Title: [CD] You're Right
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: I'm Left
Location: Does it matter? Paradise

Maybe you're both right.

We do talk a lot. We talk about our past doings, but in all honesty, who was the one that came into the CWF toting their past like it was something to look at? But...

You're right.

Maybe... We did the same thing that you did thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would get through your heads. But...

You're right.

We talk in circles. Lots and lots of nonsensical circles because maybe, just fecking MAYBE we enjoy the smiles on people's collective face when they see us coming along. Are they laughing at us or with us? Does it matter? In a world of frowns and negatrons, what we need is positivity... An Optimist Prime if you would. But... Maybe that's too crazy for you to grasp your head around.

You're. Right.

The pigtails don't fly, the crazy schtick that you came across that has gotten us so far along isn't cute when it comes to Dan Ryan and his gang of thugs, and yes Lindsay Troy, you are nothing more than a mere Ryan Thug at this point... But...

You're right.

We should abide by your rules and start jumping you all from behind because you're fecking right LT! We loved our brawl until your boss had to insert his ego where it had no business, but...

You're. Right.


Ooooo... Let me put things how you two can understand this perfectly clear.

You're right. I talk a lot to show you my left hand, while the right does whatever the FUCK it wants. I swoop as they all dive. You're right. That whole, "multi-person" fantasy that Mia lives in is quite crazy and contrived, but what if, what FUCKING if... It was all just an act? What if she is a puppet, pulling the strings of puppets, just to hide the true master? But really...

With all the years the two of you combined have together in this business, you come after me with gripes about my verbage, my tactics, the... Sleight of hand... I honestly expected better. I expected to want to curl into a ball after hearing what you said and wondering how I would fight to survive to see tomorrow. I expected to have no holds barred, Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy ready to tear down the walls and rip a new hole in our body. Let the gore leak out on all in attendance as you stand over the slain Mia Rayne.

What an image right?

She's an image though, and that's where she's going to stay. I'll reveal myself in time but know what even the great Mia Rayne doesn't. We are using her. She is nothing more than an excuse to blame things on that go wrong. Oh, whoops, weren't supposed to hit that person? That was all Mia. Wasn't supposed to carve up the boss man's chest? Mia again. See? It takes two to tango and in THIS particular case I belive the numbers are going to be in your physical favor, but on the mental plains? Well...

You're. Right.

We'll take on all members of The Inner Circle, the time is talk is done. Talk is cheap anyways, no one pays attention to it. Want to fight us as a group? Bring it. Sure, our bond with Duce might be built on shaky ground, but at least it's built. We carry this company, we've been here. Ask anyone on that roster and we're two of the members of that locker room that have tenure. You want to carry this company? You might have the title, but boy, you DON'T have the gumption. We didn't get under either your skin? Puh'leze. We'll see about that now won't we?

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