Title: The monster within
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 6/20/2018
Location: Makhnovia
Show: Golden Intentions GI- The Road to Wrestle Fest IV


I can see the city outside the hotel room window as white snow covered it. I was invited here in Makhnovia by Elisha and honestly I didn’t want to come here. The SSRI has always been a shady institute but now that Schamor striked some kind of deal, I have been chained to this organization by force. This life is proving to be more difficult than I have imagine. I feel like I am swimming against the current of the water but by no means able swim out of the it.


I find my hand on my neck. I am gasping for air. I fall on my knees. Damn it! An anxiety attack. My eyes feel like it’s about to pop out. I can feeling my heart beating so loudly. What am I doing here? Why was I brought back? Why am I destined to be a slave? Staying at a fetus position I struggle on the ground for air.

Part of me wants to disappear and wished I was never brought back to life. I wish I could run away... Far away from Schamor, far away from SSRI and far away from CWF. My memories have been slowly coming back to me. My name is the only exception. For every small snippet that I remember, not once was I ever happy. It only makes me wonder what did I do in the past to not have happiness in my life?

My vision becomes blurry and I finally lose consciousness.  

Knock Knock

I open my eyes. How long was I out. I was sweating profusely. My ears are drumming loud. Where am I? I look around and see a bed with a red bed cover over it. I see the brown walls and a window. I stand up and look outside. The city covered in snow. Yes. I remember. I am in Makhnovia.

Knock Knock

I turn around and wipe the sweat off my face with the sleeves of my shirt. I opened the door.

Schamor walks in and I start to feel this rage swelling up within me. All I wanted to do is to punch him in the face as gratitude for all he made me do the last show. However for some reason my body does not want to harm him.

“So? Mind explaining yourself?” I asked Schamor, failing to hide my temper.

“Sit, Rev. It’s time. It’s time for you to know the truth behind my motives. The truth behind why you were brought back from the dead. The truth behind you and your memories. Afterall I owe you one.”

My heart stopped. I didn’t know what possessed Schamor to all of sudden tell me the truth but I wasn’t going to test my luck by asking him why. I immediately pulled a chair for Schamor and sat my ass down on the bed. I looked at Schamor waiting in anticipation like a child waiting for his grandpa to tell him a story.

Schamor sat down on the chair. He looked sad. He put his hands on his face and looked exhausted.

“Where to start? Where to start? Yes. I guess we can start with the truth behind who I really am.”


Schamor’s Story

I was a scientist to be more precise I was a biologist who specializes in herbal medicine. I was renown in Russia where my career got started as “the magician” who could cure any disease. My vast knowledge in rare herbal plants and my innovative medicines started to get world recognition. Problem with being a genius is the backlash you get from your peers and the unrealistic expectation you have from your superiors. For each time I produced an answer to a disease that plagued the earth, I was given another assignment. As time passed I was consumed in finding cures to diseases that were incurable. I found that my colleagues couldn’t even understand how my medicines were made and neither did they understand the scientific merits behind them. Unfortunately in this world people hate what they do not understand or comprehend. People hate the different, the weird, the unknown. But in this world of uncertainty and unlimited possibilities I found answers. Combinations of plants that might have seemed poisonous ended up becoming medicine for diseases such as cancer. But people didn’t want to understand. I was ahead of my time. My colleagues called me the magician not out of admiration but out of envy and spite. It was insulting that they refused to accept what I did as legitimate science. My higher ups found the name “Magician” as marketable. And so as they promote my accomplishments people started invest in my research development center more. And in the harsh desert of endless possibilities I walked through it scarred, wounded but not defeated. I looked for answers that were hidden even through the sandstorms of envy, hate and unrealistic expectation, I fought through them all. At least that’s what I did for the longest period of time. But with every assignment I completed, a part of me started to get chipped away. I felt tired and exhausted. Why was I even doing all this for? I felt like I was some kind of machine who kept bringing in new medicines and that was just my life. As days passed my frustration started to show. I started to notice my staff members, my colleagues were all useless. People had no expectations from them. Looking at them smile away their days fueled my anger. Why was I subjected to this pressure? Why can’t they find the answers for a change? I started push my colleagues away. They can not possibly understand my science. They cannot possibly understand me. And so I started firing everyone in my lab. I didn’t need them. They were mere distraction. I started to bring in more new medicines and my superiors were extremely happy with me. They didn’t care what I did in my lab as long as I got them results. But one day. My superiors forced me to take an intern. Apparently a girl who was talented and was believed to be the next big name in my field. I fought with my superiors that I didn’t need anyone but they have already made up their mind. All they can think of is how they can make more money. Bringing in new and rare talents was their way of promoting their organization. And so I took in the girl under my wing. Her name was Sarasvati. At first I took her as another idiot who thinks she can outclass me. She started to talk about how she read my research papers found them “interesting”. A fangirl or a critic. Either way she didn’t belong in my lab. As days passed she started to pick up on what I did. She started reading up on my current assignment and I found out that I might have mistaken her. She picked up on things quickly and understood the science behind what I did. To her eyes I wasn’t a mad man.


This feeling was new to me. To find an intellectual of my level made me happy and excited. Everyday coming to the lab felt tasking before I met her but now every morning I woke up with purpose. She was a pupil who I fell in love with. The only woman, no, no, the only person who I can acknowledge as my equal. And so the dark gloomy days were over. Saravati would bring over news of new discoveries of rare plant species and we would talk hours and hours over the endless possibilities. We were so engrossed in our work and in ourselves that we started to act like science had the answer to everything. That we ourselves had the power of god in ourselves. We were idiots. We found that out the hard way.

