Title: Tom Chp 8 - Dog house
Featuring: Tom Marrow
Date: 7-11
Location: Tears of a puppy
Show: Paradise 2019

In the locker room, after the latest evolution, Tom and Amanda are in their locker room.  The pair do not appear to be happy with one another.  

“What the hell was that?  Why are you antagonizing people?”

“Why? To help make you relevant.  Your recent string of excellent performances in the ring isn’t getting the job done.”
“I know, but calling attention to ourselves now isn’t good either.  I am still too inexperienced to handle this spotlight.  Currently, with the low profile I’ve kept, any flaws in my performance are gone under the radar”

“Well being under the radar, isn’t going to get the job done.  It isn’t going to help take care of this kid.”

“I know I know.  That’s another reason not to draw attention to ourselves.  If we keep flying under the radar until I get more experience, then we won’t be fired.  Right now, I’ve got a nice niche, simple fodder that starts the show off.  Something that provides some excitement while people file in and turn on the television.  Consistent to put an ok match out there to start warming up the crowd.”

“That isn’t going to be enough.  What happens when another up and coming star comes in?  When you are at the bottom and someone above you is replaced, it all rolls down hill, forcing you out. “

“No one was going to force us out, we were safe.  Now, now any weaknesses and flaws I have I could hide until I’ve worked on them.  Now in the spotlight, it's going to come under the microscope.  What happens if they see the flaws and realize that isn’t something that is going to be over come easily?”

“You worry too much.  What is done is done.  I have to prepare a segment for our next match.”

Amanda storms out leaving Tom to fume alone.

The scene opens to Amanda, sitting on a park bench, alone.

“Nathan, you have stepped into some dog shit, looking for trouble.  You found Benji and me.  Well, you have found us at the right time.  Right now, my pet is in the dog house.  He has forgotten his place in this relationship.  So I am giving you permission to kick his ass.  Teach the dog a lesson.  Take him to the woodshed.  And who knows, I may have a present for you.”

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