliance with my plan.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, if it’s the hormones, the travel, or what.  But you have lost your grip on reality.  Sleep on it, and let’s see how you feel in the morning after a good night’s sleep.”

“Boys, please ensure Benji’s compliance with my orders.”

At Amanda’s command, the group converges on Tom, fists flying and connecting with soft tissues and his head.  Legs swinging out and connecting with his legs.  As quickly as it started, Tom is on the floor, trying to protect his vital organs from the onslaught.  When his attempts at defending himself are nothing more than reactions to the multiple feet, fists and other weapons, Amanda again blows her whistle.  The group of men, again, encircle the prone body of Tom, with a few breathing heavily after the physical exertion.  

“Rover, please inject Tom with his hearing aid.”

A man comes from behind Amanda, with a gun looking device in his hand.  He puts the device behind Tom’s ear, and the sound of escaping gas is heard as something was injected into Tom’s skin.  Tom’s body shakes from the impact, but he is no condition at all to make any sort of movement or provide any resistance.  

“Very nicely done my pets.  I will be sure to inform your masters of absolute compliance and unwavering dedication to my commands.”

Being dismissed, the men filed out of the room, leaving an unconscious Tom laying on the floor, breathing slowly as it has become difficult with the swelling that is occuring to the multiple contusions on his body.  

“I am sorry, it had to come to this my pet.  No longer can I sit back and wait for us to find success.  For me and this kid, our time has to be now.  I am truly sorry it has come to this.  You must know I didn’t want it to go down like this, but you left me with no choice.  You forced my hand.  I am sorry my love, but this is the way it has to be.  When you awake, it will be into a different relationship, with a different attitude for you in this life.  It will be one in which success will not come to us, but in which we will take it.  No longer will we do things your way, the patient way, the so called right way.  No one respects that way of thinking any more.  If you want something, you take it.  I want success, and I need to have it now.  I will lead us there.  Have faith my love, have faith.”

Amanda plants a small kiss on Tom’s forehead, before she stands up and leaves the room.  After she has exited the room, a small contingency of men in masks make their way back out to the room, place Tom on a stretcher and make a hasty exit, hopefully to get some much needed medical attention.  

The Game Warden is again sitting in the large chair, this time she is more relaxed as her feet are up.  As the camera pans back, we see Benji is acting as her ottoman.  

“Julian, I am sorry that you were chosen for this match against us.  You are the poor soul who is being made into a sacrificial lamb.  You are the first person standing in our way from our success.  We are going to do everything and anything we have to ensure our victory.  Isn’t that right my pet?”

Benji does not move or react at all to her question

“I said, isn’t that right my pet?”

Again, no reaction from Benji.

“Sorry my pet, but let’s try this one more time.  Isn’t that right my pet?”

As she finishes the question, she blows her whistle.  This is followed immediately by a yelp and a look of pain from Benji’s face.  Benji is able respond once the pain subsides.


“That’s a good boy.  Now let’s go finish your training, so that you can be the vicious dog that we need you to be to secure what is rightfully ours.  Juilian, you have a choice to make.  The easy way or the hard way.  Personally, I want you to choose the hard way, so that I can truly see my pet’s new attitude and ruthlessness.”

Game Warden stands up, and while scratching his head, grabs Benji’s leash.  She leads the way, with Benji taking his place right behind her.  

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