Our research center became famous and so it didn’t take long for the military to approach us. They were interested to know if our medicine can enhance the human body. Our superiors without consulting us said that we could deliver such results. However Sarasvati and I both knew that we didn’t have any knowledge over human enhancement. But this didn’t disheartened us. We got funding to deliver such a human being that was able to become a “Super Soldier”.  That’s when we met him. Jake, the man who became our first test subject.

We secured a lab in Africa where we knew we would find the plants that would help us with this assignment. As time passed we started to test out every possible concoction, every possible theory and in the end we found zero results. This was turning out to be disappointing endeavor. Our superiors were getting pressured by the military for results and in turn our superiors were pressuring us for results. We didn’t know what to do. In end we committed the ultimate taboo.

We started to introduce animal DNA with our serums and the results we got were amazing. Before we injected Jake with the serum we tested it out on other animals. The animals always seem to have gotten stronger. None of them showed any side-effects that we couldn’t handle. Sarasvati and I were excited that we have finally broke through our bad luck and found a serum that can enhance a human being. Jake was skeptical but for the most part he didn’t really care. Ever since he joined us we noticed he didn’t care much about our experiment or what his future might turn out for him. He always kept to himself. Sarasvati once asked him why he was doing this? His answer was “I have nothing to live for, might as well as make myself useful for others instead of killing myself off for no reason.”

We knew he wasn’t mentally stable but no one in their right mind would volunteer to be a guinea pig. So we didn’t oppose the idea of him being the test subject. Then the day came when we decided to inject the serum into him. The Russian military representative were there, our superiors were there behind the protective glass as we inject the serum into Jake. It took some time and no visible change was seen in Jake. The military rep thought it was a failure but then I told them to wait. I asked Jake and the military rep to follow me outside. I asked Jake to pick up the car sitting beside our lab. Jake without hesitation lifted the car up like it was some kind of twig. Everyone looked at awe at Jake as Jake himself looked surprised at his own strength.

Sarasvati beamed and looking at her I felt proud. We have succeeded. Little did we know…

Remember Rev, you told me about the beast that gnawing out the insides of Sarasvati… That beast was none other than Jake… It took awhile for the serum to show it’s side-effect. It took exactly 6 months before it showed it’s real colors. We failed.




The night felt deafening as Schamor finished his story. It was too much to process. Schamor was sitting in front me with his face cupped in his hands.

“I wouldn’t call it a failure.”

Schamor and I both looked at the door and standing there with his hands in his pocket. He looked at Schamor and smiled.

“It’s because of Jake, that you were able to find the answer. The answer to reviving a person.” Elisha then looked at me.

I was shocked at what I was hearing. I looked at Schamor and he was in tears.

“Yes, you are right. Before Jake, we never thought about introducing animal DNA into the mix.” Schamor whispered.

“You, you put animal DNA in me?!” I asked Schamor furiously.

“Yes, human beings are animals after all. His name is Elric Steel. He was my loyal student. He is also the reason why you have never been able to attack me. You see I didn’t really kill Elric… I fused him with you. He lives within your subconscious, that’s why you follow my instructions. There is no curse on you…because there is no such thing as magic.”

I looked at Schamor and with every fibre of my being I wanted to beat the living shit out of him, I sat there. Why Elric? You must hate him too. Why are you holding me back?

“He is also the reason why you can’t remember your name. Because of the fusion you are entirely a new person. You never had a name to begin with. But if you want to know who was fused with Elric to make you… His name is Ma----”


A man in a military suit walked past Elisha and entered the room.

“That is on need to know basis and Revenant here doesn’t need to know.”

Who is this man? And who the hell is he to tell me what I need to know!

“Well Revenant there was a reason I brought here. Elisha is everything ready?”

Elisha nodded.

“What’s going on here?”

“I am going to modify you once more, Revenant. I will keep my promise to you if you keep your end of the deal. If you conquer CWF I’ll return you your memories in its entirety. I’ll answer any question you may have. But right now I need you to listen to me.”

“Modify me?”

“Come with me.”


1 a.m.



Revenant is seen strapped to the chair. He had different tubes plugged into him. Revenant is unconscious.

“Well you brought us here. Mind explaining what you have in mind.” The military rep asked.

“You and I had a deal. If I give you a powerful being you will give me funding for my research.” Schamor smiled.

“Research? Research for what?” Elisha asked Schamor.

“Cell regeneration. I plan on bringing Sarasvati back in her entirety. Not the way I brought Revenant back but a true revival.” Schamor grinned.

Elisha looked shocked and interested.

“Well then let us get started on this experiment.”  The military rep interjected.


After 7 hours

The epicenter was piled up with dead body. A man standing in the middle covered in blood.

“You made a mindless monster!” The military rep looked afraid.

“A mindless monster that I can control. Revenant stand down.” Schamor shouted at Revenant.

Revenant looked Schamor dazed. He finally sat down on the floor.

Elisha looked at Revenant with a massive grin on his face. It’s like he just received his Christmas present early.

Schamor looked at the military rep who was still shaking.

“Don’t worry. In CWF, in Golden Intentions, I will show the world what Revenant can really do. They should be afraid. Be very afraid.” Schamor smiled.

“What was it that Revenant kept saying… Oh yes. Bring your best, it still wouldn’t be enough” Elisha repeated.

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